Previously, I shared about Taiwan Excellence Day happening last week. In this post, I’m sharing my top 10 finds during the trade fair.

1. Opro 9 Smart Diaper

This small sticker like thing can be attached to the diaper and send a reminder of when to change the diaper!

There are two versions, one for baby diapers, and one for adults! I love how it helps save the costs of diapers because you no longer need to blindly change and dispose them!

The device is connected to an app, and that sends the notifications 🙂

2. Transcend Body Camera DrivePro Body 10

I was surprised that this was the actual body cam being used by our local enforcers! It has 160 degree viewing angle, infrared for night vision, and is shick and water resistant too!

3. tern Roji Rally and Roji Surge

I don’t bike, but these were so sleek I would recommend them to my rider friends!

4. Departure Boost 29 inch and Pinnacle Elite 27 inch luggage

It has patented handles, sturdy casing, and very roomy. perfect for travelers who can’t decide on outfits to bring! And also for travelers who buy way too much stuff to bring home.

5. microlife pressure monitor Microlife A6 BT

it has a different AFIB tech that detects atrial fibrillation for stroke prevention

6. A-PULSE Heart Rate Wristband

this band has a comfortable and washable wristband, plus compatible with a lot devices, just get the arofly app!

7. Papershoot cameras

I was so amazed that these slim, compact things are really digital cameras!

8. 185 Ultra Clear Dash Cam

This has a super clear viewing screen! Especially now that we need to be
cautious on the road, dash cams will be handy to record. It has
vibration detection triggering function, and can elso work well in low
light conditions.

9. Surex Sanitary napkins

Made with cutting edge technology, these feminine hygiene products are lightweight, super absorbent, and breathable.

10.Samurai Storage Bag

It’s a multi-functional no-nail, no-drill, storage bag than can hold a myriad of different things. Can be a hamper, or for the dishes, or just an extra storage bag in your room.

So that’s it for my favorite products during the Taiwan Excellence Day! What do you think about these products?

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