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bebe PH: California Sentiment


bebe opens in Manila with the brand’s pre-fall 2013 collection, California Sentiment. Inspired by the classic ‘70s Americana, bright colors and captivating prints, the collection features a fabulous variety of day, evening and activewear that stays true to the brand’s sophisticated and sexy style with complimentary cuts that flatter every body type. The collection comprises of bodycon dresses and miniskirts, cutout dresses, flowing high-low dresses, moto jackets, embellished denim, sheer blouses and peplum tops with lace details here and there, aztec prints, as well as metal embelishments. Rounding up the collection are beautifully crafted handbags and quilted platform heels perfect for the bebe woman.

Step into the world of bebe Philippines as I take you to a mini tour of their first boutique.


The interiors are minimalist, filled with white display tables and cases, with a few outlines of black, truly a space fit for the classy bebe shopper. The boutique is perfect for showcasing the collection as the bright colors pop from the otherwise boring wall, putting all the attention on the beautiful pieces from bebe.


The bebe brand attracts customers who are intrigued by the playfully sensual and evocative imagery of the bebe lifestyle. The bebe woman is not defined by mere looks – she is defined by her attitude: assertive, sexy and stylish. Confident and cutting edge, this is exactly what a the modern Filipina embodies, coupled with a dash of sophistication and knowledgeable fashion choices.

Every week, bebe adds new stocks to its racks, as well as bring in a new collection every month. This makes the bebe shopper truly satisfied, as she finds new exciting pieces in every visit.


Thank you bebe Philippines for having me! I’m definitely coming back for some serious shopping.


with Carizza Chua, <3


Since the boutique was well lighted, Alyssa insisted to take a photo of me, and true enough, the photo turned out great.


We didn’t stop there though, we just had to take mirror shots!


photos by Alyssa Yu and bebe PH

I now leave you guys with the campaign video for the California Sentiment collection, mind you, I fell in love with the dresses when I watched this.

For more information and updates, visit the bebe Philippines Facebook page at, and follow bebe Philippines on Instagram and twitter at @bebePhilippines

The bebe California Sentiment collection is now available at the bebe boutique:
Ground Floor, Shangri-la Plaza, EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

bebe is exclusively distributed by RSH MARKETING PHILIPPINES, INC. a subsidiary of RSH Limited.

Founded by Manny Mashouf, bebe is known for its bandage dresses, bright prints and colors, flattering dresses and tops. Its signature look of hip, sophisticated, body-conscious fashion is the ultimate expression of style.

The bebe brand’s first store opened in San Francisco in 1976, catering to the needs of the confident, sexy, modern woman. Today, bebe has established itself as one of the world’s top fashion retailers, with over 250 retail stores and more than 100 international-licensee operated stores.

bebe was brought to the Philippines by the RSH Group, who has been the licensee of bebe in Asia and the Middle East, and who has finally answered the demand of the modern Filipina for a brand that is exclusively for women that offers high-quality and trend-right products.

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it’s always better on LINE

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to meet Line characters Cony and Brown at the official press launch at the Peninsula Manila. I also got to learn more about the brand, and how, for its promotion in the Philippines, they asked Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli to be their official endorsers. The press was also the first to be able to see the first of the series of commercials, the pair has done for LINE Philippines.


Exclusively produced for the Filipino market, the commercial series highlight LINE’s core features such as LINE stickers, free call and group chat. I personally found the LINE theme song to be catchy and easy to remember. Even my friend Alyssa, sang the theme song to me during class for quite a lot of times now. (Hey Alyssa, if you’re reading this, just laugh with me okay?)


Also, I adored Jessy when she told all of us present at the event, that she was really thankful to LINE for the opportunity, because she wasn’t really good at singing, but thanks to LINE, she got this wonderful opportunity of showing everyone her admittedly, not so good but trying voice. I guess it is this quality that endears Jessy to the Filipino audience, her way of answering questions in a candid and carefree manner shows us how much of a sweetheart she is. Ever dependable, Matteo even interjects that he’s proud of Jessy with all the progress in singing, and how she really wants to please LINE, and the Filipino audience of course.

