Month: July 2012

Hearts and Just Plain Fun

A few weeks ago, I went out with my college friends Alyssa, Fran, Michelle, Angelica, Marky, and Adson. Ryan, Alyssa’s boyfriend dropped by during lunch at Bulgogi Brothers and watched The Amazing Spiderman movie with us at Greenbelt 3. As we were too full with popcorn during the movie, we decided to skip dinner and head to Spicy Fingers for happy hour! (So that’s about the summary of that awesome day :))

I suggested Bulgogi Brothers (GB5 branch) for lunch, because a) I haven’t tried eating there yet, b) I remember seeing this poster about a rather affordable Lunch Set menu. I know, 895 for two people isn’t exactly affordable for the lay person, but, when you finally get to sink your teeth into their dishes, you’ll agree with me, that the money was worth it. We ordered one each of the three sets, each set included 2 entrees, banchan (appetizers), japchae, rice, and tea. I love Korean food, so it wasn’t hard to convince myself that the food was great.

Chicken Naengchae Salad (part of the Seoul Style Set)

Spicy Fingers Milky Way shots

taken by Adson

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Mash (one of the banchan)

also one of the banchan, a basic green salad with the spicy sauce

The gang (L-R) Angelica, Alyssa, Fran, Michelle, Marky, Adson, and I

Chicken Bulgogi (it had deokbokki = rice cakes)

Dubu steak = tofu steak, part of the Chicken Bulgogi Set

Being the breaded tofu fan that I am, I was instantly won over by this dish! The tofu was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was a perfect complement to it!

Haemul Pajeon = Korean Seafood Pancake, part of theΒ  Gwang Yang Set

This pancake goes very well with the sweet sour salty sauce it comes with, I really loved it too. πŸ™‚ Reminds me of the Onion Cake in Chinese cuisine.

This is what the Chicken Bulgogi looks like when cooked, orange colored goodness right there!

Japchae, this is sort of our local version of bihon guisado, except the japchae is more sweet and savory, plus it’s made with sweet potato/potato vermicelli

Overall, we had a great time in Bulgogi Brothers, although the service was a bit slow, considering we were all really hungry when we got there. But they served us free seaweed soup since incidentally, Alyssa’s birthday was a few days before this happened, so yeah, we’re good. πŸ™‚

Now onto the photos while waiting for The Amazing Spiderman screening time.

The girls with Ryan, we look like a family. O.O

Alyssa, looking fab as always

and oh, before I forget, Alyssa, being the demanding but lovable friend that she is, requested that each of the girls were something specific for the day.

For example, I had to wear something that had cutouts, really good excuse for me to buy the romper from Runway Dreams that I’ve always had my eye on. FALALA

Fran got something sequined, so she wore this sequined top. Jeez, could I be more obvious? Note: I was the one who ironed Fran’s skirt, blooper photos later πŸ™‚

Remember me blogging about these shoes in my Recessionista Weekend post? well now you see which color I picked! I actually wore my Fashion Galore blazer the whole time, but Alyssa insisted I take it off to flaunt my sexy back. LOL

Michelle got to wear colored stockings, which you cannot see in this photo, while Angelica got pastels. πŸ™‚

Nachos from Spicy Fingers

Being the fun people that we are, and the lack of social life with school taking up most of our time lately, we just had to take advantage of Spicy Fingers’ Happy hour! Note: we didn’t drink too much because most of us had 7am classes the next day. πŸ™‚ I only had 2 cocktails and 3 shots myself.

Animated people. hahaha. I think this was the time we were playing a drinking game.

Now onto some of the BTS/ getting ready/ prepping up for Greenbelt photos

That’s me, ironing Fran’s skirt, with the fan blowing my rompers!

Michelle finishing up her fishtail braid. πŸ™‚

photos by Adson, and Alyssa

BTS: Another Chapter (Peaches On Top)

If you’ve been following this blog for a long while, I prolly mentioned that I own an online shop, Peaches On Top.

