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ODM: It’s never too late (LTimeStudio Fashion Series 2012))

My ODM-ish outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year, LTIMESTUDIO launched the Fashion Series program wherein LTIMESTUDIO endeavors to inspire the countless consumers on how to draw their everyday fashion inspiration from their wrist watch in a series of programs and activities centered on today’s most influential and inspiring online personalities like David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co and VJ Joyce Pring who will style the six watch brands participating in the Fashion Series.

I, along with a few bloggers, were able to attend the first of the series, a styling workshop with David Guison. Bloggers bonded over good food, and great company, as well as get useful styling tips from David on the way. The event was hosted by VJ Joyce Pring, and started with an introduction to the LTimeStudio Fashion Series by Jeff Paulino. Next came the presentation of the ODM lines. (which I blogged about here) Then the styling workshop proper began! I learned a lot with styling menswear, now I know how to dress the men in my life better. HAHA. After David’s talk, there was a blogger styling challenge, where they picked out names from a fishbowl to pick the few who will compete for a pair of ODM watches.

read on for the event photos!

All in all, it was a great afternoon, with tons of laughter, and bonding. the best thing about it is meeting new people, new blogger friends, yay!

Thank you L Time Studio, we surely enjoyed the event. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Lego Collection

I love love love these shoes, it has a matching tail at the back!

David’s clothes and stuff.

VJ Joyce Pring

workshop proper

Winners of the styling challenge, Aisa, and Paul

Best dressed, Rovie


with Paul

With Ana and Aizel

Aizel and Rejille



Pumpkin Soup

Shrimp Pesto Pizza

Spaghetti and Meatballs


Roast Beef


The L Time Studio Team

most photos grabbed from Michael Macalos, other photos by me ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you again Michael for taking my outfit shots!

Thank you L Time Studio and Edd Matias for the invite!

the cute freebie

Leather During Summer

I was actually not that prepared this season, I literally dug through my closet to find stuff to wear for fashion week. But hey, I think my looks turned out great, yes?

Anyhoo, I wore this to the Veejay Floresca, Chris Jasler, Philip Tampus, Melchor Guinto show.

I was actually also going to the Sassa Jimenez, Lizanne Cua, Yvonne Quisumbing, Esac show later that night when something came up, so I ended up just going to the first one. It was sad missing the latter as I have become fond of Sassa Jimenez, and this would be the third time that I’d be watching her show. But hey, at least I have the internet to rely on for photos of the show. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I also missed the L’Oreal presents Jerome Salaya Ang show the next day due to family matters, but all is good. I actually got to preview his collection in his atelier when my mom had her gown made. – Jerome is my mom’s newest gown designer. haha and my sister’s prom dress designer. LOL)

So anyway, read on for my runway report ๐Ÿ™‚

Chris Jasler

Chris Jasler sure knows how to make an opening. His opening model was only wearing a piece of underwear when he appeared on the runway, to everyone’s delight and awe, he opened that tiny sling bag of his to get and wear a tank. As if that wasn’t attention grabbing enough, he converted that teeny tiny sling bag to a pair of freakishly awesome pants. The designer pulled the same stunt in last season’s L’Oreal presents Menswear show, but last time, jackets were converted to pants. Truly a master of multi-way clothing pieces, Chris Jasler sets the tone for a truly amazing show. Everything was just sexy.

All the models wore a Gaga-esque eye mask, adding a very intriguing element to the already very intense ensembles. Not only that, all the models wore HEEL-LESS shoes too! Including the men. The shoes just made the show all the more exciting. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love his manipulation of zippers, makes them look like the perfect embellishment to a great pair of jeans. ๐Ÿ™‚

everything in an outfit, print, leather, denim, zippers, whoa.

Coppertone. teehee

Hot hot hot.

Melchor Guinto

Tailored, structured, sleek, clean, modern. Melchor Guinto showcased his mastery of tailoring with this collection. Every single piece looked well made, not only that,ย  they looked expensive but still very much wearable. Making each piece, a coveted one. Suits, and other corporate attire ruled the runway, with a few edgy pieces here and there such as the jacket. A few sparks of color were also added with rust and royal blue, amidst all the black and white. All in all, everything was pleasing to the eyes.

That undone bowtie.

Very chippendale-ish, yes?

A leather jacket, in rust.

If I were to work in a corporate setting, I would wear that blazer.