In addition to the newly launched nation-wide campaign, LINE is also rolling out multiple Official Accounts of local brands and celebrities to become the ultimate source of entertainment for the Filipino users. After the launch, I actually downloaded LINE on my mobile to see what all the hype was about, and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m definitely addicted to using stickers, I even use them just because I want to, not because the conversation warranted it. hohoho. I got to follow Megaworld Lifestyle Malls official account, where they post their promos and events, they have an exclusive line of stickers just for this account too. Other official accounts include the endorsers Jessy and Matteo, ABRA (the rapper), Ivory Music, MCA Music, as well as a lot of Kpop stars, among others


Jin-woo Lee, LINE General Manager, explained, “We are delighted to have Jessy and Matteo to join our campaign, as their fun and dynamic personality best reflect LINE’s core characteristics. LINE in the Philippines has already been experiencing a significant growth rate of 26 times over the past five months, in terms of the daily download number. We hope this new campaign, as well as more localized selection of brand and celebrity content platform, will bring LINE closer to the Filipino users.”

With high smartphone penetration rate and boundless market potentials, the Philippines have been a key market for LINE’s continuous success in global expansion. LINE will continue to offer more fun and creative features, in addition to carrying out more locally-tailored marketing campaigns and local partnerships to become an integral part of Filipino users’ daily lives.

Follow Jessy Mendiola by adding her Official Account ID: @senorita_jess

Follow Matteo Guidicelli by adding his Official Account ID: @matteroguidicelli

Follow me on LINE too! @phyliciamarie send me some stickers in the chat box, okay?!


Thank you LINE for my adorable Cony stuffed toy! as well as the matching pen and foam stickers!

*Useful Links:
LINE Facebook Page

LINE Homepage

LINE Official YouTube Page

LINE Official Blog

For LINE Partner:

For more information, please contact:
Shyla Reyes
Media Relations Manager
Tel: 09178475264


About LINE
LINE, the world’s hottest mobile messaging platform, offers free text and voice messaging, voice calling and group chat with up to 100 people, integrated with various interactive elements such as Stickers, Home & Timeline and Official Accounts. Since its release in June 2011, the cross-platform mobile messenger has been releasing a series of add-on apps that range from games to an anti-virus app. Today, LINE has become a hot cultural icon with 180 million users in 230 countries. LINE has also held the coveted No. 1 spot in the ‘free apps’ category of app stores in 47 countries.
For more information visit:

About LINE PLUS Corporation
LINE PLUS Corporation, the world’s leading mobile platform innovator, is a joint-venture entity between NHN Corporation and LINE Corporation (former NHN Japan Corporation), newly organized in March 2013. As a global smartphone life platform provider, LINE PLUS services LINE and its family applications to bring together an innovative mobile messaging tool and new communication lifestyle. LINE PLUS Corporation was created to promptly react to the ever-changing mobile messenger market and to strengthen its global business based on the industry expertise of its parent company, which furnishes a wide range of innovative and convenient online services. LINE PLUS Corporation is located in Seoul, Korea.
For more information, please visit

Chasing the Sun


“And the promise of tomorrow hung in the air…”

Do you guys remember when the sleazy neighbor, from the movie Princess Diaries, muttered these words when Queen Clarisse left the refurbished firehouse? Well for some reason, when I looked at the photo above, that’s exactly what I thought of.

Anyway, I wore this out when I went shopping with Alyssa and my sister at the recent leg of the Supersale Bazaar. Since it was a shopping day, I wanted to wear something that was easy to take off and easy to put back on. This loose sweater is perfect in that sense, and since I wasn’t planning on buying any bottoms, I opted to wear this colorful bodycon skirt. I also brought along this roomy bag to tote around all my anticipated purchases for the day. It was a pretty fulfilling shopping day, with the three of us ending up in an ice cream parlor to cap off the night.


This shot is actually one of the test shots, but I really liked my stance here, so I posted it anyway.




I just realized that my bangs are pretty much growing on me. Although I might not get this do again anytime soon, I’m taking Alyssa’s advice and enjoying my fringe when I still can.




My face looks funny, yeah? I think this was post-laughter because Alyssa was making fun of my cute Korean look that day. harhar



Hype this on

Loose Sweater: Forever 21 (same here)

Skirt: Iglesias PH (@iglesiasph on Instagram)

Bag: Longchamp

Rosette Pattern Ballet Flats: Topshop

photos by: Alyssa Yu

Bottomline: Bianca Gonzales for BETA Red Days

Being a health care professional-to-be, I put a high premium on health and wellness, I even make sure that everyone at home is always in tiptop shape. If not, I push them to be. I always nag my parents to drink their meds on time, or to go to their regular checkup, because health is really important. As cliche as it might sound, health is wealth. You just lose so many opportunities when you’re not at your best, and you really don’t want that. 

