Month: July 2015


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being
unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To
me, that is the true essence of beauty.” – Steve Maraboli (Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience)


I love photos where my hair’s flying around, where some strands fall in front of my face. It looks like a mess sometimes, but candid photos like those show the true nature of a person.


I haven’t taken ootd photos in a long time, mostly because I’m busier these days, and I can’t find a common shooting schedule with Ben, my official ootd photographer.


I feel like I’ve lost my creative sense when it comes to posing for the camera, almost always reverting to the usual hand on the hip, or the signature look back. This is why I love candid photos, it captures those instances when I’m unguarded, vulnerable, my most natural state. That makes a photo very authentic, and conveys true emotion.


I really do have to get back out there and take more ootd photos before this blog turns into a purely beauty and lifestyle blog. I have got to inject some fashion and personal style back again!!! 


Another thing that’s been bugging me that’s somehow related is, I got an offer to audition as a commercial ad model. I have slight stage fright, and I am overly conscious of video cameras, so up until now I still don’t know what to do about the offer.


Back when I was a kid, I vaguely remember going to casting calls, I went through some VTRs, but never got called back, so I guess that’s where my fear is coming from. Sure, I always think we should try, but this one is a rather difficult thing for me to do. Anyhoo, I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough.


How have you been lately?

Knit Top: Gelivanelli Couture (IG @gelivanelli)

Skinny Jeans: Uniqlo

Bag: Parfois

Pumps: SM Parisian

photos by Benedict Bigalbal

Dare to Denim with SM Woman

The standards for the perfect body type are already being challenged by
modern women. Leading this charge, SM Woman champions a body-positive
cause by providing the most diverse range of the ultimate fashion

Inviting women to “Dare to Denim,“ the new SM Woman campaign empowers women to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in their skin, no matter what age, color, size or shape they come in. Whether you’ve got killer curves, boast of skin that is perpetually sun-kissed, have legs that go on forever, or beautiful lines on your face that show that wisdom comes with age, SM Woman’s "the denim difference” has something in store for you. ​

After all, unlike other forms of clothing, denim is for all, and there is one for every woman.

Eleven stellar ambassadors have been gathered together to reflect the
powerful statement behind this campaign: that denim knows no labels, and
that denim defies age, size and skin color. Multi-hyphenate wives,
moms, professionals, models, and athletes, each with distinct needs and
lifestyles are united by a versatile piece of blue fabric.

The message is really powerful, more than feminist, it truly unites women of different backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. Encouraging every woman to rock what they have, in denim: a quintessential piece in anyone’s closet.

Statuesque former runway model Patty Betita walks alongside petite
ice skating champion Emee Dy, proving that denim embraces all sizes.
Mother and daughter tandem Desiree and Aya Abesamis come hand in hand
proving that denim defies age. Plus size model Kimi Lu and morena beauty
Jach Manere team up to prove that denim breaks barriers. Denim truly
unites all and accepts all.

Now let’s take a look at how each of the ambassadors embodied #DaretoDenim:

Teen ice-skating champion Emee Dy elongates her petite frame by wearing a denim pencil skirt with a sleeveless collared top. Match this with a pair of white sneakers to look youthful and fun.

I love how this one is very age appropriate and yet doesn’t look too teeny bopper. There’s a playfulness as well as a little edginess to the look, which is perfect for Emee.

Because beauty defies age, take your cue from Patty Betita and create a timeless look by wearing a button down dark denim polo over a white tank top and a faded pair of distressed jeans.

I’ve actually worn this look a lot, because it still looks put together, when each piece is very basic and comfortable on its own. Also, each one is easily found in your closet, and very easy to mix and match with everything else in your wardrobe.

Annette Coronel looks flawless pulling off the denim-on-denim look by matching an elegant boat neck blouse with a cuffed pair of jeans. She accessorizes sparingly but colorfully with an eye catching necklace.

