Month: December 2011

Bloggers United 2

Alyssa and I went to BU2 last December 3. We actually went early, around 11am, because we anticipated the huge crowd that was going to be present. Sure enough, there was a huge turnout, congrats to the BU team Melai, Pax, and Ana! 🙂

Cover-up and Shorts : Robinsons Department Store | Top: Cosmopolitan | Scarf: Rockwell Bazaar | Bag: Longchamp | Wedges: Primadonna | Accessories: all borrowed from Alyssa

click read more to see more photos, and my haul for the day 🙂

We headed to the canteen for lunch, and I must say, I like what I’m seeing so far. Treston has pretty impressive facilities, too bad I had no time to take more pictures of the place, the canteen photos should suffice for now.

But, I still like the Enderun Colleges campus better. harhar.

Our lunch, the kare kare was good!

Say hello to Alyssa 🙂

I was very impressed with the Mango Peach Mousse Cake, it was very delectable, silky smooth, and not very sweet, just the way I like my cakes. A great plus is, a slice only costs Php25!

So here’s my haul for the day. A Topshop dress from Joanna Ladrido, A pair of sunnies and a bag from Accessorize, Wayfarers from Patricia Prieto, Meg Magazine, Food freebies from Oishi, Freebie from Nivea, and Bracelet from Tomato

And before I end this post, here’s a few photos from the mini-photoshoot we did outside the college. harhar

Notice the startled expression on my face? well that’s because the metal thing I was holding on to wasn’t as stable as I’d hoped. I almost slipped!

all photos of me by Alyssa Yu, other photos taken by me. 🙂

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Debutantes and Photoshoots

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Last month, I tagged along Z’s sister’s debutante photoshoot. I suggested UP Diliman as the venue as the greenery and old buildings in the campus were favorable for the layouts we wanted to do. I sort of co-directed the shoot, helped looked for spots with the best lighting but also the best effect, and as an added perk, did the test shots. Hence, I had a few photos from the said shoot. The photos above were taken because we were bored while waiting for Mabel (Z’s sister) to finish being made up, so we played around with settings. The latter photos were taken to test the best positions and angles for the reflector and flash.

Overall, I had fun with this shoot. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from our photographer Jerome(Z’s close friend).

I look crazy having 2 hats on me.

Below are my favorite photos from the shoot:

“Mag-pacute ka!” I said, before taking this picture.

Mabel’s friends were amusing to photograph as well, they had tons of ideas, and were really excited.

To view the full layout, click here

All photos by Jerome Sta Ana Pedro

And if you’re wondering about the Debutante Party itself, well below are a few photos, all with Z’s high school crowd. 🙂

L’Oreal presents MENSWEAR – PFW S/S 2012

If having so much backlog was a crime, I would already be a major offender.

Finally, I am able to post the last of my PFW-related posts with this one. YAY. Do forgive me for not updating this blog properly for the past two months. Boo me.

Anyway, before we went in the show, I spotted these really cool shoes, not only are they spiked, the heels were also handcuffs! HANDCUFFS! pure awesomeness at that.

Moving on, after a few remarks by the director of PFW, the last show finally started, it opened with this guy (below), I have no idea who he is, but he’s pretty good-looking, and the runway looked architecturally beautiful. Of all the shows I’ve seen, this particular one has to be the most well-attended one. Prolly because the industry is dominated by women, and where handsome, scorching hot male models go, women follow. LOL

For the collection proper, here’s the lineup of designers:

Aries Lagat

Chris Jasler

The two models above demonstrated how their jackets can be turned into pants.

For more photos of the show, click read more 🙂

Dodjie Batu

Drei Soriano

Edgar Buyan

Jesson Capuchino

Jinggo Inoncillo

Odelon Simpao

Ronan Opina

Shanon Pamaong

after the last designer, a huge number of male models flanked the runway, clad in white shirts, and plain trousers / pants.

Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Overall, my 2nd PFW experience was mindblowing, being there made me really proud of our local designers. Our aesthetic is actually not far off from the international market, we can really compete, we just haven’t reached our full potential yet.

In celebration of Stache Magazine’s Anniversary on the 31st, the online mag will be holding its anniversary treat, named 12 Days of Giveaways. In line with that Peaches On Top is proud to announce that we are one of their sponsors for this important milestone 🙂

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*for Philippine residents only, sorry.

EsAc – PFW S/S 2012

I actually didn’t get to finish this one because the L’Oreal Men’s collection was starting in a few minutes, and my sister and I have yet to fall in line. With luck on our side, my professor was actually the 3rd person in line (it was a really long queue), and he allowed shobe and I to fall in line with him. Teehee.

Anyway, onto the collaborative EsAc collection by Raoul Ramirez, Lyle Ibañez and Audie E. With denim being a difficult fabric to work with, I was very impressed by how the pieces turned out, and how feminine and soft they looked given that the fabric was originally tough and stiff.

The EsAc part was actually opened by this red bikini-style swimming trunks clad Caucasian male model. The back part of the swimwear actually had EsAc printed on them, which can be seen in black later on in the show.

Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Sassa Jimenez – PFW S/S 2012

Nobody brings out the girly girl in you like Sassa Jimenez does. With a collection that boasts of playful prints, dainty colors, a myriad of shapes, classic silhouettes and great attention to detail, the designer was spot on. Reminiscent of Jimenez’s Holiday 2011 collection, frills, and the oversized puff skirts were still present, proving to be a hit time and time again. Truly, the collection will be the desire of every female who loves to dress up.

click to see more of the beautiful collection

Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Noel Crisostomo – PFW S/S 2012

Noel Crisostomo shows minimalist does not mean boring, at all. With structured silhouettes, classic pieces, and an injection of citrus and cool colors every now and then, the collection comes to life.

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Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Jerome Salaya Ang – PFW S/S 2012

Jerome Salaya Ang never fails to bring something new to the table, figuratively, I mean. For this show, instead of the usual upbeat mixes, he used the tribal vibe sounds from a live drum group playing throughout the show, Tribu Yanig. Indeed with that surprisingly refreshing entrance, the collection did not disappoint as he brings new definition to glamorous summer club couture. A modern showcase of glitz and glam, mixed with a few inspirations from the 70s and 80s, as seen from the sharp shoulders and flowy dresses, as well as clean lines, and lots and lots of shimmer and sparkle were very represented in his collection. Overall, after seeing this line, you would definitely be looking for more. 🙂

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Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

also, check out my previous blog post about the designer’s collection last season, I must say, A Jerome Salaya Ang creation is indeed a showstopper