With the recently passed Sin Tax Law and Reproductive Health Law (now on TRO), the spotlight in health related issues is now on the vices, and women’s health in general. I’m very particular with feminine hygiene, because well, (a) I’m a female (b) my mother’s family side has a lot of history when it comes to diseases of the female reproductive system. When it comes to women’s health, I learn as much as I can, to help the people around me. I also watch out for campaigns that are related since I feel so strongly about it, so it isn’t really a surprise that I was excited when I got invited to Betadine Feminine Wash’s official re-launch.


It used to be that the ideal Filipina was deliberately shy and reserved—she was the type to keep to herself, follow instructions, and speak only when spoken to. But with more and more women seeking better days, that is no longer the case today. The smart, modern Filipina understands that a carefree, worry free life comes from being able to stand up and take care of herself —and that also means giving her health and hygiene the care and attention they deserve.

Feminine hygiene may not be the easiest thing to talk about, but just giving yourself the chance to listen and to be informed about it is your first step towards better days. Even someone as eloquent and outspoken as high-caliber celebrity Bianca Gonzalez understands the reservations you are going through—because she also went through the same thing. “In our culture, Pinays in general are too shy to talk about matters down there,” Bianca says. And she confesses: “I myself was so embarrassed when I first had to see an OB-GYN. But it is something every woman must do.”

Today, the television host, social media star, newspaper columnist, magazine editor, and modern day Pinay icon chooses to speak up on feminine hygiene and urges her fellow Filipinas to move on and seek better days.


The event was in a Bottomline talkshow format, where my friend Janese got to be a part of the panel. The panel, a group of highly opinionated females, was tasked to ask questions to the different interviewees. The “King of Talk” Boy Abunda was the host of the program, and they had a lineup of a total or 3 interviewees, including Bianca.

The first speaker is Dr. Lyla Reyes, she isn’t affiliated with MundiPharma, but only spoke about Women’s Health in general.

These are some of the highlights things from Dr. Lyla and the Q&A:

  • Our reproductive organ is normally abundant in microbial flora, meaning our vagina for example is normally already inhabited by bacteria, but the good kind, and at the right amount.
  • Females are at higher risk for infections during menstruation, because menstruation disturbs the normal microbial balance of the genital area.
  • Recommended age to initiate a visit to a Gynecologist/OBGYN: Teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 15; At age 21, begin annual pap smear regardless of onset of sexual activity.
  • Feminine Hygiene: Wash twice a day (more than that and you would kill the good normal bacteria), washing from front to back is the proper technique of genital care.
  • What is a good feminine wash? Non-irritating, pH appropriate, non-drying, hypoallergenic,and affordable.

The next interviewee is the current executive for Betadine in MundiPharma, basically he talked about how Bianca was a good fit for the brand, being the great role model that she is.

Next up, is Bianca Gonzales:

“We should get the protection we deserve,” Bianca says. “For example, during red days, women cannot use ordinary panty liners—we need to change to sanitary napkins or tampons. It is the same with the daily feminine wash we use—during red days, we have the option to use a better feminine wash.” she says.

The reason for this is that you are more at risk for itchiness, infection, and irritation during red days. So settling for an ordinary feminine wash during your time of the month may not be enough.  “We need extra protection during red days and BETADINE® Feminine Wash can give that,” Bianca says.

What BETADINE® Feminine Wash does that a daily feminine wash cannot do as effectively is eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause irritation during red days. Using BETADINE® Feminine Wash means less risk of infection, relief from itchiness and irritation, and a worry free mindset that comes from knowing your health and hygiene are well taken care of, and that there are better days ahead.

“That is why this campaign means so much to me,” Bianca says. “It empowers women, reassuring them that they are not alone in their worries, and that a product to help them with their worries is readily available.”

Also being celebrated in this event is the unveiling of Betadine Feminine Wash’s new look. This transformation actually underwent a lot of research and though a lot of focus groups. Lavender was actually the color where women respond positively to, so there you go.

Every day is a chance to take care of yourself and to live life to the fullest. For better days, use what is most appropriate for your health and hygiene during red days, use BETADINE® Feminine Wash.

photos by r0ckstarm0mma and MundiPharma

Vero Fine Jewelry: Making a Statement


I grew up walking the streets of Binondo with my mom browsing, then eventually, buying jewelry. After swimming classes at the YMCA, my mom would ask my yaya to watch over my younger brother and sister, while I accompany her to her suki jewelry stores along Nueva, or at the neighboring streets. Mommy would look around, and when she finds something she likes, she’d think of which of us kids would be wearing a piece, or if she wanted the piece to be modified to her liking. I used to even whine when I’m with her, jewelry shopping wasn’t exactly a great pastime for a kid like me. I would pester her, and she would tell me, “Stop whining, all these are for you and your siblings.” I only realized years later, that she was investing on these precious baubles for her kids’ futures. As I grew older, I learned to wear jewelry in school, to various events, and eventually found myself volunteering, whenever my mom was going jewelry hunting. I grew to appreciate the beauty and luxury jewelry stands for, and how each piece speaks a story, or creates one anyway.


