Give a woman the right lingerie, and she can conquer the world – Anonymous

There was a time when I would get questions from my readers regarding underwear in general. Which one to buy, how to get the right fit, where to get a great bra, which style to wear under a certain clothing, etcetera, etcetera.


Back then, I didn’t fully comprehend how important these inquiries really were. When I started a full time job and juggling different roles, that’s when I realized how big of an impact underwear has on my day. Our undergarments can actually make or break our look, and even change our mood and outlook for any given day.

While you don’t necessarily have to own sexy lingerie, you need at least
a great pair of matching bra and panties that are easy to wear,
comfortable, and can be worn under different types of clothing.


With the everyday hustle and bustle of life, you don’t really have time to deal with uncomfortable undies. You want to be able to easily put something on and feel empowered to go through the endless activities of the day. That’s one less thing to worry about everyday. 🙂


Fast forward to today, where I get to review the new Avon Fashions’ Body Illusion underwear line.
Body Illusion is an advanced new innerwear
line, with Invisilite material, which offers the
lightest and most flexible fit from Avon Fashions intimate apparel. Invisilite is also fade-resistant, and will stretch up to twice its originalsize. I love love love (yes 3x for more impact! :)) that the Body Illusion line comes in blush – a happy in between of nude and pink.

I’m wearing the SONIA Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra (P899)
and Panty (P299) which has:

  • flexibility with its pull-on form factor
  • ultra soft fabric
  • moulded cups
  • Zero hooks ensure seamless
    back and sides
  • comfortable support even without the wires
  • Sizes ranging
    from S to XL.

I road tested it out immediately after getting them because while it looks like your typical basic underwear, it feels different, and the blush definitely gives the extra oomph. While it isn’t a nude color, the blush tone can pass of as something close to skin-tone, so you can still wear it under white colored tops, and garment with sheer material.


The dress I have on here has really thin material and is a bit fitted. As you can see, both the panty and the bra are invisible from a front and side angle.

Do note that my size is a regular medium in clothing stores, so I got the same on both the bra and panty.


As for the back, you can still see it as the straps are adjustable, so they will show teeny tiny bumps. But I love that it has zero hooks, for that extra added comfort. I would also like to point out how light they both feel!!! Like you’re wearing nothing! Oh the dream. I feel like you can even sleep in them, that’s how comfy they really are.


I also wore the panty with my workout leggings, and look! No unwanted panty lines!!! Which is really difficult to achieve because I like my leggings tight during gym time. Of course I wore a different sports bra because I need heavy duty support when I attend the trampoline cardio class. Because while the Sonia bra does have support, since it’s an everyday bra, it will not serve as an alternative to active wear.

Aside from the Sonia bra, Avon Fashion’s Body Illusion line also has another bra and panty set – the Charlene. See the 2 sets in action in the video below

Underwire Seamless Bra
(P899) and Panty (P299) is:

  • a ¾ cup
    bra in eyeglass silhouette with ultra soft foam cups
  • Laser-cut seamless edges leave
  • Size ranges from 32A to bigger sizes such as 36C, 38B, and 40B.

While I didn’t get to road test these, the underwire is perfect for those with bigger cups and prefer more support.


The verdict: I really love my Sonia pair, but I also wish they came out with a wider range of sizes for this style. Comfort, fit, and invisibility are A++ and would definitely recommend to get a pair from your neighborhood Avon Lady.

As I’m finishing this post, I’m putting on the Sonia pair again, because I need trusty but comfy underwear to help me through a busy day ahead!

What about you? I hope this post has encouraged you to put on great underwear, and bring out your best. What you wear on the inside will definitely show on the outside, and great underwear will give you the boost of confidence you need. Your inner armor will not only help you feel good, but will also let others and the world’s positive energy, gravitate to you.


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