Day to Night

I’m a huge fan of flexible outfits, my closet is actually teeming with basic tops and bottoms that are really easy to mix and match with anything and everything, depending on each occasion. The top above is actually one of my favorite pieces to date, and I couldn’t wait to wear it out, I got a lot of compliments for it too. :)

So speaking about flexible, here’s how I took this top from school casual, to party glam. :)

I usually wear a uniform to school, yes we do wear uniforms in UP, just the white colleges though.

read: white colleges=colleges with health science related courses, i.e. medicine, pharmacy, nursing, etc.

It was a saturday, and wednesdays and saturdays are our washdays, meaning, we were allowed to NOT wear our uniforms provided we abide by the dress code set by the college.

So here’s what I wore to school, leggings from Old Navy, Shoes from CMG

After class, to turn my outfit party ready, I changed into a bandage skirt, and wore my adorable glitter heels. Add a few accessories, and the universal bun, and I was ready to go. :)

bun, used Goody Spin Pins. I swear by this product, so easy to use, and my buns stayed intact even with all the dancing.

Thank you Fran and Alyssa for my photos :)

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