Philipp Tampus

Soft, feminine, and intentionally dated, Philipp Tampus created a collection that transcended through time. Using tricky fabrics like lace and velvet, which usually look old when used in the wrong way, looked absolutely stunning on the runway. Done in jewel tones such as ruby, amethyst, and sapphire, the looks gained a very positive response from the crowd. All the looks for women were very flattering, whereas for the men, even with the difficult fabric, the suits turned out polished and tailored as well.

Too sexy for words.

Velvet suit. so posh.

I want this dress.

Pretty pretty pretty.

Veejay Floresca

VJF revolutionizes the barong tagalog by turning them into womenswear. Pairing them with cutout pieces, that is signature VJF, the barong, did not look like the classic that it should be. It was a complete makeover for the very traditional barong tagalog, as it was presented in a very posh, and wearable manner. Overall, VJF gives everyone a night to remember, he also got the biggest applause of all.

Cutouts, with sheer panels.

Barong! With a beautiful sheer skirt!

barong again! with that skirt. love!

cutouts, sheer. sexy. nuff said.

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Thank you again Veejay Floresca & Lex Librea for the invite ๐Ÿ™‚

Official PhFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Watches: Not your ordinary timepiece anymore

David Guison, one of Manila’s top bloggers, teams up with LTimeStudio to style for ODM watches. Truly a match made in creative heaven, read on to find out why DG fits the brand perfectly. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. RAINBOW. Do you have thoughts you want to express to your loved ones, but feeling too shy? Do you have a motto โ€“ that changes with the different stages in life โ€“ you want to constantly remind yourself? In view of an emerging trend of innovative communication, odm proudly launches its latest DD125 Rainbow collection, where you can freely โ€˜chicโ€™ chat with yourself or your friends.

More than just a watch, DD125 Rainbow allows you to communicate in a truly innovative way. It is the link between you and your friends, bringing those around you even closer together. Rainbow is deliberately left blank, serving as a platform for expressing your feelings. Transfer your thoughts easily to your watch with the colorful CHAT Box device by just a few buttons โ€“ and find them scrolling across the watch, a fun reminder for all. You can even pre-set a little surprise love message when you give the watch as a gift, what a cool and funky way to express yourself!

2. ILLUMI. The name โ€œIllumiโ€ comes from โ€œilluminateโ€, and means lighting up whatโ€™s around you, symbolizing the latest and most creative way to read time. Illumi is not your ordinary LED watch, but it has a hidden time function. When the watch is in off mode, you can only see some digit outlines. Yet when you activate it, users will be delighted to see the colorful digits, and there is no need to do any complicated calculation. The time pattern changes every minute, symbolizing the ever-changing of time, witnessing every moment in life.

On top of having a unique design rarely seen in the market, it has also adopted a monotone or contrasting color design, enhancing the colorful LED digits. On top of having major functions, users will be delighted to discover the funky hourly chime with sound and light animation for the most fun way to read time.

3. 60-SECOND. โ€˜odm 23:59 never too lateโ€™ means that although 23:59 is the last minute, you still have 60 seconds left before the day ends.ย  odm believes there are endless opportunities to catch, things to do, or moments to enjoy; no matter how short the time we have on hand.ย  It is โ€œnever too lateโ€ to do, even if there is just one minute, itโ€™s always a good time to strive to fulfil your dreams and take action everything you want.

This collection named 60 sec features a simple and trendy analogue design to bring out the odm concept.ย  The numerals 2, 3, 5, and 9 are embossed on the double-layered dial, highlighted by a date window and odm logo at 4 digit location.ย  On the strap, the slogan โ€˜odm 23:59 never too lateโ€™ is etched on, revealing the main concept of the collection as well as reminding wearers that itโ€™s never too late to take action and capture every moment of life.ย 

4. ARCO. A more aesthetic timepiece was presented by odm — the ARCO. The dial is quite different, featuring unique and contemporary 3D structure rather than odmโ€™s iconic digital display. Its highlight is the remarkable architectural aesthetics with eye-catching multi-layered effect, coupled with a three-dimensional arc dial, in addition to simple curvy lines throughout an exquisite transparent round case. This delicate collection fits the young consumer who pursues art and lifestyle.

source: LTimeStudio Press Kit

Diversity (PhFW Holiday 2012)

Powerful. Glamorous. Fabulous. Statement-making. Definitely eye-catching, the pieces from each of the four designers, Avel Bacudio, Chris Diaz, Eric delos Santos and Raoul Ramirez, would make every Filipino fashionista proud. Even if the collections are very distinct from each other, they all had a unifying trend, Holiday Glamour.