I call it another chapter, because well, it’s actually my first time to launch a line of clothing on my shop, not consigned items, but items handpicked by me, from various suppliers. Since this was a milestone for me, I found it appropriate that I have a lookbook shoot for the clothing collection, so there you have it, the photos above are actually behind the scenes photos. πŸ™‚

To check out the whole collection, click this πŸ™‚

Thanks to Kervin del Rosario for the photos and to Eunice Chua, and Eunice Lodripas, for modelling for me πŸ™‚

*photosets rock! LOL

Recessionista Weekend

Greenbelt 5 Customer Service Center

Note: This is a photo heavy post πŸ™‚

It’s one of two times in a year where all fashionistas brace themselves for days and days of shopping. Yes, I’m talking about all the end of season sales popping here and there, making every fashion savvy girl go cray cray. Even I have gone cray cray over these sales, there’s just so much a girl wants to buy, but with limited financial resources one has to filter her choices, sadly, that happens to be the truth.

So what’s a girl to do when all her pockets are already emptied and exhausted from all the shopping? Take photos, eat, window shop, and have a few cocktails. The cocktails are there, to distract oneself, from the impending doom of facing the consequences of maxing out your credit cards, whilst happily purchasing from all your favorite stores. But honestly, you have to give yourself a break, after all, everything you bought was probably on sale, meaning you bought more of your money’s worth than it would on a normal shopping trip. *wink*

The beautiful pair of suede pumps on display at Topshop, sadly not on sale.

So what, exactly, is this post about? This, is actually a photolog to my recent shopping trip to one of my favorite spots in Makati, Greenbelt. What’s not to love about Greenbelt? It happens to house a lot of the best retail fashion havens in the Metro, as well as the best dining experiences too. Not to mention being in very close proximity to Glorietta, Landmark, and SM Makati (Forever 21!), the place really does have it all. πŸ™‚ *Notes that I sound like an endorser of the place, eww. Moving on, I just took photos of my fabulous time there with my friend, who is incredibly shy, so you won’t see her in this post at all. harhar. In a nutshell, this post is about, shopping, food, and just the right booze. πŸ™‚

I encourage everyone to click the Read More jump as I’m really proud of the photos I took in this post πŸ™‚

Shooters from Spicy Fingers

Chicken Tandoori Salad from Spicy Fingers

Spicy Fingers decor

My recessionista find: LYN strappy sandals, Php395 from the original Php 2295! I was literally bouncing when I bought one pair, hmmm.. guess which one I picked?

I was thinking of buying this pair too, but since I already bought the pair of flats above, I thought I’d use my spare cash on clothes instead.

LYN shoes, on super sale!

The pretty chandelier at GB5

ADORA window display featuring Havaianas x Missoni

My pick from the Missoni collaboration. πŸ™‚

The other window display at ADORA

Spicy Fingers!

Hot Fingers (Jalapeno Stuffed with Cheese and Ground Beef)

  • these were actually really good, but not for the mild tongued like me. haha. As you know, I don’t mind a little heat, but this was too much for me. πŸ™‚

Chicken Tandoori Salad

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of the chicken, but I loved the yoghurt dressing

Beef Curry

  • This was my favorite dish of the night, the meat was tender, rare, just the way I want it. Although it was really spicy, the cream curry base balanced the heat.

I was going to buy these platforms in Topshop, if only they had better stocks. The gray suede was stained. O.O

Pretty neon things from Call It Spring

Miss Selfridge tarp

Sebago Docksiders in pastels!

La Senza display, really beautiful stocks on sale too!

Special thanks to Alyssa for lending me her precious camera

And I leave you with my splurge pile, I didn’t get these from MNG Greenbelt, I got them in MNG Robinsons Ermita. These three items are a steal for 3195, considering the original total would have been 6k++ yikes!

Phya Goes to DLSU

The Nth time I’ve gone to DLSU, this time for the Centennial Closing Celebrations last June.

  • spontaneous day. decided to go to DLSU an hour before we got there. LOL
  • brought Angelica-babes and Michelle there because my sister told me Mochiko was present at the bazaar, and these two girls have not tried Mochiko ever!
  • Had fun watching Marky ride the mechanical carabao/water buffalo. teehee HAHAHA. Thank you for giving in to our request. πŸ™‚
  • Chocnut flavor mochi ice cream in celebration of Independence Day!