This has got to be the most polished look I’ve seen done with the denim on denim trend. I can easily see her wearing this to a smart casual event with a switch to white skinny jeans and a pair of pearl earrings.

Blessed with a full figure, Kimi Lu accentuated her assets with a denim on denim trend that doesn’t make her look chunky. Wearing your denim polos over your denim jeans is great to achieve a casual but polished look. 

The nice play on the different dark tones and the fading on her top added different dimensions to her look, keeping it interesting.

For a multi-hyphenate woman, Angel Agustian-Co has to be ready for anything the day may bring. A denim pantsuit is the perfect go-to outfit for a meeting, a trip to the grocery, or even a brunch date with friends…if the schedule permits. 

She just looks positively radiant, don’t you agree? I just love how the jumpsuit looks on her! It’s very flatterig to her tall slim figure.

Melanie Le Trojes is not your average model, but a real woman with real curves. Try contrasting washes of denim to bring attention to the right places, without sacrificing a high-fashion appeal.

Jach Manere’s sun-kissed morena skin looks golden wearing her vintage inspired denim outfit. To look like a sweetheart from the 50s, match a cropped top with a pair of denim pedal pushers. People will wonder if you stepped out of a pin-up poster.

Aya Abesamis keeps it real by wearing an updated version of the 90s jumper.  Wear it for a casual day or a fun weekend. Who says overalls are over?

She’s super working it! Her white top and jumper combo makes her look like a model off duty, with an effortless sense of style. A jumper can look dated, but she pulls it off and makes it her own.

Mothers and daughters can both wear denim and still be age appropriate.   Desiree Abesamis keeps it classy by wearing a chambray dress with a Chinese collar. The hem ends right above the knees to highlight her slender legs.

This mother daughter tandem’s got great genes *pun intended*! That chambray dress can easily go from Sunday church, to brunch, and to social gatherings and still look appropriate.

Former beauty queen Joyce Titular shows us that it is possible to look like you mean business, no matter what your age is. For a feminine look with a rugged twist, wear a faded denim vest buttoned up as a blouse or open over a sleeveless tank top. Match it with a pair of dark washed jeans.

Kat Smorodina’s slim figure looks fab in a denim cropped top and distressed skinny jeans. Denim is her go-to for dressing down when she’s not modeling on the runways—a staple for those who want to look casual but cool.

As you’ve seen so far, denim can be worn in a LOT of ways. I can already picture myself rocking more than half of the looks here, and who knows, when I’m experimental enough, I’ll try them all!

The Denim Manifesto:

The denim difference is, there’s one for every woman.
Denim fits all
Denim suits all
Denim accepts all
Because denim defies age
Denim embraces all sizes
Denim knows no labels
Whoever you are
Wherever you’re from
Whatever you do

An incredible testament to denim:
its unique ability to make any woman of any age, color, shape, size, and
walk of life look and feel both comfortable and powerful. With its
widest range of brands, styles, sizes, and trends, SM Woman has it all
for denim.

To follow the conversation, use the hahtag #DaretoDenim #SMWoman, or follow smwoman on Instagram

What do you think about this campaign?

Bank on Basics with Giordano’s Classic Pieces

building your wardrobe, every single article you’ll see online will
always recommend stocking up on basics before anything else. Even a
color and print loving person like me followed this same tip, simply
because basics are really easier to pull off than louder options.

in college, especially during freshman year, I would always fuss about
what to wear. Gone were the days when I had to wear uniforms, and you
don’t want to be a serial outfit repeater, so I would always plan my
outfits ahead of time. After a while though, it became tiring, and very
costly for a student’s budget. Because of that, I decided to make some
changes. I went through all my clothes and realized that I could just
mix and match basics, and no one would know I’ve been wearing the same

In came cute pique polo shirts, comfy vneck tees, and
pants with flattering cuts. Not surprisingly, a lot of those pieces were
actually from well-loved brand, Giordano. Their vnecks became my
uniform, especially since they were so soft and comfy, perfect for days
when I had to go to PE right after a Literature class. Add a blazer,
some accessories, or pretty footwear, and the look instantly changes,
depending on my mood, or occasion.


