Finally got to attend a Wine 101 Class by Wine Story! I’ve been meaning to go to one after rediscovering how wine is so good with different food- not just cheese and grapes (Thanks to eating a lot at Planet Grapes), so when I saw that they were having a class this month, I went and signed up for it.

It’s such a good thing that Wine Story offers these classes, as Filipinos aren’t really known to be wine drinkers. As if the presence of beer commercials and billboards aren’t a telltale sign, our country is a beer drinking nation. Wine Story seeks to change the perspective and conversation about wine, starting with proper wine education.

In this post I’ll be sharing about about the class I attended, as well as the other courses offered by the Wine Story Academy, Wine Story’s wine education arm.

The course is taught inside Wine Story at Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Our
instructor was Wine Story Academy’s Wine Education Manager, Carla P.

The Wine 101 class includes a wine tasting of 7 different wines. I like the placement of everything, and how they give us this small class guide we can write notes on.

The class I attended was taught by Carla P. Ramos, wine education manager from Wine Story Academy.

Class starts of with a short introduce yourself icebreaker, then to an introduction to wine.

Carla tells us about the best way to taste wine, by doing the 3S’s – See, Smell, and Sip.

How to Taste Wine:

  1. See – observe the appearance of wine
  2. Smell – expose wine to air and identify the different aromas
  3. Sip – taste the flavor of the wine

When you taste the wine, retronasal olfaction is preferred. I have personally not perfected that method, but basically,
retronasal olfaction is what your nose detects in the food and drinks when air is taken in from the mouth and circulated up to your nasal cavity. This one gives a whole different experience and sensation for each wine tasting.

As the class goes, each of the wine glasses in front of us is filled. We are wold about what makes each wine unique, the grapes used, and how food changes the taste of wine.

There is a little bit of food pairing crash course when it comes to the wines being served. Breadsticks are provided to cleanse the palate, as well as spit buckets for people who have low alcohol tolerance.

All in all, I had a great time in class. I rediscovered one of my favorites, the Riesling (second to crowd favorite Moscato), as well as appreciated tart reds like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. I won’t share much about each of the wine we tasted, because that would spoil the class!

You get great value from each class, very worth it if you have an interest in wine, and don’t know where to start.

AAAANNNNDDD, what class isn’t complete without a class photo?? I loved how my classmates where from different backgrounds, a few enthusiasts like me, professionals in the F&B industry, students from culinary school, etc. The whole experience was even better with everyone!

I went around the Wine Story cellar too, to see what I can get for fiture get togethers, at least now I know which bottles to get for different crowds! and which wines shouldn’t be kept in storage long. 🙂

For those interested to attend a class, here’s a rundown of the next ones they will have.

Upcoming Classes at Wine Story:

Wine Story Academy Schedule of Classes

August 4, 2018: Intro to Bordeaux and Bordeaux Appellations.

  • These classes are specific to Bordeaux wines
  • Into to Bordeaux (Php 3000/person) – for Bordeaux newbies
  • Bordeaux Appelations (Php 4,000/person) – for Bordeaux fans who want to deepen their knowledge with the variety.

August 18, 2018: Sushi and Wine

  • Wine 101 (Php 2000/person)- General Wine Intro Class
  • Food and Wine Pairing (Php 2500/person) – learn how to pair wine and food so you can experiment with your own pairings!

September 1, 2018: Aroma Wine Class

  • More in depth wine class

October 6, 2018: Introduction to French Wines

Wine Story Academy is an approved education provider of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). WSET is a UK based organization providing wine qualifications, that are internationally recognized.

With this, Wine STory Academy is able to offer these courses that are specially for people working in the food and wine service industry.

August 11, 2018: WSET Level 1 Award in  Wines

  • For front-line staff in the food and wine business, like the front of the house

September 21 to 23, 2018: WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits

  • This qualification is an immersive experience that offers broad coverage
    of all product categories in the alcoholic beverage field; grape
    varieties, major wine producing countries, vineyard management, wine
    making, and the theory of tasting technique in over 18 hours of
    classtime across 3 days.

July 21, 22, 28 & 29, 2018: WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

  • This globally recognized wine industry qualification aims to equip
    individuals in supervisory positions with the authority and expertise to
    advise management and customers in beverage selection.

For more information about Wine Story Academy’s classes, check out the Wine Story Facebook Page or website, and sign up at the Wine Story Sign Up Page

Let me know when you’re going to a class! Let’s compare notes!!

Wine Story introduces the Philippines
to fine and rare wines by making these hard-to-find wines available,
with the aim of elevating wine standards in Manila and earning our
country an esteemed place in the global fine wine industry. Wine Story
Academy takes on this challenge and seeks to achieve Wine Story’s dream
through education.

The goal of Wine Story Academy is to
enhance wine enjoyment in the Philippines through education, and raise
the collective bar of wine knowledge, passion and service. Wine Story
Academy offers classes to lay the foundations of wine knowledge, as well
as courses that are recognized as prerequisites for prestigious wine
education programmes worldwide. Our classes equip participants with the
tools they need to join the elite force of the wine industry, and
enhance their personal enjoyment of wine.

Wine Story Academy is an approved program provider of the Wine & Spirit Education Trut (WSET).

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