Month: April 2015

Labor Day Big Beauty Giveaway!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last had a giveaway, so I’m going big this time and giving away up to Php 10k worth of beauty goodies!


Plus, there are seven (7!) beauty loots to be given away, so more people get a chance to win something! I’ll be using Rafflecopter again, so hit the read more break for the mechanics, and to know what products you get to win!


Set A: Aqua Mineral Professional Nail Care Kit (Worth Php 2500)

I’ve got two sets for this one btw. 🙂

Set B: Clean and Fresh Set

includes Pond’s Facial Wash, Collection UK concealer foundation and eyeshadow trio, Oaks & Cinders Scarlet perfume, Lucido-L Smooth & Sleek Set

Set C: Kawaii Color Set

includes Beautylabo Bubble Hair Color, L’Oreal Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation, Collection UK Lip liner, Cutex Nail Polish, Nichido Eyeshadow Blush Kit

Set D: Pretty Pink Set

includes: Garnier Hair Color, Jazzy Collection Two Way Cake and Liquid foundation, Vitress hair polish and serum, Rucy’s Vanity Lip and Cheek Tint, Mary Kay Blush, pink vanity pouch

Set E: Syoss and Natasha Set

includes Syoss hair color, wax and hair gel, Natasha beauty BB cream, Lip and Cheek stick, Eyebrow liner, Lipgloss, Eyeliner Duo, Mascara and Eye palette, Beauty Book vanity pouch

Set F: Asida Red Set

includes Asida Revivify Red Shampoo and Conditioner, Colour Care Oil

Rafflecopter Widget (please give the widget time to load properly):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: All of these products are brand new, and some were just swatched. I got most of them from attending events, and this is a way to declutter and make you, my readers, happy as well. 🙂


  • This giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only.
  • Deadline of submission of entries is on May 22,2014 12:01AM
  • Winner will be chosen via and will be announced shortly after at the Stylecentric Facebook Page.
  • all entries will be double checked for validity
  • Metro Manila winners are encouraged to meet up with me for the prizes
  • Good luck everyone!

Which set would you love to win?

Experience It All

“Experience life in all possible ways – good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.” – Osho

I’ve been really busy lately, maintaining a balancing act with work, blogging, and personal engagements. I’m not complaining though, I love the variety of activities life is throwing at me. I’ve come to the realization that I want to really go out in the world and do what I can, when I can, and with the best people. 

Sometimes it gets crazy, but I don’t mind, everything life throws at you has a purpose. Whenever I get confronted with something difficult, I don’t really focus on the end goal, instead I tell myself that if I get through it, I can do anything, and that’s what motivates me to finish my task, and set even more goals.

You can’t always win at life, but you can always turn things around. Always take something from every activity and charge it to experience. Life is an endless journey of growth and learning, take advantage of that, and you will never get tired of life.

Sometimes I laugh at myself for coming up with posts like these, because I’d remember an older version of me, who would never have come up with that. The Phya 10 years ago would have just whined, and cried with every problem, but now, I just look at every challenge and see what I can learn from it.

Anyway, if you’re bored with my life lessons, I’ll talk about my outfit now. This was actually taken during my trip to Singapore for Christmas with my family. This was the only ootd I was able to shoot because I have a hard time convincing my siblings to take my ootd shots. haha

I think the photos look decent enough, yeah? Although the outfit was shot last Christmas, I do think the look is rather timely. The palm print just makes it perfect for summer! (It was really hot in SG then, btw)

It’s also wrinkle-resistant so it’s convenient to pack in my luggage, and made with a light material. A bonus is the hidden pockets by the sides, which are soooo useful especially for keeping the MRT card or coins.

Also sharing my most comfortable and fashionable pair of mandals, which are sooo perfect for a day full of walking!

What do you think about my attempt at being a life coach? 🙂

Dress: Fab2Find
Floral Mandals: Ingga Sandals (IG @inggasandals)
Multi-Way Bag: Rags 2 Riches (IG @rags2richesinc)

Introducing: Eau Thermale Avène

When I first heard of

Avène, I had no idea what products they carried. Doing a quick Google search led me to page after page of reviews marveling about the amazing healing and beautifying effects of this dermo-cosmetic brand.

