Oh how I missed blogging. I’ve been meaning to revive this blog since quarantine started, so here goes.

I purchased my own hosting last year on a spur of the moment decision. LOL. Not wise, considering the investment that goes into maintaining a website. I had just resigned from my previous job, graduated from a Marketing Diploma course, in between moving houses, going through something personal, all in all it was a period of transition.

Fast forward to the pandemic, I got a notification that the hosting was up for renewal. That served as a wake up call for me to finally use this new space.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update this more religiously! Starting with a fitness / wellness update and a beauty review!

Leaving you with this photo of me on my Korea 2016 trip while I yearn to travel again. 🙂

2016. Phya in Le Petit France, Korea

Cheerfully keeping on,

Phya <3