Month: December 2010


Someone asked me to make a wishlist onΒ  my formspring, and this is long overdue. so here goes:

1. Ipod Touch 32GB

This is because my previous one was stolen, and I don’t have enough moolah yet to get myself a new one. hahahaha

2. Frame Wallet

I was going to buy myself one of these frame wallets from Forever 21, but when I went to their Megamall branch, these were sold out. πŸ™

why a frame wallet? because……….. it is 1) sturdy 2) slim.

My old wallets are too bulky, and for my small purses, i definitely want to have room for other stuff than just my wallet.

3. Nude Pumps

I have been looking for a pair everywhere! but these shoes seem to elude me everytime. *sigh*

I really want a pair, because, not only do they make your legs look longer (which I really need, given my 5’1’’ height), but they can be worn wherever, whenever. πŸ™‚

note: the ones on the bottom right cost a whopping $695, because they’re Jimmy Choos. *drools*

4. Hello Kitty Polaroid Instax Camera

Last time I held a polaroid camera, was around 10 years ago, and back then, the designs on each printout were pokemon characters, squirtle and pikachu. LOL

Now, I want a Hello Kitty version. hahaha I came across this particular camera when I was looking around in facebook, my old friend Kristine has one, and got it from a recent trip to Taiwan. This one’s by Fujifilm btw. πŸ™‚

5. Boots

photo taken at Zara TriNoMa

the picture above is of a pair of Zara boots I’ve been wanting to get. But, I’m still on the lookout for THE pair that really calls my name. LOLwhut. kidding.

Another pair I’m after, is this one:

they look very much like the leopard print booties I liked from Topshop (which was sold out in my size πŸ™ boohoo). These are actually very pocket-friendly, reasonably priced for a pair of boots (plus, I have a thing for peeptoes), which I will prolly be purchasing soon, when my friend’s preorder period (this pair is from HK) starts again. LOL

I want this other pair too though, again, from Zara:

photo taken at Zara TriNoMa

aaaaand. UGGS!! gray ones πŸ™‚

5. Black Carryall Bag

photos from mulberry, marc by marc jacobs, roxy, matt and nat, topshop

I haven’t found one yet!! I’ve been looking for one for a loooooooooong time now, and no luck πŸ™

6. Small ALL-Occasions Sling Bag

photos courtesy of nine west, valentino, topshop, marc by marc jacobs

I actually have one already, but then, I saw a rip. So I am now in search of a replacement.

7. Craft and Tool Organizer

But I want a purdy one, colorful ones πŸ™‚ for my beading supplies and whatnot.

So there, that’s all I want, I guess. Plus peace, merriment, and happiness all over the world in this season of giving. πŸ™‚