Speaking of dermo-cosmetic, it just says that the French brand Avène is more than just a brand aiming to make our skin look beautiful, it also is committed to using the

Avène Eau Thermale Spring Water to heal different skin diseases or problems.  

Spring Water

spring water is naturally
mineralized spring water which curative virtues allow for therapeutic
use. The water is taken from a spring in the small village of Avène in France. Recognized by the National Academy of Medicine, it possesses different physical and chemical properties which make it gentle for our skin and perfect for human health.

thermal spring water is bacteriologically pure, which means it is not
polluted by bacteria or other microorganisms. The Avène thermal
spring water is packaged in a sterile container right at the source. 

I really like how Avène makes sure that the quality of the water is always consistent by putting nitrogen in the bottle to keep it clean. I also love how the small spray bottle is convenient to use and sealed fully before use. I’m definitely excited to see how it helps my combination skin, since the dry parts are really really dry.

All Eau Thermale Avène products contain the magical healing water as the active ingredient. They have different lines targeting specific skin types and skin corncerns, with products ranging from cleansers to sun protection.

I was surprised with their selection, aside from the usual products for dry, normal and combination skin, they also had products for hypersensitive skin. Avène really does pay attention to the needs of every person. They have makeup removers, cleansers, creams, lotions, moisturizers, toners, with different variants for each product. They really are thorough.

With the clamor to stop aging and or reverse the process, Avène has also developed anti-aging lines, as well as sun care. All these products are gentle, as told by their many many many supporters worldwide.

I’m trying out a few  Avène products, and I’m impressed so far, but I’ll save my reviews for another post. Although Avène products are generally pricey, with prices ranging from 500-2000, I think their products are a worthy investment. They put a high premium on research, and have a couple of clinical trials, one in the Philippines, to prove their claims.

I think dermo-cosmetic is the way to go for skincare, and Avène is definitely at the frontlines.

Eau Thermale Avène is be available on selected Watsons and Mercury Drug outlets. 

Eau Thermale Avène originated from Avène, a small town in the South of France that is famous for its thermal spring with “healing water.” Fast forward to today, given its medical properties that are precisely targeted towards different skin types or complaints, the Avène thermal spring water has been an active ingredient in all of the products of the brand – from cleansers to sunscreens.

Eau Thermale Avène is exclusively bottled by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique.

What’s New? Uncle Cheffy’s Corned Beef Creations

I’ll be honest, out of all the canned stuff you can find in the supermarket, I like corned beef the least. I find the canned variety tough, watery and too artificial. The only time I liked corned beef was when I tried the dish at a posh restaurant in Tagaytay. Even then, that corned beef wasn’t out of the can and locally sourced.

Uncle Cheffy’s, one of the most popular panizza restos in the country, decided to explore corned beef. They take pride in sourcing the beef from Tagaytay, and having they’re own curing procedure which goes for 48 hours.


Uncle Cheffy’s gives an otherwise uninspired dish different interpretations, and once you taste one of their home-made corned beef creations, you’ll wan to stay off those canned corned beef brands.

All of the corned beef dishes are served in single and to share portions, so you can enjoy it in serving sizes fit to your liking.

Here are the different dishes Uncle Cheffy’s came up with:


Corned Beef Panizza

The corned beef chunks worked well with tomato and basil. Corned beef is a regularly salty dish, but I was surprised with the balance of flavors with this once. The tomato easily cancelled out the saltiness while the rich cheese just held it all together.

Mediterranean Corned Beef

This was everyone’s favorite. It was the most balanced dish out of all the corned beef creations, and had a lot of depth to its flavor. It was a happy mix of tangy, sweet and salty, where the olives added more texture to it. The basil also did a lot in bringing more flavor to the whole dish.