A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting VERO’s jewelry designer Gladys Young for a private viewing of her latest collection Under the Sea at the Jun Escario boutique in Greenbelt 5. Being a bit of a fan of jewelry, I was ecstatic when Tedrick first contacted me. I mean it’s certainly an honor to meet the artist herself and get to know more about whatever it is that turns out beautiful collections such as Under the Sea.


Under the Sea is a collection that celebrates the treasures of the seascape. Each stone, gem, metal is carefully set and molded into pieces worthy to be worn by a modern day goddess. Inspired by the different creatures of the sea, you’ll see pieces that look like a tangle of coral branches, a puffer fish that never looked so good, sea anemones that never looked so glam, and oyster shells studded in such luxury that you can’t help but sigh in awe. throughout this post, you’ll see the different pieces in the collection, and later, I’ll reveal which one’s my top pick.


When interviewing artists, designers, creative personalities, I usually ask about the design process first. For some reason, that’s what fascinates me the most: the inspiration, the creation itself, the struggles in between, and the fulfilling moment when you realize the fruit of your labor is being commended by everyone around you. More or less, that’s what you’ll get from the remainder of this article, bits and pieces of what makes VERO the brand that it is today.


“My style is more of a girl who’s a go-getter, a stunning statement piece all the time, they’re quirky but still maintain an elegance, and there’s usually a taste of rock and earth in each piece,” answered Gladys Young when asked about her design aesthetic. 


Like a true artist, she admits to draw inspiration from anything, say if she takes a landscape photo now, it might just turn into a sketch a few hours later, then a delicate piece of jewelry weeks later. She looks at architecture, patterns, furniture from different periods and styles, and turns this inspiration into something so exquisite, you’ll be surprised she got the idea from say, a Persian rug. She appreciates how it can all be elegant and quirky at the same time. A tinge of vintage and eclectic, a splash of modern vibe, a spark of hope, and overdrive, as she puts it. That’s the inspiration.


The funny thing was, when I asked about how she designed the pieces from Under the Sea, she admits that she was never up close and personal with the sea creatures themselves, as she doesn’t really like scuba diving, but looking at the beach and the treasures it hides underneath, she came up with the collection.


When it comes to Vero, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. She explores on designing pieces that are bold and chunky, sometimes dainty and subdued, as well as classics with a contemporary flair. The fascinating world of design and its twisted forms, the love for the interesting and the intricate, from fabric prints to peacock feathers, to anything as ordinary as corrugated sheets amazes her. She leaps from the norms of jewelry design and explores on the exceptional, rare, exotic, to as extreme as what most would deem inconceivable.


Gladys uses a wide array of materials, different kinds of stones, from different types of pearls, to all the different colored gemstones we know, to diamonds, as well as the precious metals. She doesn’t shy away from mixing metals, she layers them even, as long as they end up beautiful. With the complexity of her work, she finds making simple pieces a challenge. With simple pieces, they can border into plain and boring, and she finds ways to turn that simple piece into something a Vero woman would wear. She would play with colors, and placing, and shapes, to make the simple piece, a stunning one.


Most of her signature pieces can be worn in more ways than one. One of her bestsellers is actually a pair of earrings that you can wear in 9 different ways. Imagine, 9 ways to wear something so pretty, and 9 times more fun at that. It is because of this utility that I got quite fond of the piece in the photo above. It’s my favorite from the collection, and you can use it in different ways, no, not 9, but still in many ways, as earrings, or as a pendant, or you can wear the studs without the dangles, oh the possibilities.


Vero has been in existence in 2003. It has been in Manila for 2 years now, and 10 years in Cebu. Vero, meaning genuine in Italian, has placed a premium on the concept of investment pieces – as treasures that can be passed on as heirlooms, or an iconic style that can last even for the stylish generations to come.


Straight from the designer herself, she speaks about luxury, and why it is a worthy investment, “Luxury has to have 3 things. You have to be able to mix style, luxury and value all together. Style where it’s a statement piece, value, where the materials are genuine, and luxury, because it is fine jewelry, you won’t find these just anywhere. These are treasures, and every piece is made out of passion.”


