Month: May 2015

Going Kpop for Clozette

“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.”
– Allen Klein

Just a few weeks ago, I got to dress up like a Kpop Idol, for Clozette’s KParty! 

Clozette is an online fashion and beauty hub, which works like a social networking site. It’s like Lookbook, but better, with articles and features on makeup and skincare, as well as a few lifestyle topics in between. You can find my profile here, do join us as we share the latest in fashion and beauty.

It was a really hot day out on the day of the party, so I made sure I was wearing something comfortable, yet still speaks Kpop.

I ended up with wearing this backless romper from Lazada, then brought along my favorite floral Adidas jacket, in case it gets too chilly inside Kuppa Cafe, where the party was held.

For support, I wore my trusty stick on bra from White Label intimates (they have branches in Landmark outlets now!). Because seriously, you don’t want undergarments to ruin a great outfit.

My look was inspired from Kpop stars 2NE1 and Girls Generation (I Got A Boy era) looks. I stuck to neon, because I found bright shocking colors to be a mainstay in Kpop wardrobes.

Then, tada! I’m a proud Clozette ambassador! Do follow me there, comment your profile here, and let’s connect!

Romper: Lazada

Jacket: Adidas

Stick on Bra: White Label Intimates

Shoes: Primadonna

Photos by Benedict Bigalbal

What do you think of my Kpop look?

Lee Denim DIY: Denim Refreshment

This weekend, from May 29-31, 2015, Lee Jeans Philippines is holding a 3-Day DIY Rip and Repair Workshop at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium. Entitled “Denim Refreshment“, Lee highlights a new way to dress up your jeans with the workshop breathing contemporary to the classic. DIY is always a great way to update your classic pieces, and there’s no better brand than Lee, with great denim heritage, to show us how.


Jade Fusion, launched at the same event, is the first of many innovations Lee has lined up this 2015. Just in time for summer, Jade Fusion is a temperature-reducing wear which improves breathability and controls moisture to keep the wearer cooler, true to the Denim Refreshment theme. Also introduced at the event was Dry Fast, lightweight, soft, and breathable performance cotton denim, to keep humidity at bay.


I had no idea Lee had so many things in store for us consumers! I always thought Lee stuck to the classic, glad to know they innovate to keep up with the times too! I’m not surprised if Lee gets an even bigger following after getting these innovations out in the market.

Now for the workshop:

First, everyone had to pick a great fitting pair of Lee jeans. Male participants feasted over Zed fit and Powell jeans while the ladies distressed away jeggings in different blue and heritage washes. There were three stations housed in the DIY event: Ripping, Paint & Monogramming, and Repair and Alteration. Each person is guided by a personal stylist and gave helpful tips and suggestions depending on your style. The artisans at each station are also really great at doing demos, showing samples, and giving previews on how their pants would look like. Purchasers got to take home a Denim Refreshment tote, and as a bonus, Jamba Juice also gave away free upsize coupons.

Here’s my Lee Jeans DIY journey:

Station 1: Ripping, where distressing, grinding and slashing are done.

I wouldn’t dare do any of these to a brand new pair of jeans. Thankfully, the artisans were so skilled at distressing that I wasn’t worried about ruining my pair.

These tools were all over the station, chalks for marking the areas to be slashed and distressed, measuring tapes for accuracy, and the different attachments for the power tools.

Station 2: Paint & Monogramming, where you can add signatures or personalize your pair further.

I didn’t have my pair painted, because that wasn’t really my style, but these finished ones look great!

One of the purchasers actually handprinted his pair!

And tada! It kinda looked like hands feeling up the butt. haha

For the monogram, you can have any word printed on these leather tags, with a maximum of five letters. I couldn’t have my full name stamped, so I just had the artisan put PHYA, in gold. 🙂

I also picked the smaller tag, because the big one was too loud for me.

Station 3: Repair and Alteration, for sewing and patchwork.

I had a lot of fun DIY-ing my pair, mostly because I didn’t have to worry about ruining my pair. The artisans were so easy to work with and instruct, while my stylist was helpful in giving ideas.

Here I am with my stylist, Colin, who guided me every step of the way! Watch out for my DIY pair in my future ootds!!

At the event, there were also a bunch of models walking around clad in Lee from head to toe. Below is a few photos taken from their latest lookbook. I’m loving those lightwash jeggings!

Again the Lee Denim DIY Rip and Repair workshop is at SM Mall of Asia Atrium this weekend, May 29-31, 2015.

To join and/or follow the conversation, use the hashtags #LeeDenimDIY, #DenimRefreshment, and #LeeJadeFusion.

I’m definitely looking forward to what else Lee has in store for us this 2015, how about you?