timeless basics, whether it’s a crisp white polo or a pair of
well-fitted khakis, are a great foundation to any wardrobe. But more
often than not, high quality basics come with a hefty price tag. This is
why I love Giordano so much, they always have a promo going on for
their stylish but durable pieces. Would you believe that I’ve had one
yellow polo from them for about 5 years now, and still in pristine

has always been in the business of creating high quality basics and we
know that basics will never go out of style. So for a limited time only,
you can buy these essential pieces at discounted prices in all Giordano
stores nationwide,” Rochelle Tan said, Giordano Philippines’ VP for

The Bank on Basics campaign include a curated
selection of shorts, pants, shirts and tees that will surely add that
much-needed splash of color to the coming gloomy months. Extend summer,
or at least the feeling of freedom and fun summer brings, by pairing a
classic plaid or casual shirt with colorful Giordano shorts. Folded
khakis in different colors are also available for a more preppy yet
relaxed look.

Linen and oxford fabrics take the center stage in
Giordano’s collection of basic shirts which are perfect casual and
formal gatherings with friends, workmates and family.

“These classic
yet chic fashion pieces can certainly stand the test of time. So don’t
miss these wardrobe essentials and head to the nearest Giordano store
now,” Tan said.

My personal haul during the Bank on Basics campaign included 6 vneck tees (3 for Php 999!), a pair of white linen pants (shown in my ootd), shorts, and one of their signature polos.

Here’s a photo of me inside the fitting room, while caught in a dilemma of purchasing this blue pair of linen pants, or the white ones earlier, and in the end, I picked the white. What’s special about the pants is that you can cuff the bottoms, and has a drawstring waist aside from the zipper! I also really liked this stripe vneck, but they ran out of my size.

Another set I didn’t get is this teal polo, and blush pink shorts, because I realized I already have way too many polos and shorts in my closet.

I really love this vneck linen pants combo because it’s just comfy. It also feels like something our favorite Hollywood celebs would wear while out for a grocery run or while walking the dog.

A great way to add more personality to an otherwise basic look is by pairing it with statement pieces like jewelry or a nice bag. In my case, I piled on these pretty dainty pieces to keep it casual, and the blush pink bag to keep it in the effortless vibe.

Here’s a second look I got with my other Giordano pieces. I’m currently overusing this pair of maroon shorts, because they’re incredibly modest while adding a touch of class because of the cut, tailoring and color.

Add a sling and comfy pair of shoes, and you’re good to go. A simple but classic look like this is great for picnics, meeting your significant other’s family, and a myriad of other activities.

The Bank on Basics campaign is ending at the last day of July, so take advantage of the discounts while they’re still on!!!

Also, if you happen to be posting about the campaign, don’t forget to tag @giordanoph and use the hashtags #GiordanoPH #BankonBasics.

What do you think of my looks?

I Walked Barefoot for Toms’ One Day Without Shoes

“Walk without shoes so children don’t have to.” – This was the message TOMS One Day Without Shoes shouted out onto the street of Bonifacio High Street.

On the fifth year of celebration of One Day Without Shoes in the Philippines,  throngs of friends of TOMS crowded to Track 30th Park in Bonifacio Global City to walk barefoot. Piles of deserted shoes created an interesting montage: everything from flip-flops to office pumps, high-heeled wedges to sneakers and ballet flats, reminding us about how we are the lucky ones—the ones who are positioned to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate.

Upon entrance to Track 30th BGC, everyone was encouraged to remove their footwear right from the start.

Here’s a mandatory photo op of me and my blogger friends Genzel (@genzelhbb), Kim (@kimlmendoza), and Chessika (@kikaydiary) stepping onto the first station.

The first staion basically lets everyone see how it is to walk barefoot on different terrain, and imagine how it is for children in different impoverished communities to walk on those everyday.