Corned Beef Curry

I think the intention of this dish is actually good, but lacked execution. It would have tasted better with more vegetables and less potato. I found it too starchy and the sauce a tad heavy for beef curry.

Corned Beef Pasta

The pasta is prolly the light option from the whole corned beef menu. There was no sauce, it was just like the ingredients were tossed in together. It would have done better with a little parmesan as it was a little on the bland side.

Corned Beef Salpicao

I love salpicao, so I had high expectations of this one. It was actually one of the more disappointing dishes. There was a weird aftertaste, and it could use a little acid.

Corned Beef Sinigang

It’s like the usual Sinigang na Baboy, except it had more spices, and the saltiness of the beef complemented the sour soup. We found the soup a little weird as it was thickened by ground up gabi. Tastewise, I would prefer the soup to be even more sour.

They also instroduced their version of fried chicken, served with homemade banana ketchup with chunks of what I assumed was banana.

I liked how crispy it was, and how the sauce works well with the skin. Aside from that, there was nothing too special about it.

Overall, I liked the whole corned beef makeover, and would definitely come back for the Mediterranean dish and Corned Beef panizza.

Thank you to Aldous of Aldous Ate the World for inviting me!

The corned beef dishes are available in all Uncle Cheffy’s branches starting April 13, 2015.

Uncle Cheffy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hard and Soft

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Sometimes when things don’t go our way, when the worse case scenario happens or when the pain becomes too much to bear, we turn into miserable, angry, generally emotionally unhealthy individuals. That, is understandable. On the other hand, we shouldn’t dwell on those things, and instead learn from them. Never let anything turn you into someone who has too much hate in his/her heart, to stop caring about anyone or anything in this lifetime. 

I admit, I have been to those dark places sometimes. Everybody has some skeletons in their closet, I do too. Whether a heart break, family problem, a betrayal of friendship, I think every one of us has had their fair share of these. I used to just cry, eat, write, or read my feelings out, until I learned that there are a lot of people around who’d care enough to listen, and share the burden.

It helps a lot to know that, that our loved ones will be there, not matter how difficult the situation we’re going through. I get my strength from them, sure, they may not relate to some of our problems, but their intention is there, and that’s good enough to move forward.

It’s funny how an outfit can remind me of such feelings. Here I was thinking that this would be a usual ootd post, when suddenly, the hard and soft details of this looks suddenly reminded me of the harshness of life, as well as the beauty in it.

See, leather is usually regarded as something tough, denim or chambray can also go that same route. Then the lace, my curly hair, and pointy pumps, are the soft details, romantic, and more ethereal.

Anyway, back to my monologue, always find something you can hold on to, to help pull yourself out of that black hole. I rely on hope, on a better tomorrow, to keep myself going. The love I get from those around me, then give me the boost I need, to be stronger, happier, and more positive about life.

Talking helps a lot, I think venting out sort of releases all those pent up feelings. Sharing to another person also gives you a different perspective, and may show you what you’ve missed, or shine a different light on any predicament.

Whichever way you look at it, life will always, always throw curve balls at you. You just need to learn how to tackle each one, and when it becomes too overwhelming on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t forget, a little help goes a long way.

There, there, I should stop before I start going down memory lane and cry while typing. Let’s appreciate how great my makeup is in this set! 

Can we please talk about how pretty my hair looks? If only I could do this everyday!!

Hair and Makeup by HG Studio Makeup
Basic Chambray Lace Top : USOplus
Maroon Leather Skirt: USOplus
White Pointed Pumps: Parisian

How do you conquer life’s crazy situations?

Review: Fluff Beauty Contour Palette

Last year, makeup transformations became so popular, I found myself clicking the hashtag on Instagram, and looking through each amazing look. Of course, the most popular ones being, the celebrity transformations by Paolo Ballesteros. He mainly attributes his makeup skills to his fina arts background, and to the contouring trend that Kim Kardashian made so popular. 

I got curious, and soon after, I found myself trying out contouring. At first, the results were disastrous, I couldn’t blend properly, and the bronzer was just too obvious. After a lot of attempts, I finally found a technique or pattern that suits my face, and is easy to replicate by any beginner.

