Month: November 2013

Make Your Wave

While I was organizing my stuff earlier today, I found a few fliers of a hotel in Boracay. Then it hit me, I haven’t posted a single photo of me in the beach on my blog yet! Eep! I haven’t even gotten to posting about my Boracay trip last summer, or my La Union trip. Sad. Anyhoo, to make up for that, I’m posting this set of photos, taken in Surf Capital La Union!

My outfit isn’t exactly beachwear, but I really wanted to wear something that sufficiently covered me up if I wasn’t in the water. I’m afraid of getting sunburned, or face my mom’s wrath when she sees me get tanned, or even get a shade darker. So there.

Now back to my outfit, I wanted something easy breezy, so I wore my favorite shirt of all time, because of how light the fabric is, and paired it with this cute skirt. I added this scarf for added sun protection as well as for a bit of sass. Then I added in this cute pink bag to add to my sunny bright summer vibe.

It was actually difficult taking photos because the sun was shining so bright, and it was so hot on the beach. Unlike in Boracay where there are a lot of trees on the shore to keep the sand cooler, in La Union, the beaches are bare so it tends to get hotter. I couldn’t walk barefoot unless it was sunset or the evening, because I swear, the sand was scorching hot.

I had a lot of fun learning how to surf though, it was hard getting up at first, but when I got the hang of it, it was surreal. There are a lot of resorts offering surfing lessons there, but I suggest you go to Surf Camp for the best coaches.

This Keeping It Together Pink Bikini Bag is a trusty companion for beachtrips. It’s waterproof, so you can keep your bikini in it, while keeping your other stuff dry, when storing in an overnight bag. In my case, I use it to store all my prized possessions, like my camera, wallet, and phones, to keep them safe and dry.

I love this photo, it looks so artsy fartsy. or even tumblr worthy. 🙂

Hype this on!

Sunnies: Peaches On Top

Top: Tigerlily

Skirt: Iglesias PH

Flipflops: Terranova

Bikini Bag: Keeping It Together

Scarf: Warehouse

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Triumph’s Newest Collections: Like Second Skin

As a woman, you know it’s right when it feels like second skin.

A few weeks ago, I attended an intimate cocktail event where a few of us bloggers got to preview Triumph’s newest collections: Body Makeup & Shape Sensation. I got really excited when I learned about this because there’s a lot of hype with shapewear lately. With women constantly feeling the pressure to look good, shapewear is quickly gaining more popularity in hiding bumps and contouring figures.

Personally, I think undergarments are an investment. I always go for comfort, practicality, functionality over style, but with the Body Makeup collection, I think I don’t have to sacrifice one over the other anymore.

Read on to find out more about Triumph’s newest offering.

In the entrance to Fairmont Makati’s Presidential Suite, displays of the collections can be seen at all corners, giving us a sneak peek into the collections.

With over 127 years of mastery in intimate apparel technology and aesthetics, Triumph introduces two new collections specially created for the needs of the modern woman: undergarments that look and fit like your second skin, and lacy shape wear for a more flattering silhouette.

“We’re creating intimate apparel that literally fits and feels like second skin in order for the modern Filipina to be more confident in assuming the many different roles that are important to her as a woman,” shares Denise Kahn, Advertising & Promotions Manager, Triumph International Philippines.

With the launching of Triumph’s latest lines, Body Make-Up and Shape Sensation, both promise to once again reinforce Triumph’s global standing as the world’s best loved “Tailor of Female Confidence.”
Body Make-Up

A sensuously modern and ever so mysterious ‘new kind of nude’ has hit the streets with the arrival of Triumph’s exciting Body Make-Up, the first lingerie of its kind offering similar benefits to your favorite make-up and the enticing visual effect of wearing nothing at all.

This wall is covered with the actual fabric used in every brassiere in the photo. The Body Makeup collection boasts of using this incredibly smooth, soft and lightweight fabric, and foam that fits like the now ubiquitous memory pillow. With this technology, both comfort and perfect fit are assured in every piece.

The Body Make-Up collection comes in a range of on-trend shades –Vanilla to Light Rose, Cappuccino to Chocolate Brown, Soft Blush or New Nude– that blend perfectly with skin tone and deliver extreme high definition invisibility under whatever you wear. The palette is inspired by the latest make-up trends; injecting a fun, feminine and cool flirty element to your lingerie assortment.

The succeeding photos show models in lingerie, and when they are fully clothed, showing how the collection fits like second skin. The concept for the showcase was to let us see how the undergarments fit into a woman’s daily activities, such as socializing, working out, heading out to meetings, among others. 