Blogger Invasion (Bloggers United 3)

photo of my loot from BU3. πŸ™‚ Details after the read more jump. πŸ™‚

I wanted a simple, comfortable outfit for Bloggers United 3. Having been able to go to BU2, I expected to elbow my way through the crazy crowd. With that in mind, I went with the no brainer outfit- a no fuss top, denim shorts, and my favorite boots from Zara. (pardon the puffy eyes, I think I had too much sleep. O.O)

My sister and I arrived at around 2 pm already, really late considering a lot of the good stuff have already been sold earlier that day. But what the hey, I still wanted to try my luck, and maybe score some great finds along the way. Teehee.

Meeting bloggers was a great bonus for everyone there, fans and bloggers alike got to mingle and get to know each other more. πŸ™‚ Highlights of my day were, (a) Camille recognizing me (we graduated from the same high school), yay!, and (b) meeting one of my favorite Lookbook-ers of all ,time Anastasia Siantar!

See me smiling ear to ear? The recognition fueled that smile. Fangirl much? Eww. HAHAHAHA

Anastasia S., isn’t she the cutest?

Now onto the event proper, as expected, there were a lot of sponsored booths, which translates to, freebies galore! Even if you weren’t able to buy anything from the bloggers, you won’t go home empty handed from all the freebies! And oh, I was lucky enough to be able to win an Accessorize clutch from the bring me game. The challenge was to bring any Accessorize item on stage! Coincidentally, I was carrying my favorite Accessorize floral satchel, and just walking by the stage when that challenge was announced, yay for me! Other sponsors that gave out freebies were ETC, Zalora PH, Raffles Institute, Meg magazine, Colgate, Clear, among others.

As for the people? Let’s just say the event never had the problem of having a little crowd. I swear, every blogger booth was packed with eager shoppers, waiting to find a treasure from their beloved fashion icons. And did I mention Divine Lee was there? Her shoes are amazing! Too bad they’re too big for my size 8 feet. All in all, I had a great time, after all, you always have agreat time with shopping. For a girl like me, anyway. πŸ™‚

Another thing, I would like to give a shoutout to my sister, Mireya, for always letting me drag her out to events when no one else can accompany me and for taking my outfit shots! You know I love you to bits!

P.S. Join my OASAP GIVEAWAY! I get to pick one winner for every 100 entries, so share the word to get more chances of winning!Β  πŸ™‚

(more photos after the jump)

My little sis with Laureen

with Lissa

With the fabulous Danah, I was just going to take a photo of Stacy and Danah together, but Stacy was busy, so Danah did this funny come hither thing and we had a photo taken instead!

with the girls behind Momoko, Crissey and Val

I just couldn’t resist asking for a photo with her. LOL

crazy crowd.

Great host, Melai!

with the Accessorize bag that won me another Accessorize bag. Teehee

The stuff I actually got. Bowler Hat from I forgot which booth. O.O

I’ve been eyeing this pair from Accessorize branches for a long time, and since it’s already marked down, I finally decided to buy them, beach slippers, yay! The silver clutch on the left? that’s what I won from the Bring Me game. πŸ™‚

Romper and shorts from Vern & Verniece’s booth (Their mom gave me a huge discount on these. :))

Charlotte Russe Top from Alyssa Lapid (I actually bought this top for my sister, since cardigan+tank+pants, is basically her uniform in DLSU. haha)

Snack with my sister after, at Gelatissimo Greenbelt 5

photo souvenir!

Little Girl

Just a quick post before my family goes to a children’s birthday party. HIHI. I will never be too old for birthday parties!

Anyway, about this look, I was channeling the tiny little girl that I am, being only 5’1" in height. I also wanted a sort of vintage or retro feel, so there, I came up with this one. πŸ™‚ The bowler hat is a nice touch, yes?

Stockings from OASAP, Shoes from CMG, Dress from Ombre Vintage

P.S. Join my OASAP Giveaway!

(more photos after the jump)

Dress by Ombre Vintage, Hat from Bloggers United 3