For this post, I’ll be reviewing Fluff Beauty’s Contour Kit in Snow. As you can see in the photo, the container is actually a bit dusty, because I have been using the palette for quite a while before I did this review.

Contouring 101

Here’s what I usually use:

  • Fluff Beauty Contour Kit in Snow
  • Suesh 12 piece Makeup Brush Set  (Contour brush, Blush/Powder Brush, Bullet brush)
  • Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder in 21 (for setting)

First, study these easy tips for highlight and contour. The first one explains the steps, first where to put bronzer, then highlighter, then blend, and finish with blush. 

It would be better if you can determine your face shape to see which contouring pattern would suit you. In the photo below, pink marks are for bronzer, and the lavender for highlighter.

both the photos above are from Pinterest.

Let’s start with the basics, here I have the Fluff Beauty Contour Kit, it has two powders, on the left, the almost white powder, is the highlighter, then on the right is the bronzer. Most people usually say that you can always go darker with bronzer, but it really depends on your skin tone. Most makeup lines already say which contour palettes are best for fair skinned, dark skinned, yellow skinned, and others.

1. Determine face shape and map out areas to put bronzer and highlighter.

My face shape is round, so first look in the mirror and check out the zones which you will map out based on the pinterest photos earlier.

btw, I already put on moisturizer, BB cream, nude blush and eyebrow mascara, before the contouring.

2. Get a contour brush, tap onto the bronzer, and sculpt away.

It’s okay if you put extra bronzer, you can always reduce the darkness by using loose powder, or with proper blending.

I always do an inward stroke, start from the hairline, into the cheeks.

When putting on makeup, or applying anything, always start on the cheeks because that area is where there’s less oil, then moving on to the T-zone after.

Based on the round face diagram earlier, I have to put bronzer on the sides of my face, near the hairline. I also put some just below the cheek bone for more definition.

If it helps, you can always suck in your cheeks to be more precise with drawing the contour lines.

I always do the nose last because I have a very oily nose. 

With a bullet brush, tap on bronzer, and start to draw nose lines starting from the eyebrow, then to the side of the nose bridge.

Blend using your fingers, so the line isn’t too prominent. You don’t want anyone to point out how your nose looks weird and really drawn on.

3. Still using the contour brush, tap on the highlighter, and tap on the mapped areas.

Don’t forget to tap off excess bronzer on a tissue or cleansing pad before tapping on the highlighter.

Don’t forget to highlight the forehead when necessary.

And the nose to reduce the brown lines.

Check if the contouring on both sides is even.

4. Blend using powder brush.

Using a powder brush, swirl around the areas with contouring to blend the powders.

Check for prominent brown lines, and blend further if necessary.

5. Tap on loose powder to make the look more natural.

I use loose powder after to even out the contouring, so it has a more natural effect. Setting also helps make the contouring effect last.

Then tada!!

What I like about Fluff Beauty Contour Kit:

  • compact, convenient and easy to tote around
  • comes with a big mirror
  • good pigmentation
  • great value for money since you don’t use up a lot of the product every time
  • affordable at Php 350 per kit
  • easy to apply
  • sturdy inside a tumbling bag
  • locally made 


  • a bit big for small bags
  • doesn’t come with applicator
  • doesn’t come with a guide like competitor brands
  • needs primer to last all day

Overall, this is a good kit to keep in your makeup bag, especially for beginners. It’s easy enough to use, with only two powders inside, and it’s very sturdy. I love how cheap it is and how it is locally made. I support anything manufactured locally so this one’s a plus.

What do you think of my contouring tutorial and review?

Note: product was provided by Sumwearco (sumwearco) but I did not get any compensation for this review. All opinion is entirely my own.

Jose Cuervo Dons of Tequila: Who’s in?

Tequila shots, the representative drink for crazy and fun college parties. I admit, it was my drink of choice back then, and having the song “Shots” blasting through the club was also highly encouraging. I preferred the shot, with salt and lime, than the lighter liquors like beer. Looking back, I definitely had a lot of fun memories with friends because of tequila.

