Month: October 2010

how do you tell someone you love him/her?

I don’t believe in planning when to say “i love you”.

for me this is what should happen:
there is a right moment for anything, and for love, following your gut feeling works. so when you feel that it’s the right moment, look into that person’s eyes like he/she is the only person in the world you care about, and say “I love you”.
Those three words are actually enough, so you don’t have to make the sentence longer or add impressive words either. You can however, bend down on one knee such as in a proposal, or do any dramatic gesture, to make the moment more romantic. so there πŸ™‚

ask away πŸ™‚

hello sembreak :)

as the title says. hello sembreak!

yey freedom!

Finally the Chem 150 finals pushed through earlier, like hello, 2 days postponed? pfft.

still irritated that the exemption list for Chem 150 wasn’t posted though, I was hoping I was exempted, the heck, everyone except fran was forced to take finals because the exemption list wasn’t posted. pfft.

Highlight of the day. Yza (c/o kuya Clarence) told me I passed Biochem (PhCh127), YEYEYEYEYEYEY

anyhoo. Tomorrow, Fontana. YEYEYEYEYEY. Until friday.

then friday afternoon, Paosee’s. another YEYEYEYEYEY. hahahaha

Still have no concrete plans on how to spend this sembreak. but hell. I’ll just enjoy it, starting with getting a good night’s sleep.

but wait, I have to pack for Fontana first πŸ™‚


blog blog blog. haha.Β 

hello tumblr. sorry for ignoring you this looong. I was buried in exams, projects and homework. pfft.Β 

At the moment, I am psyching myself for finals week. hello sleepless nights. but before that, i’m stalking people on FB. LOL

obviously, I’m cutting my online time for next week. Gotta be GC for next week.

aaaaaand. btw. I’m cooking up something for the revival of my online shop πŸ™‚ it’s turning four on november 28, 2010, btw :):):)