As a personality who first gained worldwide attention as the news anchor who braved the streets of Tacloban, Leyte during Super Typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Typhoon Haiyan), Atom Araullo shows us how he is dedicated to rising up to any challenge coming his way.

That’s also the first time I ever heard about him. A few searches in Google would lead you to how Atom is an explorer of the unknown, even going to the most dangerous places, a graduate of BS Physics, and a UNHCR Philippines advocate, among other things.

Atom has proven that he is a great storyteller, be it in news, documentaries, or in one of his most recent endeavors, film. To be able to tell stores that well however, he prefers to immerse himself in the moment, throwing punches as they come.

His latest challenge isn’t easy either, an ambitious, action-packed commercial for Cherifer Premium for Adults.

He’s doing away with stunt doubles and to prepare for it, he had to learn Parkour
from Robby Apelo, co-owner of The Ninja
. He has also been going hard on leg
exercises, bulking up his upper body, and doing plyometric drills to boost his fluidity through the course.

“Naging challenging para sa akin yung training, pero I felt accomplished nung natutunan ko na gawin yung mga Parkour skills na kailangan sa commercial.  I’m always up for trying something new, and masaya ako na marami akong na-experience dito na bago (The training was challenging for me but I felt accomplished when I finally learned all of the Parkour skills needed for the commercial. I’m always up for something new and I’m glad that this gave me new experiences),“ says Atom. “I’ve always wanted to be a ninja and I feel like I’m a step closer to that dream,” he jests.

Atom also shares that apart from the physical challenges, he likes the new commercial’s ambitious set design as well. He said the set is a creative depiction of his workplace, with each part reinterpreted as parts of a challenging obstacle course that would test his strength and strategic skills.

Preparing for the big challenge
For someone whose responsibilities require more than the usual amount of sharpness and vitality, Atom acknowledges the necessity of self-care to cope with his demanding lifestyle.

Kapag yung work ko strenuous and kailangan talaga ng mental preparation kagaya ng shoot na ito, I always make sure na nakakain ako nang tama, I respect my body’s limits, and give myself enough time para makabawi sa pagod (When my work is strenuous and demands mental preparation just like this commercial shoot, I always make sure that I eat a balanced meal, respect my body’s limits, and give myself enough time to recuperate),” Atom shares.

To help his body through every preparation stage, Atom takes Cherifer Premium for Adults, the health supplement that provides
more than just multivitamins. It has Taurine for FOCUS, Ginseng for ENERGY, and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) that helps provide nucleic acids to promote RECOVERY through the repair of muscle tissue. Together, these ingredients help in keeping him productive through every challenging day.

The set design is amazing, I was there also to test it out! Remember when we used to love Global Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple as a kid? It was like a grown up version, and inspired by the everyday working class! So cool!!!!

But, as I have not been working out for the last few months, unlike Atom Araullo’s training, I failed to get past even one obstacle :)) Others were so fit!!!

Can’t wait to see the commercial! It was fun to see how it was shot live but I bet it’s even better once edited with the proper angles <3

How about you? How do you #RiseUptoChallenge? Don’t forget to share with the hashtag #CheriferPremium!

About Cherifer Premium for Adults
Cherifer Premium for Adults is the
health supplement that provides more than a complete set of multivitamins. It also has Taurine for FOCUS, Ginseng for ENERGY, and Chlorella Growth Factor that helps repair muscle tissue for RECOVERY by providing nucleic acids. Together, these ingredients help busy adults become more productive throughout the day.

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