Then here’s a photo of me taking my feet photos. Haha

The event venue—usually a track for runners and health enthusiasts—was
transformed into mini fair grounds with the participation of Macho
Nacho, Phatboys Handcrafted Ice Cream Sandwiches, Hattendo Japanese
Cream Buns, Wingstop, and Pink Berry. 

Entertainment was provided by the
drum circle of the Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community, and the poi and hula
hoop dancers and flow arts performers of Planet Zips.

I loved how the whole setup felt like an indie music festival/food fair/craft party. People were sitting down on the grass, playing inside some of the TOMS teepees, picking out some food, trying out TOMS footwear, you can really see everyone doing at least one activity there.

This year’s One Day Without Shoes hosts were multi-hyphenate host-actor-author Victoria Herrera and heritage conservationist social advocate Carlos Celdran. Dressed in his customary kit of barong, shorts, and bowler hat, Celdran commented that this year’s One Day Without Shoes was “an interesting and inspiring way to address the great social divide of the Philippines.” Celdran and Herrera, old friends, joked around, providing entertainment and a sense of humor on a  hot and humid day, but all that playfulness was the spoonful of honey for the important takeaway: how everyone there, by going out of their comfort zone for a few minutes and exposing their soles to the elements, exposed their souls to true love for mankind.

The crowd, composed of friends of TOMS, customers, bloggers, members of
the press, society figures, and even AXN’s Asia’s Got Talent host, Marc
Nelson, followed the hosts of the event in a tour around the upscale
neighborhood of Bonifacio Global City—barefoot!—while cars waited
patiently for the crowds to pass, traffic marshals ensured the safety of
all, and phones snapped tons of barefoot photos in support of the
online campaign.

To support the advocacy, my friends and I walked with barefoot, following Carlos Celdran and the crowd going around Bonifacio High Street. Carlos Celdran was in his usual cheery tourist guide mode, showing us some of the artworks along the way, while encouraging more people to join us in walking barefoot. I even saw some of the employees from a nearby office just got off work, and immediately joined us barefoot.

It was a very humbling experience, walking barefoot, The cemented roads were very hot on our soles, and I stepped on some sharp stones along the way. That’s just in the city, but how about the other hazards for these kids who actually experiencing it on a daily basis?

For this year, instead of asking everyone to purchase before donating a pait to children in need, TOMS changed things up a bit using social media. For every photo taken of your bare feet on Instagram with the hashtag #withoutshoes, a child in need receives a pair of shoes for free, thus this year’s tag line, “TAKE A PIC = GIVE SHOES.” The number of photos was counted towards the number of shoes that TOMS will be giving this 2015 to children in need. This year, thousands of Filipinos posted photos of their bare feet on Instagram—the solidarity was inspiring, especially from a country that is both a giving country and the recipient of shoes from other countries.

All over the world, hundreds of thousands walked barefoot on May 21, and nearly 300,000 people posted their bare feet on Instagram. Entries came in from the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, with photos of feet at home, on tour, watching TV; at the beach, by the riverside, in bed, at the office; playing, working, relaxing, sleeping; at sunrise, at midnight, at sunset, at high noon. The movement attracted the participation of thousands globally, from adults to yuppies to senior citizens to babies to “fur-kids”(the bulk of which celebrate One Day Without Shoes on a daily basis anyway). Thanks to the global participation, exactly 296243 children will receive a new pair of shoes each. To put this number into perspective, TOMS reached 1 million shoes given away in 2010, just four years after the company was launched. With this campaign, TOMS was able to give almost a third of a million in a matter of two short weeks.

