After a long time of not doing anything to my hair, I finally had it colored again! Surprise surprise, it started drying out again, boooooo. It was such a great timing that I got to try V&M Naturals new hair products to see if they can help the current state of my dry and damaged hair.

The Best Way To Treat Your Locks                                    

I’ve never had to chance to try hair care products with natural ingredients before, so when i got the invite, my interest was piqued.

When I talked to Jamie, owner and founder of V&M
Naturals, she told me that the brand is dedicated to working hair miracles without using any harsh chemical
components. V&M Naturals uses only the best natural ingredients sourced locally
and internationally. Their potent formulas are not just gentle on the hair,
they also provide better results the longer they are used.

It actually took me quite a while to review this product range because the results aren’t too obvious during the first week, but after using them for about 6 weeks, I can confidently say that I might just go au naturel from this time on when taking care of my crowning glory.

For this review, we’ll be covering the shampoo and conditioner, hair mask, and serum.

+ Coffee Shampoo
(Php 750) and Conditioner (Php 850)

Product Claims and Details:

  • properly cleanses hair without stripping all the good oils
  • contains powerful combination of actives from Lichen and hydrolyzed Silk
    that protect the strands from free radicals and irritation.
  • ingredients like Yogurt protein, Emu Oil, and Coffee Seed extracts not only
    prevent dandruff, they are also detoxifiers that stimulates collagen production
    and acts as an invisible shield against UVB rays
  • hair strands get stronger,
    healthier, hydrated, and more manageable with prolonged use.
  • available in 200mL sized bottles

People might be apprehensive about how this shampoo doesn’t foam as much as the regular shampoo in the market, but it really does make your hair squeaky clean. On days when I went to eat Korean barbecue (hair stinks like crazy) this would be sufficient, along with the conditioner, in removing the odor and keeping my hair clean. What’s surprising is how my hair isn’t as dry as when I used my regular shampoo, which is a plus for the lichen + coffee combo. Also, the coffee scent is mild, so if you don’t like coffee, you won’t even know you actually washed your hair with it. 🙂 Plus, coffee is proven to be a deodorizer, so it protects your hair from strong scents better 🙂

Locks Hair Mask
(Php 580)

Product Claims and Details:

  • deep repair mask that is a 5 – 7
    minute treatment
  • targets the damage caused by chemical treatments and heat
    styling while reconstructing the hair
  • Ingredients like Coconut Oil, Keratin,
    Argan Oil, Emu Oil, and Alpine Lichen extract help revitalize the hair and
    bring it back to its healthy state.
  • available in 250g tub

Directions For Use:

After shampooing, apply a generous amount of Voila! Locks Deep Repair
Hair Mask to towel-dried hair and comb through. Let product absorb for
5–7 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. This mask is highly reparative to the
internal structure of the hair and should be sealed in afterward with a

The texture is a lot like heavy cream moisturizers, so I was scared that a lot of product would be left in my hair. Fear not, as it rinses easily, you just need to rub a bit here and there.This one is used as a weekly treatment, so one tub goes a loooooong way. My hair is usually Sahara desert dry, so conditioner + this mask works wonders! I haven’t felt my hair this soft in a while so I was sooo happy with the output. Since my first try was amazing, I made it into a weekly habit, and my hair looks more vibrant, shiny, and softer now.

I Am Booster
(Php 580)

Product Claims and Details:

  • Fuller and
    thicker hair is just a spritz away
  • has a light formula that goes on the hair
    after wash
  • formulated with nourishing ingredients like Green Tea,
    Rosemary, Perilla Leaf, and Chameleon Plant to improve weak follicles.
  • incorporated with Coffee and European Larch Wood, which helps with hair growth
    and a soothing sensitive scalp.
  • ingredients like Lemon and Sugar Cane that
    refreshes the scalp, and adds volume to each strand.
  • The longer
    the booster is used, the better and healthier the hair gets, as there will be
    increased luster, smoothness, thickness, and softness. Brittle, dull, and
    damaged hair will be a thing of the past with this travel friendly product!
  • available in 50mL spray bottle

Hair I Am was the product that intrigued me the most as I never really heard of a hair booster before. Jamie says it’s like a multipurpose product, can use it as a leave on, a hair mist, a serum, among other things. I love that you can use it for a hair mist on the days that commuting via public transport is inevitable.

Just recently, I had to ride a bus and jeep to an important function (Boo you Grab), good thing I brought this with me so my hair still smelled fresh despite the pollution outside 🙂

Also noticed my hair fall decreasing!!!!! Yay to fighting hair fall. I usually notice this when I shampoo, and I’m happy to report that I get less strands when I run through my hair these days 🙂

Here’s a photo of before and after. I know it’s not too noticeable, but doing the whole regimen really evened out the tone of my hair, plus made it more vibrant! And instantly, no more dry scalp and strands!

So that’s it for my review, hope it helps!

What do you think about the V&M Naturals Hair Care range? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #VNMNaturals, #VNMModernConsciousBeauty #FullerLocksHealthierScalp when posting!

V&M Naturals

V&M Naturals brand started from a need. A cousin of founder Jaime Faith Tan,
at 35 years old, has been suffering from the psoriasis skin condition for over
17 years. Even something as simple as walking was too painful to do. This
served as the inspiration to enter the Beauty and Wellness Industry to cater to
a special need. V&M Naturals envisioned natural products that worked very
well for people who didn’t want to use steroid-based medications.

started out on Multiply selling the now cult-favorite Emu Oil and a few soaps.
From there the brand, their following, and their product list grew. Ten years
later, the brand is still growing. Not only are they constantly looking for new
ingredients and new ways to use them. In addition, they are also a brand on a
mission to take care of the environment by aiming to be waste-free.

starting off as an online brand, V&M Naturals has grown to be a brand that
is available in kiosks in select malls. For
more information visit the V&M
Naturals website.

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