I got this set for myself, and I must say, the material is truly soft. Definitely putting this in my must buy list for lingerie. I swear it’s worth the investment, I basically want to wear the same set everyday! Except I can’t, because hygiene & sanitation are very high up on my priorities. I know I sound like a sell out already, but I got my mom a set on her birthday (this strapless one on the other model), and she’s happy with it as well.

Moving on, I present to you, Shape Sensation!

Introducing the glamorously fashionable Shape Sensation Autumn 2013 collection– supportive, chic and incredibly elegant, with a unique balance of strength and softness, the eye-catching new collection offers a blend of qualities to empower women as it highlights their natural beauty and contemporary feminine edge.
Incredibly sensual by design, yet offering extreme function and body-shaping benefits, this season’s collection has been crafted from innovative two-way stretch Lycra lace that secretly smoothens and defines body contours whilst also imparting stunning visual appeal. The intelligent fabric containing LYCRA® XTRA FINE fiber provides the wearer with a unique blend of style, comfort, and extreme weightlessness.

Take the model below, the fabric of the dress happens to be matte jersey. Matte Jersey is a tricky fabric to work with because it always follows the shape of the body. Notice that the lace doesn’t mark her dress, or that none of the ridges on her shapewear show on her dress. Great in avoiding a fashion faux pas, right girls?

As it gently caresses the body’s natural curves, the high stretch and recovery material offers an energy-evoking freedom of movement and an uplifting second-skin feel that you’ll just adore.

Now more photos of the event and the people I was with:

Spot me and my icky serious expression, boo.

With my print sisters of the night, Carizza and Shen. See how our printed dresses work well with each other?

with Bianca and Shen

And, a photo with Alyssa! We rarely have photos together when going to events, so I’m definitely keeping this!

About Triumph International
Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with the core brands Triumph, sloggi, Valisère, and HOM. Internationally, Triumph serves 40,000 wholesale customers and sells its products in over 2,000 Triumph stores. With Swiss Beldona and Chilean Coty’s, the company operates two successful multi brand retail concepts. Triumph employs more than 36,000 people and achieved revenues of 2.0 billion Swiss Franks in 2011.

For all those who want to help Super Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda victims, kindly refer to the photos I have compiled above, for verified ways to help.

I also regram/retweet/share every social media post about relief ops that are relevant, so feel free to repost each one.

Let us unite and help our countrymen in rising above this. Bangon Pilipinas.

After Glow – Solaire’s Neon Halloween Party


Notice that the photo above showcases a very candid me, taken by my younger sister, who was being overwhelmed by aggressive photographers. Also notice a blowup version of me on the stage’s screen, talk about major exposure.

I was awarded Best Dressed of the night, so I was very giddy to go in front and talk to the host of After Glow. After Glow is Solaire’s Halloween Party, themed 80’s Neon. When I got the invite, I was actually advised to wear something formal, then just accessorize with neon. I scoured around my room for neon accessories, and realized I didn’t have any. Good thing my mom insisted on buying this neon pink printed dress during our shopping trip to Bangkok last month, so I finally had something to wear. Since it was a dress with a great silhouette, it could pass off as something formal, to keep it more appropriate, I paired it with mint slingback pumps. Sure enough, it was a hit.


After Glow was set in Eclipse, one of the many attractions inside Solaire Resorts & Casino. It was basically a bar or lounge area with a very speakeasy ambiance. The program consisted of different bands playing, mainly belting out 80’s retro dance hits. The main act, Southborder, performed last and sang their OPM hits.


I had a lot of fun, got to meet new friends like the two men in the next photo, Andre and Thomas, who just came from an 18 day vacation in Boracay, and were going back to Norway the next day. Anne, in Rio Mardi Gras costume, actually came from another Halloween party, which explains her colorful dress, with a matching feathery headress (not in photo).



I was never really into Halloween, I only remember dressing up about twice in my childhood, as a fairy and a butterfly for Trick or Treat-ing. It was a good thing Solaire’s party didn’t require any costume, because I really did not have anything prepared for Halloween.


Anyhoo, here’s another photo of me spazzing with my win! Thank you Solaire for my lunch/dinner buffet for 2 prize!


Before I proceed to my outfit shots, let me present to you, my sister! Since she always wants to look as young and possible, and being the teeny bopper that she is, I styled her with the only neon pink top that she had, over a printed bustier dress also with hints of neon pink. The look suits her, yeah?


I actually wore this to the Triumph Shapewear launch, so I already had outfit shots ready before the Solaire party. So yeah, these were not taken in Solaire. This set was photographed by my good friend Alyssa Yu.







hype this on, yes?

Colorful Neon Digiprint Dress: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Box Bag: Wednesday

Mint Slingback Pumps: Mango

Watch: Gucci

Thank you Solaire! I had a great time!