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Fashion Ate The World

Tin Iglesias for Peaches On Top

Studded Leather Bracelets from Peaches On Top

Rosary Necklace, and Mala Beads from Peaches On Top

Jelly Bands from Peaches On Top

All rings from the Bling Ring Collection by Peaches On Top

Jelly Bands by Peaches On Top

Skull four finger Connector ring from Peaches On Top

I recently got acquainted with Tin, and was practically euphoric when she told me that she blogged about the items already πŸ™‚ Her style is awesome, yes?

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Cafe Noriter


all photos by Timothy Joseph DueΓ±as



Last Saturday, after my dreadful exam, Sacki invited me to go with his friends to watch Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, but since his other friends still had an exam until 5pm, we went to Cafe Noriter while waiting for them.

It would prolly be the 4th time I’ve been to this quaint little coffee shop since a few of my friends over @DLSU would also invite me for a nice catch up session there. I would have prolly designed more than 5 cups already with all those visits, anyway, more on that later.

I did a little google-ing and found that Noriter actually means playground in Korean. True to its name, the cafe does look like a playground, for the young and the old. The atmosphere is too cozy and very much student friendly, and the interiors are cutesy, and very much Korean-inspired. Upon entrance to this lovely place, you’ll be greeted by the cutest counter ever! Decorated with bunnies and dainty things, you just won’t be able to resist getting anything. Another plus is, everything’s affordable! drinks range from 80-150 pesos each, while food (pastries cakes and the like) costs from 110-180 pesos each. You have to try the honey bread!Β  Tim ordered that, and it was a hit in our group. And yes, the cheesecakes too! They get sold out early though, so order when you get to!

Remember me mentioning cozy? Well, we got to sit on the floor! Well, we were able to sit at this camphouse-ish, bunk bed-ish area and we got to stay at the bottom level, see photo below. We were barefoot!


Henson, Kat, Sacki, me, Tim πŸ™‚

Definitely a place you will come back for, time and time again, even for just a quick chitchat, or a long conversation with a long lost friend :).

Cafe Noriter is located at:

2nd Level, Reyes Bldg.(atop Tapa King in front of DLSU)
Estrada St. cor. Taft Ave.
Manila, Metro Manila

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I couldn’t find any of the cups I made before, yup you can take a cup, draw, and put it on their wall for decoration.




Sacki, me, Henson, Tim, Jo



Honey bread!









can you believe this was taken from their washroom?

Noriter Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tumblr Virus

ugh. deleted three faceless followers with weird names whom I believe are the culprits for the recent trashy posts. ew. so not me.


Camille Co

Camille Co wears Peaches On Top accessories

Pyramid Stud Bracelet from Peaches On Top

Square Wooden Bead Bracelets from Peaches On Top

The ring wasn’t from me, but I do have the same one in the shop πŸ™‚

Snake Ring from Peaches On Top

This time, the Spike ring isn’t from me, but again, I have it as well in the shop πŸ™‚

I sent her a few items a few weeks ago, and I was so happy that she blogged about them already πŸ™‚

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Trivia: We went to the same High School. AWESOME.

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