Month: July 2018

Learn and Discover with SBC Perkspective

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “A Fresh Start“? For me, it’s a beginning, turning over a new leaf, or discovering something new.

This is what #StartFreshatSBC is about. Seattle’s Best Coffee explores this concept, of starting fresh, just like how coffee jumpstarts your day.

SBC launches The SBC Perkspective, a
series of quarterly pocket events that will offer talks, workshops, and
informal meet-ups aimed at giving a fresh
perspective on how we create and view art, music, photography and other
creative processes. Through this series, SBC is recreated into a space
that not only offers great coffee and tasty food, but a go-to place for
the community to come together, to be inspired
and to conspire, and to come up with novel ideas and a new outlook on


How Atom Araullo Gears Up For Life’s Challenges

As a personality who first gained worldwide attention as the news anchor who braved the streets of Tacloban, Leyte during Super Typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Typhoon Haiyan), Atom Araullo shows us how he is dedicated to rising up to any challenge coming his way.

That’s also the first time I ever heard about him. A few searches in Google would lead you to how Atom is an explorer of the unknown, even going to the most dangerous places, a graduate of BS Physics, and a UNHCR Philippines advocate, among other things.

Atom has proven that he is a great storyteller, be it in news, documentaries, or in one of his most recent endeavors, film. To be able to tell stores that well however, he prefers to immerse himself in the moment, throwing punches as they come.

His latest challenge isn’t easy either, an ambitious, action-packed commercial for Cherifer Premium for Adults.