Month: October 2017

Men Go to Blue Water Day Spa Too!

Blue Water Day Spa, the metro’s leading expert in pampering and rejuvenation, proudly presents its roster of ambassadors in time for the holiday season:
Michelle Dee, Harry Morris, Fabio Ide, Ara Arida and Christian Bautista.


In an industry heavily dominated by services catered to women, I asked
Blue Water Day Spa’s male ambassadors how they can break the stigma of
women only going to the spa, and to share which treatments they can
recommend to other guys.

Christian Bautista tells everyone that it’s nonsense that only women get to go on a pampering day, guys need their break too!


A multi-awarded artist and actor, Christian Bautista has to divide his hours from recording at the studio and shooting for his back-to- back shows. Because of his crazy schedule, he doesn’t get to watch the food that he eats. “Which, of course, affects my weight and my mindset. When I eat junk food, I feel lethargic and don’t quite have the energy,” he says. This is where his favorite treatment comes in, the Blue Water Day Spa Therapeutic Colonic Massage. It is the latest method of losing weight, and it gives Christian that boost of energy. “It makes you relax, and it helps tone the body. I combine this with exercise and eating right, and after a few sessions, you’ll see impressive results,” he shares. “The Colonic Massage also helps get rid of the blockages and impurities in your system, so you instantly feel lighter and freer.”


For athletes like Harry Morris and Fabio Ide, Blue Water Day Spa has Athlete Masagges to cater to them.

Fabio shared how he really enjoys every visit to the spa, so he encourages other men to do the same.


Harry Morris, a player of the Philippine Volcanoes, often pushes his body to the limits, going through intense training routines and games regularly. “After training or a rough game, my muscles and joints hurt a lot. When I get the Athlete’s Massage, I’ve noticed that my recovery time gets cut in half,” he says.


Fabio Ide, entrepreneur and model, agrees with Morris, adding, “Your body is like a well-oiled machine, so you have to make sure it gets the upkeep it needs. This massage does incredibly well in making sure that you stay at the top of your game and that you enjoy that range of motion painlessly.”


But, let’s not forget the female ambassadors of Blue Water Day Spa, Ara Arida and Michelle Dee.

Ariella “Ara” Arida, Miss Universe 2013- Third Runner Up, understands
the importance of looking your best, and so despite no longer competing
for the crown, she invests time and effort in maintaining her toned
physique and youthful looks. To help her look camera-ready, Ara
schedules her Blue Water
Day Spa Y-Lift treatments regularly.


The Y
Lift treatment, a combination facial and skin treatment, helps to reduce
the signs of skin-aging and gently “lifts” the face for that youthful
look. “When it comes to my body, I try to eat clean and live healthy,
and complement that with my Y-Lift treatments which gives me that
radiant glow and smooth complexion,” she says.


Michelle Dee, youngest of the group, has a lot to deal with these days, graduating fresh from college, modelling, and many other endeavors. All of these is causing headaches, neck strains and pains in her lower back. To help
soothe the symptoms caused by stress, Michelle turns to Blue Water Day
Spa’s Combo Herbal Massage. Using a soothing blend of essential oils,
the deep tissue massage helps to work out the tensions in the back
and neck. “After just one session, you feel looser and more relaxed.
You’ll definitely feel that you’re ready to take on another day!” shares

Whether it’s to look more beautiful, to speed up recovery time, or to just simply pamper yourself after a long, hard week of work, Blue Water Day Spa is here to help you relax and rejuvenate anytime.
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Early Christmas Shopping at the Metro 35th Anniversary Sale

I previously announced that Metro Department Store is having a sale this weekend, and this time around, I’m sharing ideas and stuff I got for my loved ones for their Christmas gifts!

For the Wanderlust

I found these really cute printed hard case luggages and they’re on sale for 20% off! From at 3k+ down to Php 2475 for the smallest one.

There’s also these sleek black and silver hardcases that are also on sale for 1,399!

Plus organizers and packing cubes for just 99 pesos!

For the Fashionista

I’d definitely get this shirt dress for my mom. She’s into the patch and embroidery trend lately, and would rock this in a heartbeat.

When I saw this frilly skirt, I was thinking of buying it for myself or for my officemate 😂. Dince anything with frou frou is alaso tending lately, ruffles, layers, frills, this would also be a hit.