One look on the collections and you’ll instantly know that they will appear this holiday season, worn by the country’s top fashion icons, no less. Everything just exudes luxury, as well as pizzaz, perfect for the powerful women hosting lavish dinners in the coming holidays.

Truly Femme Fatale, yes?

Read on for designer specifics. ๐Ÿ™‚

Avel Bacudio

I don’t know how Avel Bacudio pulled it off, but he just did. Although the collection had a monochromatic palette, having pieces only in black and white, they were still noteworthy pieces. You could tell each piece was well made, from the very clean lines to the structured skirts and details, to the tailored suits, each look was well executed.

To offset the strong corporate vibe of the collection, metallic pieces such as plates and studs were added here and there, to add a touch of edginess. He showed everyone his modern interpretation of medieval armor. The metal plates on each look were reminiscent of chastity belts, and war gear, but the designer used them in such a way that it looked just right. The kneecaps, shoulder pads, belts, they just melded together with the whole thing, not looking awkward at all!

Wilma Doesnt struts her stuff on the runway with her opening the show.

This whole look is divine! the skirt just looks, perfect.

A few pieces with prints, freshened up the collection.

I am in love with this coat. O.O

lace, studs, both on a long gown, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Chris Diaz

Opulent and elegant, these are two words which can describe Chris Diaz’ Holiday 2012 collection. The pieces give off an old Russian vibe, as the designer got his inspiration from the life of Nadia Leger, an artist from Belarus, east of Russia. The collection boasts of using luxurious materials such as faux fur, lace, taffeta and velvet, on deep jewel tones like emerald and carmine red.

I honestly couldn’t help but remember my favorite childhood animated movie, Anastasia, when I saw this collection, everything was just beautiful. Everything just speaks romantic drama to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

To see Chris Diaz’ previous collection, click this

Eric Delos Santos

This collection, was one of the best I’ve seen so far for Holiday 2012. After watching the show, I immediately tweeted a huge congratulations to Eric delos Santos because it was really a success.

I’ve come to believe that leather and hair (or was that fur?) have come to be the designer’s choice of material this year, being predominant in the previous season as well. Nevertheless, the materials were used in such a way that they had an effortless elegance to them, true to the designer’s aesthetic. Mixed with glitter, sequins, and lace, the collection made me think of a rock disco diva. Yes, it might remind you of the 70’s, but the collection had such a wonderful story, paired with superb styling, that the pieces did not look dated at all.

Even with normally unflattering materials like leather, Eric delos Santos manipulated each seam, fold, cut, and whatnot, to celebrate the glorious beauty of the woman’s curves. Sexy, glamorous, and full of power, the collection is perfect for this generation’s movers.

As always, Marina Benipayo gives a lot of spunk, energy, and fun, for the finale of the designer’s portion.

Raoul Ramirez

Vintage Glamour. Two words that would perfectly describe Raoul Ramirez’ Holiday 2012 collection. Everything was reminiscent of the 1920’s, and every extra detail was intentional, even the dated look was intentional. Vaudeville music even played for a more emphasized theme! It was indeed a fun show to watch. ๐Ÿ™‚

Full of posh ensembles, the most exhausted fabric was lace, paired with satin, tulle, faux fur and sequined fabric. It was literally a trip down memory lane. Amazingly however, when you look closely at the designs, these are pieces which can be actually worn by the women of today. Each one accentuated the female figure, and highlighted assets too. Great for the confident power walker.

All in all, it was a great collection to cap off the night’s show. ๐Ÿ™‚

This lace dress is gorgeous! That cleavage is O.O

Sexy sexy sexy.

Vintage utilitarian anyone?

If only I had a killer bod to pull this off.

Fave look!

Final runway

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Official PhFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Coming Out of the Shadows (PhFW Holiday 2012)

Stepping out of its comfort zone, Oxygen introduced a huge pop of color into their latest collection. Surprising everyone, and leaving myself in a dumbfounded state (in a pleasant way, mind you), Oxygen successfully injected the bright hues into its familiar silhouettes. This was a bold move, considering the brand has always carried its items in neutral color schemes. Nevertheless, Oxygen was able to stick to its aesthetic, and still keep up to the latest trends. The collection was indeed, the perfect representation of what the brand is, and what it stands for, but still conforming to the demands of fashion enthusiasts today.