For the VERO virgin, Gladys suggests starting off with not so bold pieces, because not everyone can carry her jewelry. You have to have attitude to wear it. There are people who still want the Vero brand, so she makes them a calmer version of it, so it’s more wearable. The main idea is of being able to play around. It’s playful and classy still. So Gladys always maintain those two, even when she makes simpler versions of my jewelry, using different colors and jewels.


If there’s one thing that I’d learned from Gladys Young, it is that, passion, is what sets it apart. Passion.

(L-R) Tedrick Yau, Gladys Young, Jun Escario

So what does one wear when in the presence of such greatness? well, something simple but classy, I don’t want to outshine Gladys in any way (really now?!). After all, I’m just an interviewer, I’m the one in awe of her achievements.

P.S. Vero x Jun Escario is opening at Marriott Hotel Cebu this August 8, 2013, to all my Cebuano readers, show gladys some love, okay?

To learn more about VERO, you can visit their official website or like them on facebook.

For more information on Vero, contact:

Gladys Young: @gladysyoung_ on twitter and Intagram

as well as Tedrick @thetedylicious on twitter and Instagram

So Everyone’s going crazy over Milk Tea (Moonleaf)


Milk Tea shops have sprouted like mushroom in these recent years. It seems like everywhere we go, there’s a milk tea stand or cafe nearby. Milk tea has truly swept the nation, as evidence by the number of milk tea shops like Serenitea, Happy Lemon, Gong Cha, Chatime, Cha Dao, and whatnot.

Honestly, I’m not complaining, I’ve loved milk tea ever since I spent my summer in 2004 in Xiamen China. In the 50 days that I was there, if it wasn’t coffee I was craving, it was milk tea, costing me only about 20-35 pesos depending on the shop. Back then, it was only the simple pearl milk tea that was being sold, but that was enough to make my 14 year old self happy. As I really do love milk tea, I have taken it upon myself to try what every shop has to offer, sadly, none of them has been able to capture the authentic Nai Cha, some came close, but not what I was looking for.

Nevertheless, these milk tea places have become the alternative to coffee shops, with tea offering more health benefits than your typical Starbucks blend. Recently, I was invited to Moonleaf Makati’s anniversary party entitled Moonleaf Beats. Moonleaf is one of the successful milk tea chains and is also one chain that offers good ambiance, whichever store you visit.


At the party, Moonleaf treated its regulars and tea enthusiasts to discounted drinks, free add ons (tapioca, nata, pudding), planners, and other raffle prizes, in celebration of the anniversary of the Makati branch. the event also served as the relaunch of its sole branch in Makati, located at the Columns, Tower 1, Ayala Avenue.


Those were our picks for the night, I brought my sister Mia along because she loves milk tea, and food, especially sweet ones. We were served with macarons, which are really really good by the way, especially the dulce de leche flavor, I died. The Nutella rocks were good too, crunchy, and just the right sweetness, with the awesomeness of Nutella shining through.



It was a night of good tea, and great music, as guests were serenaded by local artists Ebe dancel, Ai dela Cruz, and Anyo. I was actually able to win in the raffle, I took home three 100 peso GCs, yay for me, even though I really wanted the lasagna that was being given away, anyway, thank you for my GCs, Moonleaf!


We had a lot of fun at the photobooth too, since my new do is very very Korean, Alyssa really pushed us to do a lot of Asian poses, even Gwiyomi, which she detests. haha.

A little history about Moonleaf, it started out as a quaint shop along Magiting Street, UP Teacher’s Village in Diliman, QC in 2010. The branch drew in crowds of young and hip students and professionals with its homey interiors and variety in flavors. Moonleaf prides itself in providing drinks and mixes from freshly brewed top quality tea leaves imported from Taiwan, and prepared in authentic Taiwan tradition. Today Moonleaf has over 30 branches nationwide

to learn more about Moonleaf, you can follow them on twitter: @moonleafteashop or visit their website at

Now onto my outfit:


It was a fairly casual event, so I decided to go with a simple plaid dress. Alyssa argued that we weren’t going to walk much, so she insisted on me wearing heels, so I did. I am totally in love with this mint pair from Mango, it just looks so pretty!





Plaid Shirt Dress: Cache Cache

Belt: Greenhills

Mint Slingback Pumps: Mango

Sunnies: Charlie

photos by Alyssa Yu

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