The giving does not start nor stop with One Day Without Shoes. TOMS’ four product lines—shoes, eyewear, bags, and coffee—all support marginalized communities. The products were developed after the company identified a need that had to be fulfilled—as opposed to finding a cause to support a product. Sales from TOMS Roasting Co., which is not yet available in the Philippines, support water systems in seven countries. Each shoe purchase from TOMS gives a new pair to a barefoot child. For every eyewear purchase, TOMS helps to restore sight to individuals through sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses, or medical treatment. TOMS Bags, in stylish shapes, colors and sizes, provide training for skilled birth attendants and the vital materials needed to help women give birth safely. All of these initiatives are evidence of TOMS’ sustainable One For One Movement. TOMS stands for Tomorrow’s Shoes, and the company’s philosophy itself is the future of business: for-profit, sustainable, fashionable, and caring.

TOMS is a brand that enriches the lives of everyone it touches—from the fashionable trendsetters that sport the stylish products to the members of the receiving communities that benefit from the One For One model—making the world, truly, a more beautiful place to live.

How everyone looked like, after the tiring but fulfilling walk, all smiles!

Thanks Krissy of ARC PR for letting us take part in this great advocacy!!

P.S. I also included some of my photos with the pretty TOMS teepees in the city. 🙂 I couldn’t resist!!

If One Day Without Shoes happens again next year, I’m sure I’ll participate again. 🙂

Morellato Style Series: Showing us different ways to rock jewelry

When I was a kid, my favorite bonding activities with my mom would be when we would go to jewellers in Ongpin. I would tag along while she brought her diamonds and pour over designs with the jeweller to turn the diamonds (from dated jewelry pieces) into pieces that my sister and I would wear when we came of age. I was always fascinated by the design process, and complicated it really was to create something beautiful out of delicate metals like gold, and adorn those with precious stones.

Up to this day, I still have a fascination with jewelry. Although in recent years, I’ve used the fancy versions instead, so I don’t get a lot of attention in school or on the streets, especially when commuting. Still I love all sorts of jewelry, from those made from precious metal, to those made with stainless steel, and also with the humble brass and nickel made ones.

When Morellato, Italy’s largest watch and jewelry brand, sent an invite for the launch of the Morellato Style Series, a series of activities to be held at various locations throughout the year, I immediately said yes. The Morellato Style Series include a lecture from an expert, styling workshops and discussions to help fashionistas and style seekers to match Morellato jewelry and timepieces with specific styles of clothes.

Perfect for anyone who loves accessorizing, so we can learn a thing or two about the creative ways to adorn ourselves.

For the first of its series held in SM Makati, Morellato presented premier stylist and award-winning lifestyle blogger Jenni Epperson to talk about how to properly and fashionably mix and match Morellato pieces with different sets of outfits. I love how Jenni was vibrant all throughout her talk.

Whichever fashion style you subscribe to, you surely know how your choice of accessories can affect your overall look. A jewelry or timepiece could be the finishing touch to your style statement for any given day.  

Yet this style decision can sometimes be tricky, what with a whole array of jewelries and watches to mix and match with different outfits. But fret not, Jenni shares to us some key trends this year, and how to rock each one.

1. Rose Gold

I personally love rose gold. It’s very flattering on any skin tone, and very perfect for our perpetually warm climate. Rose gold works especially well with morena skin, bringing out the glow of the skin with its warm tones.

2. Lace Cutouts

Very intricate, feminine and elegant, the lace cutout patterns on the latest Morellato collection is just beautiful. These pieces make a subtle statement, but one that lasts. The filigree earrings are perfect for those days when you want to spazz up a plain outfit, and can go from casual to formal with the right hair and makeup.

Another point brought up during this part was a about mixing metals. A lot of people still believe that mixing metals in jewelry is taboo, but Jenni says no. It’s okay to mix silver, gold and rose gold in one look with the right pieces to pull it together. For example, she had a rose gold watch on, a silver drops bracelet, gold and silver bangles, and a necklace with mixed metal elements. The necklace serves as the piece to unify everything because it has different parts coated in gold, silver and rose gold.


3. Pearls

A lot of people don’t like pearls because they can look dated, and associate pearls with grandmothers. I beg to differ, pearls are classic pieces that add just a touch of elegance when needed. A pair of pearl earrings are a great investment because they can be worn with anything.

