Testing out Skinfinite Beauty Renew Set + Anti-Aging Serum + Instawhite Miracle Cream

I’ve been suffering from maskne ever since masks have been an essential part of our daily lives this quarantine. It’s instant, I wear a mask today for errands, the next day I have a pimple on my nose, chin, or cheek. These breakouts even last a long time, prompting me to look for skincare remedies.

Skinfinite Beauty PR

Around this time, Skinfinite Beauty Philippines sent me a PR package of skincare items to test out. Package included a Renew Set, the Insta White Miracle Cream, and Anti-Aging Serum. Perfect timing, so I get to test out something that hopefully helps me with my maskne problem.

For this review, I tested all of the products for a period of 2 weeks, using these exclusively for both my skincare and night routine.

Before I get to the routine, here’s a quick rundown of each product, plus descriptions and benefits:

Skinfinite Beauty Renew Set

Renew Set:

  1. Turmeric Bleaching Soap – a multifunctional soap that gently exfoliates skin to help reduce acne and skin blemishes, resulting to a brighter and luminous appearance
  2. Insta White Sunblock – A powdery scented sunblock that contains sunscreen properties and natural earth titanium dioxide that help provide protection from sun’s UVA and UVB rays, likewise providing mattifying coverage resulting to clearer and fairer skin
  3. Insta White Toner – a mild scented toner that helps tighten skin blemishes and prevent acne. It effectively whitens the skin while exfoliating dead skin cells.
  4. Insta White Cream – helps lighten uneven skin tone, has exfoliating properties, and antioxidants that assist in hydrating and increasing skin’s elasticity – providing a smoother, clearer, whiter, complexion.
Skinfinite Beauty Turmeric Bleaching Soap
Skinfinite Anti – Aging Serum

Skinfinite Anti-Aging Serum – a scented serum that hydrates, moisturizes, and helps lighten skin. It also has both antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Contains: Aloe Leaf Juice (Hydration), Licorice extract (anti-inflammatory, soothing anti-irritant, reduces dark spots), honey (antioxidant, anti-bacterial, for acne prevention), algae extract (skin tightening), menthol (cooling agent), niacinamide (helps to even out skin tone), Vit E derivative (antioxidant)

Skinfinite Insta White Miracle Cream

Skinfinite Insta White Miracle Cream – a fruit scented cream that helps exfoliate the skin. Contains AHA and turmeric extract that helps prevent breakouts, reduce acne scars, and brighten dark circles. Skinfinite Beauty founder Janna Domingo says this is the product that started it all. Turmeric has been their family’s beauty secret that’s been passed down from generation to generation, so they decided to include this ingredient in their first venture into beauty.

Now for the review proper.

I started this on a night routine, and here is how I used it:

  1. Wash face with Turmeric Bleaching Soap – apply soap to damp face, lather for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water
  2. Apply Insta White Toner lightly to face using cotton pad
  3. Get a few drops of Anti-Aging Serum on your palms, warm it up with a little rubbing then spread serum to the face. leave to absorb
  4. Apply Insta White Cream thinly all over face
  5. Apply Insta White Miracle Cream all over face, leave on as a sleeping mask
Skin condition before starting routine

I took a photo of my skin first before applying anything, do notice how I have some breakouts on my nose bridge and chin.

Step 1 Soap Step 2 Toner

The soap really strips my skin off of any hydration and leaves it very dry, it also stings a bit. The toner has a strong alcohol smell that I don’t typically like, and it also stings. The stinging is probably compounded from using these two.

Step 3 Serum

The serum is my favorite out of everything, the fruity smell is delightful and I love that it’s pearlescent, giving an instant glass skin effect. It also absorbs really well so this one is promising.

Step 3 Serum
Step 4 Insta white cream

The texture of this is typical of creams, glides on easily and absorbs well on skin.

Step 4 Insta White Cream
Step 5: Skinfinite Insta White Miracle Cream

The texture of the miracle cream is tacky, possibly because of too much titanium dioxide. I was expecting a lot from this being the hero product from Skinfinite Beauty. It was gritty, and did not apply as smooth as the other cream.

Step 5: Skinfinite Insta White Miracle Cream

I did read that Skinfinite founder Janna loves using this as a sleeping mask on the days when there are breakouts, so I’m just following suit. I just really didn’t like how thick it felt on the skin.

The next day I tried out this morning routine:

  1. Wash face with Turmeric Bleaching Soap – apply soap to damp face, lather for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water
  2. Apply Insta White Toner lightly to face using cotton pad
  3. Get a few drops of Anti-Aging Serum on your palms, warm it up with a little rubbing then spread serum to the face. leave to absorb
  4. Apply Sunblock Cream all over face 30 minutes before sun exposure.
Skinfinite Sunblock Cream

I did notice that my breakouts were less red compared to the night before, so I guess the new routine is working. As for the sunblock, I don’t recommend it as a good base for make up because it has a bit of a white cast. It does apply well, but not as smooth as my sunscreen faves from Biore.

Day 7 of my Skinfinite Beauty journey

Day 7, while my previous breakouts were slowly disappearing, another pimple emerged on my nose. I wore a mask the day before because I went to the office. It’s probably still too early to tell, but it wasn’t able to prevent maskne yet.

The renew set guarantees results as fast as 7 days, and while I did see the blemishes getting a little lighter, I didn’t see any change with skin whitening and acne prevention.

Day 14 Skinfinite Beauty

Day 14! The end of this experiment. all of my previous breakouts disappeared, but another one popped up on the nose bridge, near my eyes.

Verdict for my Skinfinite Beauty journey

Verdict: While it did improve my skin from Day 1, I didn’t feel that it was any different from my previous skincare routines. I don’t really need whitening so the bleaching factor isn’t for me.

The one thing I love from this review is the Skinfinite Anti-Aging Serum, which I’ll probably keep using until emptied. I love how easily my skin drank the serum, and how luminous and bright it looked right after application.

All in all, Skinfinite Beauty is a good beauty line, but it isn’t for me (except for the serum!). I think oily skin acne prone types would benefit better from this range.

To learn more about Skinfinite Beauty hit these links: website | Instagram | Facebook

Until my next post, see you!


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