My Quarantine Weight Loss Journey So Far

Hello everyone! I haven’t updated this blog in a while, but now here I am – writing about something I’ve been working on this quarantine.

I have always been inspired with body transformation stories, starting from watching The Biggest Loser, to stories from The Fat Kid Inside. I never thought I would need to go through one, I thought I was generally healthy and fit. I go to the gym regularly, I can still do 10k fun runs, do yoga, among other exercises. I’ve done a lot of diet methods like intermittent fasting, cutting carbs, eating one meal a day, etc. With all of these things combined, I thought I really was doing well.

Fast forward to my 30th birthday. It was an amazing celebration- a lot of laughter and fun, catching up with friends, and love all around. Then I looked at the photos after, and realized, I really have changed, emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Shake Shack Manila Review + Feelings on 2019 Elections

I’m one of the millions of Filipinos who exercised our right to vote yesterday. Like every other good citizen, I cast my vote, got my finger inked, and prayed for the best. I woke up this morning with hope, hope that at least a few of the opposition candidates would get a seat, but I only ended up heartbroken.

I was going to make a well composed post about why we should still fight a good fight as good citizens of this country, but I really felt down. So what did I do to try and cheer myself up?


I walked out of the office for my lunch break, and a few minutes later, my feet got me to Shake Shack.

Surprisingly, the queue wasn’t as long as it was last Friday. It took me about 15 minutes of lining up before i got to place my order, and another 25 minutes to get my food.


LG Electronics Philippines Premiers Kingdom on Netflix

When there’s a zombie apocalypse in your kingdom, trust oppa to defend you!


Last January, LG launched its 30th Anniversary TV — the OLED B8 4K TV. To celebrate, LG partnered with Netflix to stream the new series ‘Kingdom’ and showcase the exciting cinematography on the OLED B8 4K TV.

I’ve always been a fan of Korean actor Ju Ji Hoon (of Goong / Princess Hours fame), so I was excited to know he was the crown prince and primary protagonist of the show! Set in Korea’s ancient Joseon Period, “Kingdom” follows the journey of a crown prince sent on a suicide mission to investigate a gruesome plague spreading inside the kingdom — only to find zombies threatening his reign and his people.


When Underwear can make or Break your Day

Give a woman the right lingerie, and she can conquer the world – Anonymous

There was a time when I would get questions from my readers regarding underwear in general. Which one to buy, how to get the right fit, where to get a great bra, which style to wear under a certain clothing, etcetera, etcetera.


Back then, I didn’t fully comprehend how important these inquiries really were. When I started a full time job and juggling different roles, that’s when I realized how big of an impact underwear has on my day. Our undergarments can actually make or break our look, and even change our mood and outlook for any given day.

While you don’t necessarily have to own sexy lingerie, you need at least
a great pair of matching bra and panties that are easy to wear,
comfortable, and can be worn under different types of clothing.


Get that JLo glow with Inglot’s newest collection!

“Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got
I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block
Used to have a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go, I know where I came from”

I can’t count how many times this song got stuck in my head back when I was in grade school, plus a lot of other JLo songs we had to dance toback then. Jennifer Lopez is truly an icon, being one of the most popular female artists from the 90s. Plus she so fabulous performing at the recent VMAs!!!

This is also the reason why I got so excited when I learned that the amazing JLo made her first beauty collab with Inglot cosmetics! JLo still has flawless beautiful skin (at 49 years old!!), with a spot on beauty game, so this capsule collection will help you achieve that signature JLo glow.


Inglot launched the 70-piece JLo collection that includes powders to
lipsticks, shadows to eyelashes, bronzers, and highlighters done in full
collaboration with Hollywood A-Lister Jennifer Lopez.

The collection is JLo’s first time to ever collaborate with a brand, and the result is the limited edition of JLo collection
that showcased a shared vision of strong femininity to life and offers women diverse ways to express themselves through beauty. With this collection, Inglot hopes to make the JLo glow become accessible to everyone!


Learning about the wine basics at Wine Story’s Wine 101

Finally got to attend a Wine 101 Class by Wine Story! I’ve been meaning to go to one after rediscovering how wine is so good with different food- not just cheese and grapes (Thanks to eating a lot at Planet Grapes), so when I saw that they were having a class this month, I went and signed up for it.

It’s such a good thing that Wine Story offers these classes, as Filipinos aren’t really known to be wine drinkers. As if the presence of beer commercials and billboards aren’t a telltale sign, our country is a beer drinking nation. Wine Story seeks to change the perspective and conversation about wine, starting with proper wine education.

In this post I’ll be sharing about about the class I attended, as well as the other courses offered by the Wine Story Academy, Wine Story’s wine education arm.

The course is taught inside Wine Story at Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Our
instructor was Wine Story Academy’s Wine Education Manager, Carla P.


Learn and Discover with SBC Perkspective

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “A Fresh Start“? For me, it’s a beginning, turning over a new leaf, or discovering something new.

This is what #StartFreshatSBC is about. Seattle’s Best Coffee explores this concept, of starting fresh, just like how coffee jumpstarts your day.

SBC launches The SBC Perkspective, a
series of quarterly pocket events that will offer talks, workshops, and
informal meet-ups aimed at giving a fresh
perspective on how we create and view art, music, photography and other
creative processes. Through this series, SBC is recreated into a space
that not only offers great coffee and tasty food, but a go-to place for
the community to come together, to be inspired
and to conspire, and to come up with novel ideas and a new outlook on


How Atom Araullo Gears Up For Life’s Challenges

As a personality who first gained worldwide attention as the news anchor who braved the streets of Tacloban, Leyte during Super Typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Typhoon Haiyan), Atom Araullo shows us how he is dedicated to rising up to any challenge coming his way.

That’s also the first time I ever heard about him. A few searches in Google would lead you to how Atom is an explorer of the unknown, even going to the most dangerous places, a graduate of BS Physics, and a UNHCR Philippines advocate, among other things.

Atom has proven that he is a great storyteller, be it in news, documentaries, or in one of his most recent endeavors, film. To be able to tell stores that well however, he prefers to immerse himself in the moment, throwing punches as they come.

His latest challenge isn’t easy either, an ambitious, action-packed commercial for Cherifer Premium for Adults.