Month: April 2018

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara (Review + Event)

It’s here! Benefit’s new gravity defying mascara,
BADgal BANG Mascara just reached Manila and it’s selling like crazy! I’ve watched videoes on youtube showing how the product worked wonders on sparse lashes so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one!

For this post, I’m sharing a short review of the Benefit BADgal BANG mascara, including prices and some details, plus some of the event launch photos.

Benefit BADgal BANG Mascara

Product Details:

  • Creates massive volume without weighing down lashes
  • gravity-defying
    formula contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials derived from space technology
  • innovative intense pitch black pigments
    layer easily for bigger and BIGGER impact
  • fuels thickness and strength
    with ProVitamin B5
  • features custom big Slimpact brush streamlined to
    reach root-to-tip, corner-to-corner, and upper and lower lashes
  • smudge-proof and water-resistant
  • dramatic volume, lifting, and lengthening effect
  • Retail Price: Php 1500 for full size (8.5g/0.3oz), and Php 800 for mini (0.14oz)

The best thing I love about this product is definitely the volumizing and lengthening effect. The first time I tried it, I was surprised because not a lot of mascaras tend to hold the curl of my lashes.

As someone who has lashes that point straight, I liked how it helped lift my lashes. Do note though that this may not be a product for everyone.

Pro Tip: Try to get the least amount of product on the wand so you get a light coat of mascara. Like scrape some of the product on the stopper of the mascara tube first before using the mascara on your lashes.

I discovered this was the best way to use the product as the formula is thick and may weigh down most Asian lashes. It is actually perfect for lower lashes though.

and tadaaaaa, big bold lashes you can see, even from outer space!!!!

Benefit BADgal BANG mascara product launch

Pink alert!!! Astronaughties everywhere!!!

These astronaughties were such a hit during the event! We even had one scavenger hunt cat sticker on one of their costumes to tease the attendees.

There was really pretty galaxy inspired ice cream too! <3

That’s it! Let me know what you think of the new Benefit BADgal Bang mascara, I’d love to see how it looks on you!

The new
Benefit BADgal Bang mascara

is available at all Benefit Cosmetics stores nationwide, Zalora, Lazada, and BeautyMNL.

Lupit Sa Sulit with the new Dew Idol

With this summer turning out to be the hottest one yet, there’s nothing like a cold sparkling drink to refresh ourselves! Here comes the new Mountain Dew Idol – the #LupitSaSulit 8oz Mountain Dew bottle that costs just Php 8!!! Talk about an affordable way to chill out this summer.

Again the new 8oz bottle is just sold for a really cheap price of php 8, perfect for the thrill seekers that the brand champions.

“With the new Mountain Dew Idol, we want to show that price should never be a barrier in chasing your own personal thrills. Whether it’s extreme sports, gaming, vlogging, or anything, as long as it gives you a thrilling, exhilarating experience, then you should chase it.”, shares Katrina Paras, Flavors Marketing Manager of Pepsi Co.

Along with the #LupitSaSulit pack comes a new member of the Dew Crew, James Reid!!! James is perfect for the brand as he is a multi-talented personality who is very passionate in trying different things for both his career and personal life. James believes that chasing the thrill doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as turning everyday opportunities into #LupitSaSulit.

The new Mountain Dew Idol is available in all sari-sari stores for Php 8 SRP, share your own #LupitSaSulit

Bye Uber, It was a great ride


When news came out that Uber sold its South East Asian operations to its ride sharing app competitor Grab, I was probably one of those very affected. I’ve been using Uber’s ride sharing service ever since I started working in Makati, and now in BGC, as it was more convenient than braving the usual commuter routes. I tried driving to the office in BGC a few times, but adding fuel costs to insane parking rates in this city isn’t as cost efficient as I hoped it would be.


So I became heavily dependent on Uber whenever other options weren’t available. After creating my #YearWithUber music video last 2017, I learned I actually took 227 Uber trips! That’s 60% of the year!


Uber was very convenient, drivers were polite and provided excellent service without the cost of a private chauffeur. I will definitely miss you Uber T_T


I would finish presentations while waiting out the traffic, do full face makeup, finish movies and series, sometimes even catch up on local teleserye when the Uber car had TV plus, take naps, one driver even offered karaoke!


Uber is wrapping up operations in the country this April 8, 2018, and I hope I can still ride until the very last day T_T Geez Uber, I never thought I’d get emotional over a ride sharing app.

Also sharing the 7 Uber Archetypes launched late last year, in case you guys are curious 🙂


Uber Archetypes

1. The Explorer
For you, Uber isn’t just a way to get around your home base — it’s how you traverse the world. You take in the new sights, sounds, and scents of new cities through the best way you know how. As The Explorer, you’ve visited many cities, and you’ve used Uber in each one to get to your destination. Exploring is a breeze for you with an Uber car, whichever part of the globe you find yourself in.

2. The Lux Rider
Getting to your location safely and efficiently is one thing; arriving consistently in style is another. The Lux Rider has a penchant for the finer things in life — including luxury rides. You’ve constantly relied on Uber Black for your journeys, and you know that a trip is never complete without a premium car to cruise in.

3. The All Star Hero
If there’s somewhere you need to be, who else are you going to call? As the High-Trip Hero, you’ve taken a high number of rides with Uber. No matter what time of the day or situation, rain or shine, you’ve counted on Uber multiple times to get to where you want and need to go. In the busy streets of Manila, Uber has become your go-to for whenever you need a ride.

4. The Road Tripper
For someone fond of road trips, it’s not just the destination that counts, but the journey taken. You’ve truly gone the distance on your journeys with Uber — very long distances, in fact. The Road Tripper has accumulated a very high total distance traveled, so much that they spend majority of their day in an Uber car. We’ve loved having you along for the ride, too.

5. The Night Rider
Darkness is your friend and gives you comfort. As most people are just about to end their day, yours is just getting started. The Night Rider has taken most Uber trips after the sun has set. Whether for your nocturnal adventures or graveyard shifts, we’ve been there to take you through the night.

6. The Early Bird
As soon as the sun peeps on the horizon, we arrive on your doorstep like clockwork. This year, you’ve started most of your days with Uber, taking you where you’re needed for the day. As The Early Bird, you’ve taken most morning trips with Uber, beginning each new day with a reliable ride.

7. The Midday Wanderer
Rush hour? Traffic? These words mean nothing to you, or you are at least unfazed by the metro’s midday bustle. As The Midday Wanderer, most of your Uber trips are taken during the afternoon, as you thrive on the energy of the city at its liveliest.

As for my archetype? It’s the All-Star! I’ve taken so many Uber rides last year, so I’m not surprised :)) You can still make your own video, and discover your own archetype by going to this link. Let me know what you end up with 🙂


I’ll really miss you Uber, thanks for the wonderful ride. <3