Another gift suggestion are these free size shorts! They’re on sale for only 149 each, so I got a lot, perfect for Kris Kingle, monita monito, etc. They’re drawstring and stetchable, and look like they were bought from Uniqlo/Giordano, definitely a lot of value for money.

For the Kids

Huge stuffed toys on sale! I loved that Fluffy Teddy bear because it was big and super sale!

Seeing these Powerpuff Girls neck pillows reminded me so much of my childhood! Got one for one of my young cousins. They’re on sale for 20% off!

This was my favorite find in the Kids’ toys section, big sets! When I was a kid, I loved opening big gifts because that meant I was getting toys instead of the usual clothes. I hated getting clothes as a kid. LOL. Now I love getting clothes as gifts, as long as they’re my style.

Take this one, a nice dollhouse complete with toy furniture, and it’s a big box! Definitely something I would consider giving to godchildren. It’s almost 50% off, and has great quality too.

For the Fitness Buff

I was surprised to see how affordable these bikes were, so if your friend or relative is looking into a new fitness activity, gifting them with a bike would be a good nudge.

Or you could give them nice workout clothes instead! I always feel excited to go to the gym when I’m in a cute outfit.

Plus, Metro has really nice brands like adidas and Nike, so you’d have lots of options.

For the Co-workers / Classmates

I can’t count how many times I’ve lost a water bottle, and these things are so useful! I always bring one in my travels because drinking water is expensive in some countries so I fill up my bottle at the hotel before going around the city.

These are great for gifting too because everyone needs it, for the office, school, gym, etc.

For the Beauty Addicts

Metro has a great range of beauty products, cosmetics and skin care items for your friends obsessed with beauty. They’ve got great bundles for Christmas gifts too, like these sets from Cathy Doll.

For the Relatives

The home section is probably my favorite, because Metro has a really nice selection. This cooler is something I would suggest giving to relatives who love going to local trips to the beach or mountainside, or even for a simple picnic.

The glassware and beddings available are nice too. Loved the prints on those blankets and bedsheets!

For the Home Improvement Fanatics

My mom is obsessed with organization lately, so I bought her some of these plastic boxes to store away some of our stuff!

During the sale, some of the furniture were even up for Buy 1 Take 1 promo! I remember seeing a couple getting a lot of bed cushions from Uratex because they were cheap and Buy 1 Take 1!

This was probably my favorite item at the home section. Isn’t this dresser just pretty???

Bonus: Gift Wrapping and Christmas Decors!

They also free gift wrapping for every minimum purchase, and you get to choose from different colors and sizes!

So what do you guys think about my shopping finds? any other suggestions? Let me know about your finds during the sale! Use the hashtag #Metro25Years when posting so I can see your finds!

There’s a crazy sale happening this weekend at Metro!


Metro is having an all-out sale this weekend (October 13-15, 2017) to celebrate 35 amazing years of good finds, awesome deals, and best prices. Watch out for deals with as big as 50% off at all Metro stores this weekend!

Arthur Emmanuel, President and COO of Metro Retail Stores Group, Inc. comments, “This Anniversary Sale not only commemorates our 35th year of service, it also marks our success, standing at the forefront of the retail industry, serving an average of 250,000 shoppers per day.” With over 52 stores nationwide, Metro Retail is proof that a good name built on hard work and trust, coupled with quality products and excellent service, wins a customer’s loyalty.

Metro’s premium merchandise goes on a storewide SALE, with up to 50% off on all items as part of its anniversary celebration. Shoppers can purchase the freshest produce, stylish homeware, limited edition products, and the hottest fashion finds at discounted rates. Metro’s 35th Anniversary SALE will also award 35 lucky shoppers with 35,000 worth of gift certificates.

“Expect only the best bargains here at Metro, as we renew our commitment to offering the best value for your money, while constantly improving your shopping experience – making it more convenient, affordable, and worthwhile,” Emmanuel adds.

Head to the nearest Metro Department Store, Metro Supermarket, or Super Metro Hypermarket from October 13 to 15 for an anniversary sale that celebrates 35 years of great deals at super reasonable prices.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Metro35years when you post about your shopping hauls! See you!

About Metro

Owned and operated by the Metro Retail Stores Group, Inc. (MRSGI), Metro’s vision is to become a world-class retail store with the mission to provide quality service, and to be responsive to customer’s needs anchored on its philosophy of customer contentedness.

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