Especially in the corporate setting, pearls just make a look more polished. I always wear my pearl earrings during meetings because I feel more poised with it.

4. Charms

Everyone loves a personalized piece, and the easiest way to do that witrh jewelry is with charm bracelets. The common practice is to buy a charm for every milestone in life, or atopken for every place you’ve been to, something like that. Others prefer to get all charms in one go, so the bracelet looks pretty, filled with charms of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Then out came three models who represented three different looks: Formal, Corporate, and Casual:

I loved the corporate look the most because the jewelry complemented her outfit very well.

The last part of the Morellato Style Series that day was a contest. The attendees were split into two groups, Team Mica and Team Wilma. I was with Team Mica, where we glammed up the boho indie sultry singer Mica (IG @darealmica). Together with Bianca of Candy Magazine, and my other teammates, we piled on a lot of bracelets and bangles for a fun arm party, then made head piece out of necklaces to suit her look. We also picked some simple rings, and a nice pair of drop earrings to keep with the theme of our look.

For judging, our models walked the runway working the beautiful jewelry. Mica was just great with posing and showing off our work.

Wilma was equally stunning and just funny. She even cracked jokes while strutting the runway

Then tada! Our entry and the team (photo below)!

aaaaaannnndddd, WE WON!! Woohoo! yay for team Bohemian Rockstar!

Morellato jewelry and watches are available in SM The Block, Shangrila Plaza Mall, SM Clark, Ayala Cebu, Landmark, Trinoma, SM Megamall, Veranza Mall, SM MOA, SM Makati, ATC, SM Cubao, Aura, SM Megamall Department Store, SM San Mateo

You can also find them on Facebook and IG (@morellato_phils)

Bright Sight

“Sometimes your light shines so bright that it blinds people from seeing who you really are.”  ―
   Shannon L. Alder

If you guys have read my previous posts, you’ll notice that I’ve been a little distracted. I say it over and over again, but life is always crazy for me. I’m sure it’s also the case for some of you.

How do you cope with all the stress, the expectations, or with any sort of pressure?

Recently, I’ve been doing my best to see a brighter side to everything, and that has changed a lot in my life.

Seeing anything in a brighter light really does make you appreciate it more. I’m not asking you to smile at everything, instead just look at them in a positive light. That change in perspective will give you a better outlook, and a better start to each day.

There will always be bad days, that’s a given, but thinking negatively or sulking won’t do any good. You don’t have to dwell on those days, but you do have to see how these things help you grow as a person.

What I just want to say is, keep moving forward, smile when you can, because better brighter days are always up ahead.

I know this outfit looks off, considering the season, but that’s exactly why I’m posting. I really do prefer sunny cheery outfits thanb the gloomier rain garb.

What do you think about my look?

Crochet Top: Cotton On
Boho necklace: SM Accessories
Denim cutoffs: Lee Cooper
Boots: H&M
Bag: Rags 2 Riches

photos by Benedict Bigalbal

Food Panda turns 1!

Food Panda just turned 1! To celebrate its success for the past 12 months, Food Panda threw a fun-filled party along with WeChat Philippines as they, too, launch the free rewards program, WeReward, at URBN, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City.

As part of the celebration, Food Panda launched the Panda Selfie Challenge, where guests just had to take photos with the adorable pandas around the party, and get to win prizes after.

To make it even more fun, Food Panda is also hosting the contest for every Food Panda customer, where they get a chance to win a Fujifilm Instax 8 weekly!

“This will have food lovers, and of course, foodpanda users, posing with our delivery riders once their food is delivered. We want to create something that will go viral, and with food and social media, we are sure that we will get this out of the contest,” Julien Machal, foodpanda Philippines’ Head of Marketing said.

True to their promise of convenience and customer satisfaction, foodpanda is also announcing an exciting partnership with WeChat, a mobile plus social media campaign perfect for “deal-lovers”.