Being Mod (60s) inspired, tailored pieces were predominant, with a few quirky touches here and there. Each look was impeccably styled, from the hairstyle to each accessory. Since the pieces were already polished looking, prim and proper, and oh so modest, hairstyles and accessories were rough, tough, wild and edgy, to give that much needed “fun crazy youth” sort of vibe. I personally think they go well together, the hard edgy details balance out the clean lines and structured pieces, just enough to keep the young and sophisticated, hooked. All in all, I couldn’t stop ooh-ing and aah-ing, more than a pleasant surprise, the Oxygen PH Team proved that they are a force to be reckoned with.

And as if the collection didn’t speak for itself, Jeff Bascon, Oxygen’s Brand Manager, closes the show with the statement, “Always first, fresh, and fashion forward, Oxygen!!” (2 exclamation points because he said it with so much conviction!)

click read more for show favorites!

The print on that button down was just too adorable, I must dress one of my guy friends in this!

Perfect for the yuppie, this look screams, young, sophisticated, and ready for anything. The peplum skirt is sooooo love!

I was sold by the purple stockings. ‘Nuff said.

The jacket. so chic.

I want this suit. The men in my life need it!

Anything Danica Magpantay wears looks 10x more amazing. Gaah. Mewants that galaxy skirt!

Sheer Paneled Top, perfect symphony of sexy and sophisticated. Sort of one of those sexy librarian looks, men fantasize about. HAHA

I couldn’t stop staring at the print. O.O

My favorite look. Mainly because, it’s business at the front…

Aaaaaand, party at the back. subtly sexy yo!

Thank you again to Ed Lorenzo for my pass ๐Ÿ™‚

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Official PhFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Trying Out Scarf Prints

Scarf prints have been getting a huge revival lately, and they’re back with a vengeance. What makes them so popular among the fashionably adept is that scarf prints easily makes a look sophisticated, when paired with the right stuff anyway. At first, they look tricky to deal with, but that’s actually the fun of it, the best way to complement a scarf print is to highlight it in a look. Pair it with minimalist pieces, and a simple silhouette, and you’ll get a successful look, with the print speaking all on its own.

Since fashion week is all about experimenting with new styles and flaunting your personality with what you wear, I decided to try out the scarf print trend. I paired my scarf print skirt with my blue ruched sleeved top, gold chain tassel necklace from Bubbles and simple color block pumps from Chick Flick Collection, to give off a luxe nautical vibe. What do you think? Achieve ba? haha.

I watched two shows that night btw, the Oxygen show, and the Avel Bacudio, Chris Diaz, Eric Delos Santos, and Raoul Ramirez showcase.

click for more photos! runway report in the next posts ๐Ÿ™‚

with my awesome event buddy, Aizel!

Addicted to Anything Tribal Print (PhFW Holiday 2012)

I’ve been watching PhFW (Philippine Fashion Week) shows for 3 seasons now, and I get amazed by our local designers every single time. PhFW shows how talented our fashion industry is, which is why I make it a point to see a few shows every season, just to see how much the industry has grown.

Blazer: Sabrina | Tank : Zara | Necklace & Shorts: Peaches On Top | Pumps: Chick Flick

What you see above is my outfit for the first show I watched this season, the Arnold Galang, Jun Jun Cambe, M Barretto, and Ronaldo Arnaldo show.

And here are my show favorites:

Arnold Galang

Prints have always been a big thing for me, and it amazes me how designers manage to manipulate them. Case in point, designer Arnold Galang. When the models sashayed down the runway, I was fixated. I was mesmerized by the use of prints, vintage-looking and minimalist, with the tiniest touch of ethnic. My favorite look above, is the perfect example of using prints, in a very luxe manner, the flowy silhouette helped too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jun Jun Cambe

It’s my second time to attend Jun Jun Cambe’s show, and I must say, you can honestly see where he comes from, and what his aesthetic is. Last season, it was very East Asian, a healthy mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean styles, with the stamp of a great Filipino designer. This season, one cannot help but remember the movie Sex and the City 2, where every piece just shout Dubai glam. Luxurious, glamorous, and definitely statement making, everything was just stunning. I call it, Middle East glitz and glamour, without the conservative abayas. Transition from look to look was also well thought of, from desert couture to party glam, as in sparkly, shiny fabulous dresses, to the harem-ish wedding gowns. It was truly a sight to behold.

