Month: August 2015

Shake up your hair game with these must have Hair Tools!

Every now and then, we want to change up our look without doing anything too drastic, or permanent. We’ve all been there, bored with a current hairstyle, but don’t want the risk of getting another potentially disastrous (trust me, I know) haircut.

Last year, I got my hair permed, bleached, colored, all because I find it necessary to change things up once in a while. But with everything my hair’s been through, I’m all for more temporary and hair-friendly styling techniques to keep my locks healthy.

Personally, I love curling my hair when I’m feeling fun and flirty, especially on nights out. I keep my hair slick straight and put together for more professional or corporate functions.

When straightening my hair, I normally just blowdry it, while using a roller brush. If that isn’t enough, I resort to using a flat hair iron or straightener, to make my hair even more frizz free and stick straight.

When it comes to waves and curls, I use a curling iron. Before, I struggled a lot, I didn’t know how to get my curls facing one way, or how to make them bounce with volume. I was also confused a lot with the different sized barrels, until I realized I only needed a medium sized one for nice wavy, versatile curls.

As I’ve mentioned above, I use different tools when styling my hair, and recently, I’ve discovered the W Elite Beauty Box from Watsons, containing different tools to encourage everyone to change up your hairstyle in an instant.

The W Elite Beauty Box contains:

1. W Elite Gold Curl and Straight Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Styler

  • has tourmaline ceramic coated plates which heat up in as fast as 60 seconds 
  • has variable temperature settings and LCD temperature display
  • effectively straightens and curls up your hair.  

2. W Elite Gold Nano Ceramic Hair Dryer

  • With ionic function that leaves your hair smooth and silky
  • has a concentrator nozzle, 3 heat and 2 speed setting and special cool shot feature.

3. Watsons Heat Active Hair Serum

  • uses an advance technology from Japan that harness heat energy from blow drying and heat styling to activate NanoRepair  – an ingredient that delivers restorative and protective benefits to your hair

I love the packaging because the box is so sturdy, and it’s really great to display on my vanity table. Another thing that I love is how the W Elite Series tools are in gold! They look soooo luxurious on top of the black container.

The whole box really gives a great first impression, with a great combination of products to change your hairstyle with ease.

To give an even better description, I’ll be doing a short review of each product inside the box. 

Watsons Heat Active Hair Serum (Php 519)

What it is: A hair serum that uses nanotechnology to protect against the damaging effects of heat and excessive styling

Directions for Use:

  • Apply appropriate amount of Hair serum on dry hair for smoothing and intense hair shine. Focus on areas where styling is done. No need to rinse. 
  • After shampooing, gently pat hair dry with towel and apply onto your hair.

Thoughts on the product:

  • Texture: Not sticky or oily, and feels like a light cream
  • Function: Efficiently coats hair, although I haven’t observed the hair-protective effects yet.
  • Value for Money: You only to use one to two pumps depending on thickness of your hair, so one bottle goes a long way.
  • Repurchase? Definitely. I’ve tried different serums in the past, and I like how it isn’t too oily or sticky and does the job well.

W Elite Gold Nano Ceramic Hair Dryer (Php 2299)

What it is: Hair Dryer/blower with two detachable nozzles and various settings.

Depending on your hair, you can use the longer nozzle for thicker strands, and the shorter nozzle for thin locks.

Before I show how I use it, here’s a photo of me fresh out of the shower after towel drying my hair.


  1. Start drying your hair by pointing the blower to different areas of your hair from left to right then top to bottom. 
  2. After you hair is semi dry, section your hair.
  3. Grab a section and brush through with a roller brush (you can use any big brush)
  4. Pick a setting for heat (low, med, high or cool) and speed (low, high), then point the nozzle to the section of hair on the brush.
  5. Continue with other hair sections
  6. Tada! your hair’s dry!

Personally I love using the cool setting when I’m not in a hurry anyway. Then use high heat and fast speed when I need to dry my hair quickly. 