Known as WeReward, WeChat and foodpanda give back to users by rewarding them for completingsimple daily tasks, such as making a short voice or video call on WeChat.  Users are rewarded by accumulating WeChat points along the way, and using these to redeem awesome giveaways, discounts, and other benefits from partner merchants.  From foodpanda, users get up to P300 worth of discounts via 100-peso food vouchers which can be used with select restaurants in Metro Manila and Cebu. The Php100 voucher has a minimum purchase of Php200, so imagine paying only half of your meal via WeReward.

Apart from foodpanda, WeChat is partnered with where they will give Php100 off (with no minimum purchase on Lazada’s mobile app. For those who wants to have a night out, WeChat has partnered with top clubs in the metro, Raven and URBN in BGC where users will get free entrance and one (1) alcoholic drink upon entrance. For the sports savvy, Runtastic will be giving 50% off on their armbands. WeReward will run until July 30, 2015.

“This is more of a thanksgiving night, to recognize all the hard work
and dedication that everyone has bought in to and for the company.
foodpanda won’t be able to achieve this milestone without the men and
women working day in and day out for the company”, said foodpanda
Philippines CEO and Co-Founder Mauro Cocchieri.

Cocchieri added that foodpanda’s success all boils down to excellent customer service. “This is also for all the hungry pandas who never fail to use foodpanda to satisfy their cravings. Without the customers who regularly use our service, we won’t be here. So big thanks to them”, he mentioned.

“A better foodpanda is coming. Faster than ever, and of course, choices. We are cooking up something for all of you, hungry pandas, so stay tuned”, Cocchieri finished.

I had fun at the party, there was a lot of food from participating Food Panda sponsors, a short program where there were different dance crewsgoing crazy on the stage!

Meet my friends Krisan and Paolo, my Food Panda buddies of the night! We just had to take these cute pillows home!

Happy weekend everyone!

photos by Benedict Bigalbal


“Sun and rain, so different. yet, only by working together do they create harmony and life.”- Fa Zhou (Mulan II)

I’m back!!

These past few months, life has been throwing curve balls at me, resulting into a lot of fumbling, jumbling, a few mistakes here and there, some amazing achievements, and most of all, a lot of reevaluation in terms of my life choices.

Recently, I made a shift in my career, initially, it was unexpected, but
I think it was the world’s way of steering me into the right direction.
After all, it was where I really wanted to be, but the opportunities
weren’t available before.

I guess life’s just always like that, constantly challenging everyone, testing our resolve. Still, I don’t mind the difficulties as long as I have my support system, and the drive to push through, come what may.

It’s the only way to maintain harmony, take a few hits, then bounce back stronger. Life will only make you a better person as you go along, and you get to learn something new in every situation you’re put in.

If it wasn’t for the difficult things, we wouldn’t know how precious or how beautiful something really is. So, I’m still thankful, even with everything that’s happened.

How about you, what has life dealt on you lately?

Boxy top: SM Woman (IG @smwoman)
Colorful skirt: SM GTW (IG @gtwbysm)
Pastel Blue Sling Bag: Asos
Charm bracelets: Morellato (IG @morellato_phils)
Heels: LZD by Lazada
Necklace: Charmed Life (IG @charmedlife2013)

photos by Benedict Bigalbal

P.S. I took these photos at Bloggers United, and I missed Michael (my long time blogger friend) so much, I just had to shoot with him!

Makati Inspires with Underpass Murals

As a citizen of Makati 5 days a week, sometimes the stress or the central business district just gets to me. Seeing all the rigid architecture, and intimidating skyscrapers and overwhelming amount of pedestrians during rush hour also add to that.

The little luxury I enjoy while walking around Makati (commuting inside the city is such a hassle!), is the murals at the different underpasses and walkways. I actually love the ones at the Dela Rosa carparks, because they’re particularly lively colorful murals.