100 Happy Acts with Happy Socks

“Welcome to Happiness!”

This was what greeted all the guests upon arrival at the launch of Happy Socks’ “100 Happy Acts”, just a few weeks ago. I had way too much fun at the event, and surrounded by my favorite thing, COLOR! I loved the whole setup, balloons, a faux lawn, cozy seating arrangements, even portable Motorino vinyl players! 

There were three very simple steps to happiness that day. First, register – because one way of spreading happiness would be staying connected. Second, choosing your pair of Happy Socks – because happiness is a choice (literally, in this case). And third, putting on your pair of Happy Socks – because everyone had to follow the day’s golden rule: “Shoes off, Happy Socks on!”

I’m already giddy with all the pretty colors and patterns around me!

The bloggers I hung around with had too many photos to take. We tried all possible poses there! Contemplating which filter to suit each photo was the next dilemma after composition. Who could blame us, everything was just Instagrammable!

Present during the launch was Happy Socks International Representative in Asia, Jonathan Larsson, who came all the way from the Swedish Head Quarters. He shared the humble beginnings of Happy Socks and how the brand grew to reach over 70 countries in a span of just five years. He also took the opportunity to mention how he personally brings happiness to people around.

Towards the end of the program, Justin asked everyone to help spread happiness by getting a box each from the Happiness Wall, filled with 100 boxes of Happy Socks. Each box contained 3 items from Happy Socks (either a pair of socks of different sizes, or underwear). One item they could keep for themselves,and the other two they must give to a loved one along with doing a random act of kindness for them. Idea starters on how to spread happiness were written on the flaps of each box. Here he is with DJ Sam YG in front of the Happiness Wall.

Bloggers present: Sef, Vina, Ana, AJ, Nikita, Yuki, and Nicole! had fun with everyone!

Now with Ava in the photo!

Happy Socks creates two collections every year. The Spring/Summer collection is available on the first day of February, while the Fall/Winter collection is made available on August 1st. Soon, Happy Socks athletic socks and underwear will be available in the Philippines come the second half of the year in selected retailers.

Happy Socks in the Philippines could be found in the following retailers nationwide:

·       Coalition in Eastwood Mall
·       Common Thread in Greenbelt 5 and Power Plant Mall
·       Felipe & Sons in Salcedo Village, Makati
·       Rustan’s, Makati
·       Satchmi in SM Megamall
·       Signet in Windsor Tower, Legaspi Village
·       Sole Slam Manila in Katipunan Ave
·       The Flastshop in Eastwood, Glorietta and Greenhills
·       The Union Station Barber Shop in The Link, Ayala Center
·       Urban Atheltics in Greenbelt 3
·       Bao Bao Babies in Oakridge Business Park, Cebu City
·       Urban Superior Cebu in Banilad Town Centre
·       Chimes Specialty Store in Davao City.

To join in the conversation and keep updated with Happy Socks, follow:

o   Facebook:

o   Twitter: @HappySocksPH

o   Instagram: @HappySocksPH

o   #HappySocksPH

What’s your idea of a a happy act?

Review: Cast’ee Whitening Body Scrub Mousse

I’m always on the lookout for good whitening products in the market, because I tan easily. I lather on suncreen everyday, especially during outdoor activities, but that never seems to be enough, and I still find my skin getting darker. Truth is, I don’t use whitening products a lot, I find most of them to be irritating to the skin, and did more harm than good. There was this one time that I had more dark spots because of a whitening soap. Most whitening products are drying too, so I do try to avoid that. Usually I stick to one or two whitening products, a scrub and a lotion, because those forms are what I have found to be safest for whitening.


When Shopping99 asked me if I could review a whitening scrub (Cast’ee Whitening Body Scrub Mousse), I was initially apprehensive. However, after going through a few reviews, I was convinced to try it out, and make a review of my own. Shopping 99 is an online shop which started in Taiwan and has recently started gaining popularity in the Philippines. They carry mostly beauty products, as well as some health supplements.

CAST’EE Whitening Body Scrub Mousse Php 859



  • exfoliating mousse/foam with natural extracts
  • Royal Jelly – believed to have anti-aging properties
  • Witch Hazel Extract – astringent, soothing and calming
  • Bearberry Extract (arbutin) – skin lightening
  • Papaya Enzyme (papain) – softens dead skin cells and lightens spots
  • Pineapple Enzymes – softens skin 
  • Chamomile Extract – soothe and repair


  • Royal Jelly may cause allergies
  • do skin patch tests to determine if it suits your skin
  • avoid contact with eyes (aerosol)
  • cannot be used on the face


  • comes with insert that is sufficiently detailed, especially since the writing on the bottle is almost entirely in Chinese
  • pretty pink spray bottle
  • compact and easily stored
  • comes with easy dispense pump top

Directions for Use:

  1. Shake bottle fully before use
  2. Spray appropriate quantity on skin
  3. Spread on skin and continue rubbing until exfoliation starts
  4. Rinse with water

The foam actually expands more after dispensing out of the bottle. I was really amazed that a pea sized amount could expand to a size as big as my thumb!


