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Shake Shack Manila Review + Feelings on 2019 Elections

I’m one of the millions of Filipinos who exercised our right to vote yesterday. Like every other good citizen, I cast my vote, got my finger inked, and prayed for the best. I woke up this morning with hope, hope that at least a few of the opposition candidates would get a seat, but I only ended up heartbroken.

I was going to make a well composed post about why we should still fight a good fight as good citizens of this country, but I really felt down. So what did I do to try and cheer myself up?


I walked out of the office for my lunch break, and a few minutes later, my feet got me to Shake Shack.

Surprisingly, the queue wasn’t as long as it was last Friday. It took me about 15 minutes of lining up before i got to place my order, and another 25 minutes to get my food.


Learning about the wine basics at Wine Story’s Wine 101

Finally got to attend a Wine 101 Class by Wine Story! I’ve been meaning to go to one after rediscovering how wine is so good with different food- not just cheese and grapes (Thanks to eating a lot at Planet Grapes), so when I saw that they were having a class this month, I went and signed up for it.

It’s such a good thing that Wine Story offers these classes, as Filipinos aren’t really known to be wine drinkers. As if the presence of beer commercials and billboards aren’t a telltale sign, our country is a beer drinking nation. Wine Story seeks to change the perspective and conversation about wine, starting with proper wine education.

In this post I’ll be sharing about about the class I attended, as well as the other courses offered by the Wine Story Academy, Wine Story’s wine education arm.

The course is taught inside Wine Story at Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Our
instructor was Wine Story Academy’s Wine Education Manager, Carla P.


Learn and Discover with SBC Perkspective

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “A Fresh Start“? For me, it’s a beginning, turning over a new leaf, or discovering something new.

This is what #StartFreshatSBC is about. Seattle’s Best Coffee explores this concept, of starting fresh, just like how coffee jumpstarts your day.

SBC launches The SBC Perkspective, a
series of quarterly pocket events that will offer talks, workshops, and
informal meet-ups aimed at giving a fresh
perspective on how we create and view art, music, photography and other
creative processes. Through this series, SBC is recreated into a space
that not only offers great coffee and tasty food, but a go-to place for
the community to come together, to be inspired
and to conspire, and to come up with novel ideas and a new outlook on


Lupit Sa Sulit with the new Dew Idol

With this summer turning out to be the hottest one yet, there’s nothing like a cold sparkling drink to refresh ourselves! Here comes the new Mountain Dew Idol – the #LupitSaSulit 8oz Mountain Dew bottle that costs just Php 8!!! Talk about an affordable way to chill out this summer.

Again the new 8oz bottle is just sold for a really cheap price of php 8, perfect for the thrill seekers that the brand champions.

“With the new Mountain Dew Idol, we want to show that price should never be a barrier in chasing your own personal thrills. Whether it’s extreme sports, gaming, vlogging, or anything, as long as it gives you a thrilling, exhilarating experience, then you should chase it.”, shares Katrina Paras, Flavors Marketing Manager of Pepsi Co.

Along with the #LupitSaSulit pack comes a new member of the Dew Crew, James Reid!!! James is perfect for the brand as he is a multi-talented personality who is very passionate in trying different things for both his career and personal life. James believes that chasing the thrill doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as turning everyday opportunities into #LupitSaSulit.

The new Mountain Dew Idol is available in all sari-sari stores for Php 8 SRP, share your own #LupitSaSulit