When it comes to tequila, the first brand that comes to mind is Jose Cuervo. It’s like the true initiation to partying, downing a shot of the suave Jose Cuervo gold. With 250 years of consistently good tequila, Jose Cuervo has dominated the market.


This year, Jose Cuervo launches Dons
of Tequila
the global search for the next hero of tequila who has what it takes
to continue the legacy of the 250-year-old brand. Jose Cuervo calls on every bartender in the Philippines, to take on the challenge and be the next Don. The
prize of a lifetime awaits: fly to Tequila, Mexico to harvest their
own crop of agave on the Jose Cuervo estate, blend it into a unique
tequila and win the batch, labelled under their own name.


Cuervo’s Dons are the real heroes of tequila – the people, past
and present, who epitomize the expert craft, passion, and bravery
required to make the world’s most popular tequila. Their unwavering
belief in quality and in the spirit of tequila – true bonds, real
friendship, and good times – is what keeps the brand’s 250 years
of heritage fresh and relevant. These are the qualities that the
bartender who will be named the next Don must embody to be worthy of
the title.


The Philippine leg of the Dons of Tequila contest has officially began last March 24, 2015. Aspiring
Dons can join this first-of-its-kind challenge by uploading a photo
of their signature tequila-based cocktail or shot serve at Ten (10) bartenders will be selected from the submissions to compete in
the National Finals in July, where they have to show that they have
the grit, passion, and audacity of a true Don.

Cuervo has, in over 250 years of family and company history,
demonstrated the grit, expertise, and uncompromising passion for
quality required to be and to remain the world’s number one
tequila. Becoming a Don of Tequila is the ultimate accolade awarded
only to those who truly deserve it,” shares Charles Wright, Senior
Commercial Manager – Southeast Asia and India for Jose Cuervo
International. “Bartenders from all over the country will really
need to show the judges that they have the cojones
to be worthy of being called Don.”
local finalists will be guided by Jose Cuervo’s Dons of Tequila
Mentors – veterans in their field and true Instigators – Prive
Luxury Club’s cocktail bartender and Diageo Reserve World Class
2014 winner Jerry
T.G.I. Friday’s Genrev
who recently bagged second runner-up honors at the 23rd
Annual World Bartender Championship, and celebrated personality
Genrev, and Divine will lead a Bartenders Bootcamp, designed to
prepare the ten for the National Finals, where their creativity,
technical knowledge, and personality will be judged by the
Instigators, together with the Jose Cuervo Brand Ambassadors. The
winner will hold the title Don of Tequila in the Philippines, and
will represent the country in the Jose Cuervo Dons of Tequila Global
Finals for a chance to follow the footsteps of some of the world’s
legends of tequila.

Dons of Tequila Global Finals is a showdown of the best-of-the-best
from each country, set against the Jose Cuervo distillery, La Rojeña,
in the town of Tequila, in Mexico.

owned for ten generations, Jose Cuervo is made using over 250 years
of cultivating, harvesting, blending and tasting expertise. Jose
Cuervo Reposado and Silver are distilled with rigorous standards, to
create the taste and character fit for a Don.

more information about the competition and of all things Jose Cuervo,
The website features the stories of the current Dons of Tequila, as
well as a selection of drinks fit for a Don, crafted and demonstrated
by head barmen from La Rojeña. Some of the drinks from the website are posted below. If you’re planning to join, these are great mixes to start with, then just add your personality to it and make it your own. Of course, creating a cocktail entirely from your imagination would be better, and truly a mastepiece.

To join and follow the conversation on social media, use the hashtag #JoseCuervoDOTph and follow them @cuervopilipinas.


I’m definitely looking forward to what the talented bartenders of our country come up with! I’ll always be rooting for Team Philippines in Jose Cuervo’s Dons of Tequila competition!


How do you like your Jose Cuervo tequila? Mixed or straight up? Cheers!