As with the directions, you just have to keep rubbing, in a gentle circular motion, until there’s exfoliation. As you can see in the photos below, there was some dead skin cells instantly after application.


Now to the results:

Remember that I used the product only on my body, NOT on the face. I was generous with my application each time. I think that’s the reason why one bottle only lasted me until 4 applications. 

Below are the before and after results showing my elbows and knees, which I think show the differences effectively.


The product does have an instant lightening effect, though not super obvious at first. I really loved how my skin felt after though, very soft, smooth, and moisturized, even with just the scrub.


After four applications, I think my elbow lightened a little. More than the change in the shade, I could tell the difference by how my skin always felt after. Like it was renewed after every scrub.


For my knees, I think the result was more obvious. My knees were visibly lighter.


What I liked about it:

  • Easy to use and spread
  • instant visible results
  • made a big difference


  • a little pricey
  • has a hint of that “chemical” smell
  • easily used up

Overall, I think I would repurchase, I might just be less generous with the application so one bottle could last longer.

What do you think about the Cast’ee Whitening Body Scrub Mousse?

To learn more about Shopping 99, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

Lazada launches Big App Sale this May 21-24

Southeast Asia’s leading online shopping and selling destination,
kicks off its Big
App Sale
on 21 May 2015. The sale will last for four days, ending at May 24, 2015. What’s special about the sale this time is that the discounts and offers are only available via the mobile app and not accessible using desktop.

exclusive sale extravaganza brings the best deals to thank Lazada’s
rapidly growing number of app users for their support. Since the
company launched the Android
app in June 2013 followed by the iOS
app in January 2014, mobile app downloads have reached over 11
million to date in the region. The Android app has consistently
ranked among the daily top four shopping apps in Southeast Asia. In
April this year, the iOS app has been featured as a recommended
shopping app about 70 times daily on the regional App Store.

To start with, let me familiarize you with the app:

I’m showing the android version, screen-capped from my Samsung dual sim phone.

The app is easy to navigate, with a short and categorized navigation bar at the side, accessed with tapping on the three bar symbol at the left of the Lazada logo.

Some friends from the media were invited to test out the app, and to do so, we were asked to scan a QR code of a product. I picked the powerbank because my iOS gadgets lose battery so fast. Of course, I couldn’t update you guys with my phones dying on me, so this powerbank is a must.

I added the Yoobao powerbank to my shopping cart by tapping the Buy Now button. Then on Checkout, I was asked to log-in with my account and input my details. I always pick the option Cash on Delivery, because I’m not comfortable with using credit or debit cards online. I used my mom’s credit card once for a purchase and her card was almost charged for paying for some tickets to the US from a Russian account. COD is safer because you get to inspect the package first, then return the item immediately to the courier even before taking out any cash.

What I like about the Lazada delivery system is they frequently update you through SMS or email about the status of the delivery. With that, I can always schedule and ask someone to accept the package for me when I’m not home.

It’s actually my first time to use the app, even when I’ve shopped at the Lazada website for quite a number of times now. I personally think it’s very easy to use, so I might use the app instead of going to the website next time.

Lazada Big App Sale

Lazada Big App sale kicks off on 21 May offering four different
promotions for shoppers to get the maximum value from their purchases
via mobile apps. App users can enjoy crazy deals each day at 9am,
12pm, 6pm and 9pm, flash sales being the trademark of Lazada. For additional value, Lazada app users can enjoy
an extra 10% discount off a selected category every day, and vouchers
giveaways. There
will also be a ‘PhP 99 Store’ with 100 deals priced at only PhP

Philippines is also excited to announce the first-ever
Globe Sunday promo where an exclusive 10% discount voucher
will be available to Globe ​prepaid, postpaid, TM and
Tattoo customers on Sunday, May 24. This additional discount is
valid for purchases made on the Lazada Mobile App and is applicable
on all items. Globe Sunday is the first exclusive promo to
run after the recently signed partnership between the country’s
no.1 mobile brand Globe Telecom and the largest e-commerce player,
Lazada Philippines.

I’m definitely looking forward to the Big App Sale this weekend, I’m already hoping for some items to be part of the Php 99 Store!