Thoughts on the product:

  • Function: It does the job well in record time. I’ve used a lot of hair dryers in the past, and this one’s pretty good.
  • Value for Money: A little pricey for a hair dryer, but the color and different settings make up for it.
  • Recommend? Yes. I would actually get this as a gift to a friend, because it is very user friendly.

So there, that’s how my hair looked after drying. I know, the permed ends look so damaged!! I do think the serum’s doing a pretty decent job in helping repair my hair.

W Elite Gold Curl and Straight Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Styler (Php 2599)

What it is: A 2-in-1 hair iron that can curl as well as straighten.


  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Locking mechanism for easy grip
  • Flat iron ceramic inner part, rounded barrel for curls


  1. Section your hair into 8-12 parts depending on thickness. Take note of how thick you want each curled section to be.
  2. Adjust the temperature of the styler depending on your preference.
  3. Slip the section in between the rods then secure the tip inside the flat iron part.
  4. Twist the styler until a third of the section is wrapped around it.
  5. Leave for 40 seconds or more for every section to get desired curls.
  6. Style using combs, brushes, or sprays to get volumizing effect.

Thoughts on the product:

  • Function: I love how the temperature is displayed on the handle, so you can easily adjust if you want to go higher or lower. It also heats up really quick as claimed, so the waiting time is cut short. It is also easy to grip and surprisingly doesn’t slip off.
  • Value for Money: Again, it is pricey, but considering the settings, color, materials used on it, it is worth it. 
  • Recommend? Possibly. While I do love how it works and the results, I find it a little too heavy. My arm got easily tired after doing four sections of my hair.

See? The temperature is clearly displayed on the panel at the handle for easy monitoring.


Tada! How I look after speedily curling my hair for this review. HAHA.

Overall, I liked everything inside the W Elite Beauty Box, especially the gold 2 in 1 styler. I am even more excited to test it out on my friends and see if it works well on them as well. 

What do you think about these hair tools? Would you prefer straight or curly?

The W Elite Beauty Box and other W Elite hair tools are available at Watsons and the SM Store Beauty Section. The beauty assistants there are more than willing to demonstrate how to use the tools if you need more info regarding these products.

Have a happy hair day everyone!

ATC Evening Primrose

It’s always difficult to stay on top of the game for us girls when it’s that time of the month. Red days have always been shown in a negative light, especially when they hinder our productivity in career, school, or in any aspect of our lives.

I’ve seen friends and family members breaking down in tears because of PMS, dysmenorrhea, lower abdominal pain, bringing our mood and productivity wasy way down. My sister particularly has a bad case of cramps and other symptoms, and most days she would be missing exams because of it. It also doesn’t help that we get breakouts and oily skin during that period. It isn’t enough that we feel horrible inside, our blemishes also make us feel less confident.

Experiences may range from mild inconvenience to severe bouts of assorted symptoms, but all girls can agree that it is something to worry about. Thankfully, after some research, I found that some health supplements can help with that. On top of the search results is Evening Primrose Oil or EPO, in which some anecdotal evidence suggests that it does help alleviate pre-menstrual symptoms.  

According to medical references, oil extracted from evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) plant seeds consists of a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids include omega-6 fatty acids, linolenic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Subsequently, GLA has been licensed for treating breast pain and eczema in numerous countries.

Locally, EPO is available in ATC Evening Primrose Softgel Capsules. As mentioned, it relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and breast tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle. It also helps alleviate hot flashes caused by menopause and reduces symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. 

Sure, health supplements aren’t fully studied to support all of these claims, but a little preventive action wouldn’t hurt right?Just note that people who have plant allergies might need to check first before taking these.

ATC Evening Primrose is available at Mercury Drug and all leading drugstores nationwide for P6.00 per soft gel capsule. For dosage, I recommend you t6ake them like vitamins, once a day in early morning.

Say goodbye to PMS with ATC Evening Primrose.

Review: Asian Secrets Whitening Spa

Working really hard every day on a 9 to 5 job can be really tiring. With constant pressure from your bosses, the daily commute, and the toxic environment, they make up for a really bad recipe for our skin.

