Month: November 2011

Ready To Wear – PFW S/S 2012

Thank you to Ms. Reian Mata for the invite! πŸ™‚

Ricky Abad

Swimwear with animal prints!

Louis Claparols

Color, Ooh La La

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Emi Alexander Englis

John Guarnes

Highly Japanese inspired, check out the Geta slippers!

Jian Lasala

Mike Lavarez

Nixon Marquez

Reian Mata

Beautiful collection for your modern girly girl πŸ™‚ Check out the shoes!

Ziggy Savella


Joyce Pilarsky

Harley Ruedas

Simon Ariel Vasquez

Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

PFW S/S 2012 Day 6

So, if I’m your facebook friend, you would have noticed that this photo is my current profile photo. πŸ™‚ This was taken on PFW Day 6, and has attracted a lot of likes. Harhar. Come to think of it, I do look rather sexy in this ensemble, yes?

Corset: Verano Ilimitado | Wide Leg Pants: Robinsons Dept. Store

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Leopard Print Scarf : China

As for the shows I watched that day:

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Vans – PFW S/S 2012

Vans Philippines unveils the brand’s latest offerings at the Mall Of Asia grand Atrium. The event was hosted by Troy Montero and Juliann Salvard, and accompanied by a DJ on the side. The show was a tad bit short, unlike the other shows I’ve been to thus far. Nonetheless, the pieces were wearable, fun, youthful, refreshing, and street savvy, as expected of the brand. The portion that got my attention the most though, was the Hello Kitty portion. haha I’ve been a Hello Kitty fan since I was a kid, so it was obvious that this would catch my eye. I’ve picked a few pieces which I liked, and you’d see them later on in this post.

Here are my favorite pieces from the show:

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In between the shows, there was this BMX rider who did an exhibition. I’m telling you, I held my breath as I watched because some of the stunts the guy did was pretty dangerous. Anyway, aside from the BMX rider, there were also skateboarders who abused the inclined ramp.

Celebrities also walked in the show:

Diana Menezes

Krista Kleiner

Jhong Hilario

It was a pity I didn’t get decent shots of Jhong dancing on the runway, I swear he even did an aerial among all those stunts he did, if my eyes were right. He’s actually pretty good.

The Montero Family: Aubrey Miles, Hunter Montero, Troy Montero


the whole Vans family

Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

PFW S/S 2012 Day 5

For day 5, I got to go to the Vans show, I actually got there really late, so I had bad seats. Anyway, you know the drill, OOTD first!

Dress: Shop The Runway | Wedges : ALDO

Peace Ring and Classic Ring Set: Peaches On Top | other accessories: gifts, and random stores

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Oh and if you think you’ve seen this dress before, well, you might remember this dress from this post. Plus, I believe repeating outfits is not a crime. haha (excuses for not having a huge enough wardrobe.)

Runway report next!

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Eric Delos Santos – PFW S/S 2012

Eric Delos Santos makes a statement with bold graphic prints, sheer, flowy fabric and shiny leather. With blue, and black being the collection’s dominant colors, it was surprising that even with a relatively blah palette, the pieces really stood out. Soft feminine pieces were given that much needed edge by cinching with the essential leather belt, whereas textures were also at play. Overall, it was a stunning sight to behold.

With Marina Benipayo opening and closing the show, and with other prominent models (Danica Magpantay, Claire James, etc..) walking as well, you would expect an equally awe inducing collection.

Note: I was able to watch the designer’s Holiday 2011 collection last season, and I must say, he never disappoints, still one of the best ones during PFW.

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Claire James

Danica Magpantay

Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

Lizanne Cua – PFW S/S 2012

Fluid, luxe, simple, and solid, these are but a few words that would describe the Lizanne Cua for SMDC collection. The use of flowy fabric greatly flattered the female silhouettes, whereas the solid colors are apt for spring-summer.

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Lizanne Cua photos by Yayay de Castro, other photos by yours truly

Chris Diaz – PFW S/S 2012

A video played at the beginning of the show, it showed the preview of the designer’s TECHIHHILA collection.

The Chris Diaz collection was reminiscent of the ocean, and beaches, as the prominent colors were blue, khaki, and bit of peach, salmon and violet accents here and there. Definitely wearable, the pieces also boast of the use of shells and other indigenous materials, and turn otherwise blah accessories into something luxe.

Photo above: my chiildhood friend Ivy Ong working the runway, for her first ever fashion week attendance πŸ™‚

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Official PFW photos by Nelson Villarica, other photos by yours truly

PFW S/S 2012 Day 4 – SMDC Presents

For my Day 4, I was able to watch SMDC presents Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua, Eric Delos Santos Show. Thank you Boggy and Chris Diaz for the invites!

Once you enter the SMDC GrandShowroom, you’ll be greeted by pink uniformed ladies who will direct you to the buffet. iwasn’t expecting that as I only prepared myself for the fashion show. Nonetheless, the food was great, Hizon’s never disappoints. πŸ™‚

At the event, guests were invited to go to the second floor to view the model units that the SMDC condominiums offer. (photos after the jump) Lucky for Fran and I, we were able to take a few shots of the model units before the guards told us to stop. Ha! Sneaky sneaky. LOL

The program started a bit late, but the wait was well worth it, the pieces were stunning. more on that in later posts. The event was hosted by the awesome Sarah Meier, with an appearance by Anne Curtis at the end of the show as SMDC endorser.

My sister and I got e-vites, but I still had an extra two normal invites so I brought along my Mom, and my brother Nathan’s girlfriend, Joyce.

Say hello to Fran and her cousin Bea. πŸ™‚

The beautiful Anne Curtis wearing an Eric Delos Santos creation

And before I forget, OOTD! I didn’t want my whole look to be all black and white so I decided to throw on red pieces for pops of color.

Dress: Shop The Runway | Red Quilted Bag: Charles & Keith | Shoes: CMG

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Gold and Red Bangles: Peaches On Top | Gold Love Ring and Bracelet Set: Forever 21 | Faux Rhinestones Ring and Plastic Love Ring: gifts from friends

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my e-vite and my mom’s invite. πŸ™‚

The roast beef was good, as well as the pork

I forgot what these were, but I think they were meatballs with something.

Breaded Fish Fillet!

Fettuccine Carbonara

The desserts

Buffet view from 2nd floor of the showroom

Complimentary glass of white wine

Table centerpiece

Now for the model units!

Sarah Meier

The designers, after the show.

Look at my sister and Joyce! they’re so adorable, matching outfits!

The beautiful female sign for the bathroom

Gerry Katigbak – PFW S/S 2012

Same drill with the Arnold Galang post, 15 favorites + own decent photos.

Gerry Katigbak offers a superb interpretation and presentation of Resort Wear.

Flattering lines, hints of bright colors, structures and feminine elements, all rolled into one spectacle of a collection.


the designer photos by Yayay de Castro, other photos by yours truly