Cuervo is the world’s most popular and oldest tequila brand. It has
been produced in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, in Mexico since 1795
and is exported worldwide. The full portfolio comprises of Jose
Cuervo Reposado, Jose Cuervo Silver, Jose Cuervo Tradicional 100%
Agave Reposado, Jose Cuervo Tradicional 100% Agave Silver, Jose
Cuervo Platino, Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia and Jose Cuervo
Margarita Mix.

Summer Palms

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

I went to an afternoon party in this outfit. We were told to wear something a little formal, so I figured, a dress would be safe choice. However it was really hot that day too, so I wanted to wear something that was more season appropriate.

The print is perfect for summer, while the cut of the dress and neckline kept it more formal. I love how the dress is modest with the length, and yet a bit flirty with the shoulder.

I always find myself in situations like that, wanting to dress properly for the occasion, and having to change outfits because of the unbearable heat. It’s a good thing I invest in a lot of versatile pieces, such as this dress. Wear a blazer, cardigan or a pashmina scarf over it and you easily go to a dinner party. Wear it with gladiators and you’re off to a beach party, the possibilities are endless.

Since the print was already a bit busy, I kept my accessories to a minimum. I stuck to black bags and shoes to match the orange and black print, and added a necklace just so my collarbone isn’t bare.

What do you think of my look? Have you ever found yourself in the same dilemma?

btw, Happy Easter!!

Printed Dress and Cutout Heels: Zara
Necklace: Charmed Life
Bag: Tory Burch
Sunnies: Sunnies Studios

The New Olay Body Wash: Moisture That Lasts

In the scorching heat of the sun, many of us think to retreat in the comforts of our homes and offices, blasting the air conditioners, just so we wouldn’t sweat. What we do not know, is that while we protect our skin from dryness or burns from the sun’s damage, we expose the skin to another threat: air conditioning.


I realized this the hard way, when I started working, my space was one of those areas that the air conditioning wouldn’t miss. I had to always wear a jacket, blazer or a scarf, just to keep myself from having colds or allergies. My skin suffered a lot though. I had normal to combination skin, but staying inside the freezing office made my skin condition worse. I noticed flaking and more lines appearing because of this, and I knew I had to find a solution to that, aside from the daily application of facial moisturizing creams.


Olay, realizing that not a lot of Filipinas know about this effect of air conditioning (57% didn’t realize air conditioning could be the problem), formulated Olay Body Wash Moisture Outlast Collection. This new formula is made up of powerful active moisturizers that penetrate skin layer by layer, pretecting and enhancing the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) to effectively lock in the moisture, while rinsing our skin clean.


Bea Alonzo, one of the most popular faces in Philippines TV, is actually one of the first to try the new body wash collection. “My skin felt so soft and supple, and I love the subtle scent of Olay Body Wash Deep Moisture with Honey”, she gushes. The host at the launch, held at the Robinsons Manila Midtown Atrium, kept on going about how Bea smelled so nice and fresh that day.


At the same event, anyone could actually go to the atrium, bring non P&G soaps, beauty bars and swap it for an Olay Body Wash bottle! Bea tried it herself, and being the famous star that she is, a throng of people followed her to the booth, so I ended up with this paparazzi photo.


The New Olay Body Wash Moisture Outlast Collection includes Deep Moisture with Honey (200/400mL), Clean Moisture with Coconut Milk (200mL), Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extract (200mL), Sensitive with Chamomile (200mL), Refreshing Cucumber and Green Tea (400mL), and Cooling White Strawberry & Mint (400mL). SRP for 200mL is Php 110, and Php 199 for 400mL.

Below is a fact sheet for all the variants, just so you guys get an idea of which one to get:


I’m looking forward to try out strawberry and mint because I’m sure that would smell so good!!

The great thing about the new Olay body wash is that unlike beauty bars and other body wash, Olay’s moisturizers rapidly penetrate skin’s layers rather than just sitting on the surface of the skin. It also effectively moisturizes without leaving a greasy or thick layer, making it great for our warm climate.