Once in a while, we should treat our skin to some pampering. It’s no secret that I love massages, but I haven’t indulged myself with one ever since starting at my new job. I’ve also just gotten back from back to back out of the town trips, which have left my skin a few shades darker than I would prefer.

A visit to Asian Secrets Whitening Spa was definitely
necessary to help bring back glow to my skin, as well as to indulge
myself in a little rest and relaxation after weeks and weeks of hard
work at the office. Being the first whitening spa in the country, Asian
secrets offers a luxurious whitening and pampering ritual called Lulur.

What is Lulur?

Once exclusively enjoyed by the Javanese royalty, the Lulur is a
300-year-old whitening ritual experienced by brides-to-be 40 days before
their wedding day. The Javanese princesses were treated with the Lulur
to give them softer, smoother, and fairer skin. It is a pampering ritual
passed down from generation to generation and has now been enjoyed as a
purifying indulgence by men and women.

The spa is well decorated with Javanese elements. Upon entrance to the reception area, a faint smell of soothing lemongrass welcomes each guest, promising a relaxing service ahead. The area is adorned with a teak wood sofa, a Javanese umbrella (I saw this once, used as a prop for a cultural Javanese dance) and the royal colors of gold and purple.


Asian Secrets products are displayed at the counter, which are actually what they use for the spa services.

For my service, I chose the Javanese Vitality Ritual (Php 980 for 110 minutes), which was the Asian Secrets Signature Whitening Massage with Bali Detox Green Tea Body Scrub, to flush away toxins from the skin.

I was then taken to my spa room, which is actually just a small space divided from the others by drapery. I love how the room is very simple, which just the right amount of decoration to help keep the mood. 

Laid out on the massage bed is a deep purple satin robe, a clean white towel, disposable shower cap and underwear. Instead of asking clients to change into shorts like in other spas, Asian Secrets provides a pair of disposable panties for hygiene purposes, which I didn’t mind. 

For your personal belongings, they have a locker under the bed, complete with a set of keys. They encourage every client to put everything inside so as not to lose anything.

Specially trained with the Lulur dry scrubbing method, the therapist effectively scrubs the whole body, particularly targeting areas prone to darkening such as the armpits, elbows, knees, and bikini area. The therapist told me that the ritual was developed to give then skin an even toned and whiter glow.

My therapist was actually very thorough, I could really feel that every single dead cell was scrubbed from my skin. She really did not leave any part unscrubbed. Her technique was actually a little soothing too, she applied sufficient pressure without scrubbing too hard. I also loved that the green tea scrub smelled so great, a mild fragrance which had floral tones from jasmine flowers.

The scrub is then followed by a warm bath while using the Asian Secrets Bengkoang Soap. Their shower room is actually very clean, and the photo above doesn’t do it justice. I was a little surprised to look at myself in the mirror and see that there was a redness in the sensitive parts like the chest. My therapist really scrubbed me too clean.

The ritual is completed by the spa’s Signature Whitening Massage, for 60 mins. I was turned into mush when my therapist went on with the massage. She used a mildly scented green tea detox massage lotion with a unique massage sequence inspired by traditional strokes from Indonesia to relax tired muscles, while moisturizing the skin.

After the treatment, the therapist offered tea. The tea had only a hint of bitterness, while the herbs and spices in it were really soothing. They say the tea is to help promote beauty and health from the inside, while the ritual takes care of the outside of the body.

Overall, I had a great time, and would definitely come back. I’d probably try the Lulur Brightening Facials next, or body wrap services. Their facial services range from express brightening and cleansing facials, facials with comedone extraction, and facials infused with a stress melting lymphatic massage. The body wraps on the other hand, is recommended to be done after a body scrub, as to maximize the absorption of the infused brightening ingredients.

What do you think about my experience?

Asian Secrets Whitening Spa
located at:
5th Floor the Block, SM City North Edsa

For updates, like them on Facebook

photos taken from Beauty by Tellie, the Asian Secrets Facebook Page, and some from me.