M Barretto

I think I suck at incorporating menswear into my wardrobe, save for boyfriend blazers, but I really enjoyed the M Barretto part. Especially when the pair above emerged! The adult model is soooooo good looking, and his little partner is such a cutie too! (Me and my affinity to cute Chinese-looking babies) HOHO. Anyway, back to the designer’s work. He brought back military and utilitarianism trends, and turned them into more sophisticated looks, for the metrosexual man. If only I had the moolah, I’d dress the men in my life with M Barretto jackets and trousers. Aside from the military inspired pieces, sleek, tailored suits also made appearances on the runway. Hmm, I think military is the new sexy, in menswear anyway.

Ronaldo Arnaldo

Lace, tweed and leather, I’d never thought I’d see them in a collection together. Ronaldo Arnaldo does a great job with pairing, tailored outfits with sexy stockings, and gets away with it too. The collection speaks corporate chic to me, but with tons of appeal. Sort of like the sexy librarian look, boys always fantasize about. HAHA. Humor aside, the collection is very noteworthy as each piece looks well made, and luxurious, perfect for the powerful women of today.

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Official PhFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

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Asprey Watch Straps: Give your watches a fabulous update

A watch, or any timepiece is essential to man, as the old saying goes, Time is gold. With the functionality that a watch brings, it becomes an indispensable part of anyone’s wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobe, watches have now moved on from being just a necessary tool to keep track of time, to being a fashion staple. Watches nowadays can be found in every shape, color, and style imaginable, keeping up with the fast changing trends: a far cry from the plain leather strapped watches my grandmother gave me when I was a kid.

But if you’re not the bold type to try the more radical, edgy, faced watch, you can still be on trend. How? By simply switching up your watchstraps. The great news is, you don’t have to look too far to give your watch its much needed style upgrade. Asprey, the biggest and most established watch strap distributor in the country, gives you a lot of options to choose from, whatever your personality may be, Asprey has a strap for you. Not only that, with 40 branches, Asprey can be found in major shopping malls nationwide as well as in Ltiestudio outlets, talk about accessibility.

Already amazed with what Asprey has to offer? Wait till you finish reading this post. Asprey is now on its 3rd year, which means, it has been satisfying customers with great strap selections, for quite a while. Not only that, Asprey prides itself on great service, with only qualified technicians who can change your strap or batteries in no time at all, and with utmost care. Have a ridiculously expensive watch? Don’t fret because the Asprey technicians will surely handle your watch properly, as one of their mantras is Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Already halfway through the door to get your strap changed? Here’s more, Asprey straps are made of top quality materials, ranging from genuine Italian calf leather, silicon, to nylon straps. Rest assured that every straps is durable, and assured to be of the highest quality. The best part? The straps are all amazingly affordable!

Click read more to see what strap fits your style. ๐Ÿ™‚

NATO (Php 350). Only have one watch? Then this strap is perfect for you. You can make your single watch to look different everyday by just switching these up. Being the moset fashion friendly option,ย  the Nato strap is designed to be switched with another NATO strap (of a different color or style perhaps) in as fast as 30 seconds. Makes for the funkier, younger set, yes?

PATENT LEATHER.ย Now if you’re a fan of classic patent leather straps but still want it in a refreshing color, this would be great for you. Available in a wide array of colors, the classic strap in croc skin pattern, is feminine, with a little hint of sexy. Playful, and fun? Yessir.


AVIATOR (Php1250). Marina and Aviator appeals to a more nautical and preppy look. So the more serious, but little bit playful would prolly like this. See those quirky colorful stitches? Those give the extra oomph factor.

TEXTURED STRAPS.ย These are just like the patent leather ones, except they are, matte. This style is best for those days when you just want to go minimalist dressing.

DEPLOYANT (Php 1650). These look so cool! ‘Nuff said.

SILICONE RUBBER STRAPS. perfect for the no nonsense individual. Black, simple, durable, and reliable. Pick this if you just want a practical option to change your old worn out strap.