Of course I couldn’t pass the opportunity for a photo with Bea, she’s so tall and fit, and very pretty in person!


i tried out the swap booth while at it, and will be posting a review soon!

For the schedules of the next swaps, follow Olay on Facebook ( and @OlayPhilippines on IG and Twitter. You can also join the conversation with the hashtag #MoistureThatLasts


What do you think about the new Olay Body Wash collection? Would you purchase?

The Olay Body Wash Moisture Collection is available in supermarkets and department stores nationwide.

Spray Protect Play with Flawless Skin Protect Mist

Summer is that time of the year when we go out for spontaneous road trips, beach getaways, and other activities to spend time with friends and family. Now while we’re having a really great time, sharing stories, experiencing new things, living in the moment, and basking under the summer sun, have you stopped to think if your skin is protected?

In a tropical country like ours, you can never have too much sun protection. Especially during summer, the sun’s rays do tend to be very stinging in the brightest hours. This stinging heat can be very harmful, which is why I can’t stress enough about the importance of sunscreen.

Most people don’t like the hassle of applying sunscreen lotions, especially those that give a white cast, or are too sticky, those are too bothersome to work with for everyday use. Thankfully, Flawless has developed FlawlessSkin Protect Mist with SPF 70, which feels just like second skin, and very easy to apply. 

More than direct exposure to sunlight, there’s also a threat indoors: ultraviolet light. UV rays tend to pass through a lot of materials, and some of our light synthetic light sources also emit UV rays, which may lead to skin damage starting from dryness.

with a SPF 70 (about 90% skin pr), Flawless Skin Protect Mist can effectively protect our skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Flawless Skin Protect Mist (in an adorable pink canister) features a
360-degree spray system that allows continuous delivery of skin
protection and can be applied in any direction; be it horizontally,
vertically, diagonally or even upside-down.

Very handy, compact and leaves a light, soothing layer on the skin makes the Flawless Skin Protect Mist perfect for people on-the-go. Having said that, the ambassadors for this product are the very active Andrew Wolff, Gaz Holgate, Chris Evingham and Harry
Morris of the Philippine National Rugby Team and “IT” couple, Victor Basa and Divine
Lee, both dynamic individuals whose roles vary from celebrities, hosts, bloggers, social butterflies, gym buffs, athletes, among others.

Skin Protect Mist, the newest addition to our well-loved Flawless
products, gives us a worry-free time under the sun,” says Rubby Sy,
CEO of Flawless. “For those conscious of sun exposure or want to
maintain their fair complexion, re-application for every 2 hours
sustains the protected effect.”

for children and pregnant women, fuss-free, effective, paraben-free
and water-resistant. Flawless Skin Protect Mist is everything you
want and need in a sunscreen.

Skin Protect Mist with SPF 70 (Php450.00) is now available in all
Flawless clinics nationwide.

At the launching of the mist held at 71 Gramercy, guests got to enjoy a Flawless themed dessert buffet, which was sooo instagrammable.

I got to have fun at the photo booth as well. This is actually me in between wacky poses. HAHA That’s Charlene Ajose and Paolo Luna (of flawless) with me btw.

There was this mini golf course and if you land a ball in a hole, you get to win prizes!

We also got to have our nails done! The ladies from Beauty and Butter showed us very nice photos for their summer designs, and I picked a colorful summer ombre.

Mind you, the wind can get very strong so high up at the 71st floor! I had to sit down to keep my skirt from flying!

Then tada! my pretty summer manicure.

I also took the chance to have a photo taken with Flawless ambassador Victor Basa, who’s very friendly and surprisingly chatty and knowledgeable in a lot of topics, including art.

With a lovely view at the top, I just had to stay for the sunset!

and take a photo while at it.

Had so much fun with these girls at the event!

Krisan and Charlene

Say, Celline, and Kim, beauty bloggers I look up to.

Congrats to the Flawless team especially Renee Funtanilla, Marketing Manager (with baby bump) for the successful launch!

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