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When Underwear can make or Break your Day

Give a woman the right lingerie, and she can conquer the world – Anonymous

There was a time when I would get questions from my readers regarding underwear in general. Which one to buy, how to get the right fit, where to get a great bra, which style to wear under a certain clothing, etcetera, etcetera.


Back then, I didn’t fully comprehend how important these inquiries really were. When I started a full time job and juggling different roles, that’s when I realized how big of an impact underwear has on my day. Our undergarments can actually make or break our look, and even change our mood and outlook for any given day.

While you don’t necessarily have to own sexy lingerie, you need at least
a great pair of matching bra and panties that are easy to wear,
comfortable, and can be worn under different types of clothing.


Christmas Shopping Made Easy with Metro’s Gift Guide

Previously, I’ve blogged about my personal recommendations when doing your Christmas shopping at Metro Department Store; this time around, I’m sharing Metro’s curated gift guide, to make your holiday rush shopping so much easier!

The gift guide includes suggestions to every type of person in your circle, from fashionista, traveller, hobbyist, kid’s items, tech, toys, and even stuff for your home.

Lady on Holiday

First up, is for the ladies, like me! *wink wink* *cough* for me *cough*

I’m in love with that criss cross spaghetti top, perfect for attending Christmas parties, and to match with the tassel earring below.

The flashier items like the glittered and sequined dresses are great for those glamorous parties too, and you can also wear them year round on special occasions!

Man on Holiday

I love the plain polo and cardigan combo, very boy next door look. I can definitely see my brothers sporting those, so I might get them those plus the sleek watch and belts!

Teens on Holiday

Seriously want that wine colored knit halter top for myself. I swear I just keep adding to my own list while browsing this gift guide!!! Also in love with those peach tassel earrings below too. Totes obsessed with tassel earrings right now.

Had to include Joshua Garcia (#Joshlia fans wru?) and Barbie Forteza’s BNY campaign photos because these two are too cute, and real role models. What they have on are really stylish and something I’d gift to my nieces and nephews.

Holiday Glam

If you’re looking for something luxurious, Metro also has a nice selection of fragrances and jewelry.

My mom is in love with that scent from Bulgari, Omnia Amethyst, and she would love that gift set!

Metro has an ongoing sale for jewelry too! So if you’re shopping for someone really special, now’s the perfect time to get that ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings!

One of my favorite things to gift are bath or spa sets, because anyone can use them. Plus, I feel like gifting them with these sets sort of reminds them to take time off and pamper themselves. They come in really pretty packaging too, so easy on the eyes.

Gifts to Go

For Kris Kringle, Monito Monita, White Elephant, and Exchange Gift, I usually stick to safer choices like, accessories and handkerchiefs.

Holiday Travel Buddies

My Facebook feed is always full of posts on travel, so it’s safe to say that more and more people are exploring so gifting travel essentials is kind of a must now. If your friends or family aren’t lusting for travel yet, gift them any of these and you might just inspire them to take a holiday flight out.

Kids on Holiday

I’ve got to warn you, everything in this section is way too cute!!! If i had a daughter I’d get her that tutu below, right this instant!

That kitchen set was a dream for me when I was a kid, so that’s definitely up my gift list, as well the cute Disney series keyrings!

All about Christmas

As if the Christmas cheer in our country isn’t enough, you’ve got to amp it up more with Christmas themed party hats, decors, and wrappers!

Perfect for all of those nights playing hostess with the most-est, make everything IG and Pinterest worthy with these beautiful dishes and trinkets for the dining table!

Holiday at Home

Now for my favorite favorite favorite section, home! Very practical and perfect for gifting to families! Like if you don’t want to give each member of the family gifts, might as well buy a big ticket item like a TV, and everybody will be able too use it too!

Shepherd’s Corner

It is Christmas, so don’t forget to also include items that remind us why we celebrate this religious holiday!

Bonus: Flash Sale

Metro Department Store is also having a sale on Saturday, for just one day, so make your way to any Metro store near you and finish your last minute Christmas shopping list!

That’s all for the Metro Gift Guide, hope it helps!! let me know which items you want to get. *wink* Happy holidays everyone!