Just recently, MaCEA (Makati Commercial Estate Association) together with Ayala Land, Inc. collaborated with four corporate sponsors in creating four new murals in the vision of of making the country’s
central business district more pedestrian friendly.

wanted to promote the city’s walkability by enhancing the pedestrian
experience of Makati,” explains Mr. Dave Balangue, president of MaCEA.

underpass murals will make walking more pleasurable for the 300,000
pedestrians who pass them daily. Moreover, beyond aesthetics, efforts
such as this create an opportunity to let people be aware that creating
pedestrian-friendly walkways makes a great livable city. Quite simply,
people will become more inspired and uplifted as they traverse to work
or to the diverse establishments in Makati.

said, the addition of four new murals in Makati hopes to give
city-dwellers more reason to jump on their feet, become inspired, and
explore the beautiful city. Sponsored by companies who share the same
thrust as MACEA, brands such as Nestle (at the Sedeno underpass), with
its colorful take on city life, RCBC (at the Rufino underpass), as it
depicts community building through art, Security Bank (at the Paseo de
Roxas underpass), which highlights an inspirational vision for the
youth, and Shell, (at the Salcedo underpass) creating a modern
interpretation of its corporate mission, all define a new, more colorful
experience and statement for Makati.

only needs to take a walk across the city to see what a big difference
these murals make in terms of experience,” ends Mr. Balangue.

In case you guys don’t get to see the murals, here are some photos, and a brief description under each:

Nestle Kitkat : Everyone Deserves a Break for Sedeno Underpass

The Nestle Kitkat mural happens to be my favorite because I love how easy it is to understand and how the pattern is sort of soothing. As you can see from the first photo in this post, and the pattern below, Nestle Philippines came up with breakers resting on shapes of different colors.

The colorful bars serve as the individual spaces/”island” each breaker is in. Flipping the breakers around in different orientations is intentional, so people can appreciate the visual from any perspective. This way, you can see the whole picture, even when you’re at one side. I love how it really encourages you to take a break from the busy workload.

Security Bank Dream Launcher for Paseo de Roxas Underpass

Following the dedication of Security Bank Foundation, Inc. to provide a bright future for people through SUSTAINABILITY and SCHOLARSHIP, the mural will showcase the company as a “rocket-launcher” for the students to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.

In the mural, we’ll see the Security Bank Tower launching a rocker, with young students bouncing off towards the stars, reaching their dreams as symbolized with specific items such as books, stethoscope, computer, microscope, balance scale, apple, gold coins. It’s a very inspiring mural to look at, maybe even one that could push breadwinners to do even more, for the future of their children.

RCBC Moving Lives Forward for V.A Rufino Underpass

RCBC through its “Moving Lives Forward” Mural Design Campaign, displays its objective of BRIDGING community gaps and BUILDING blocks of development leading to national economic growth.

With its various financial products and services, corporate social responsibility programs, and social empowerment projects, the Bank continues to take its service to a new level and breaks higher financial grounds with the goal of UPLIFTING its customers and stakeholders in the community.

I like how they incorporated some new projects like the online banking and mobile atm (cute van with portable atm!!) are featured in the mural, as well as the long queues of people waiting on public transportation like buses and jeeps. A common sight at the streets of Buendia and Ayala during rush hour.

Shell: Uplifting lives in Makati for Salcedo Underpass

The Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) represent various companies operating in oil and gas exploration, extraction of natural gas, production, refining, distribution and sales of smarter products for clean and efficient fuel transport and customer service.

For 100 years, Shell continues to help the government in nation-building and is committed to delivering smarter products and cleaner energy for better motoring experience for the present and future generations of Filipinos. As a partner of government in nation-building and string supporter of sustainable development, the company evident in their different businesses in Makati such as our headquarters in Valero, Salcedo Village and the 3,500 strong BPO operations through their Shell Business Operations Manila in H.V Dela Costa in Legaspi Village.

What do you think of the new murals?

This project is spearheaded by MaCEA and Ayala Land, Inc. under the Make it Happen. Make it Makati campaign to strengthen Makati’s position as the leading city for business, lifestyle, entertainment and culture.